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Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



Communities in shambles

Where heroes come to die

Somwhere waits a somber dancing Candle

Welcome to this life

The condensation tastes of ashes

Lengends long faded away

A palace occupied by oligarchs and fascists

Welcome to the game

Time itself is a gamble

Psycophants dressed in rags and sandles

obsequious to their king

loafs of bread stowed away in stashes.

let them eat cake.

Lady Liberty sits a ruin

Folklore for the bards to sing

And none of these faces comprehend what they're doing

Submissive to Lady Luck's sting

Golden lined carpets

Long live the king!

The streams are lined with corpses

for the bacteria to feed

Criminals and dark forces

prowl in the night where they're free

A desolate cold corner market

lair of outcasts, revolutionaries, and broken things

Their backs are painted targets

but they remain still desperate to spread their wings

Their spirit will never be displayed for the broadcast

broken dreams and dead desires

their brawl was dead on impact

but yet in the mind of the people they lit a fire
The empire will try to purge them

but their kindred spirit remains divine

And such is where heroes go to die.

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