One life down part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Part 2 to one life down. Find out what happened to Emily and Fiona when they heard the words "heist"

Part 2

“A heist” someone from my right said “like a bank robbery.” “Yes a bank robbery” said the man with the scraggly voice, I was starting to think he was in charge. “We have a bank” I asked, probably sounded really dumb. “4 of you are going to walk into the banks you will have a weapon of some sort than when it's your turn in line you're going to ask to see your box then do a signal, when you're behind the counter. You then are going to make sure that none of the tellers push the button on the bottom of the desk. If you do as we say we will give you some of the money, if you don't, let's just say you want to help us.” There has definitely been some planning going on here. Then I remembered that Fiona died because of a bank robbery, she must be really emotional. “If we don't help you will you kill us” I said “most likely” the man replied “well then we should just not help you, we're already dead, I bet the majority of us have no family members here” I was really hoping I didn't just screw us all. “Since you're so smart, if we get caught you're going to be are negotiator” great I just screwed myself, lovely. He told us the run through. “Oh, and when we're in the bank call me sergeant.” They taught us how to shot a gun and stab someone correctly. “The heists going down tomorrow at 5 an hour before closing.”
He gave everyone black leather clothes. I had a gun in a holster on my the thigh and knife in my pocket. I was instructed to stand by the phones at the time of the heist and see if we get called. I got in a van, there was maybe 3 vans. “How big is this bank” I asked, I mean he has a lot of people to pull this off. “It's the only bank in the city, so pretty big.”

Chapter 2 the heist 
We arrived at the bank. Fei, 2 boys, one I was pretty sure was named tommy, and another girl, walked into the bank.  It was awhile until the Sergeant gave us the signal. The remaining people, except sergeant and myself ran into the bank like a swat team. The serg. And I walked in very dramatically. I walked over to the bank phones, he told everyone to remain calm and no one would get hurt. There was guns pointed at everyone. I was really hoping we could get in and get out, I really didn't want to talk. We had 4 out of 8 duffle bags filled with money. Then the expected happened. Ring, ring. The phone rang. “Hey, my names Jim I'm the lead negotiator” Jim was the police guy well if I know his name and he doesn't know mine than I guess that's leverage. “Lovely to make your acquaintance” I said with as much calmness in my voice that I could manage. “It's not many times that I hear a woman on the phone, can I have a name to go with the voice” I'm not easily tricked “no” I said flatly and sharply. “Just give me an estimate on how many people are in there” ha, he thinks he can trick me. “Okay, let's see me, my crew and more than one bank teller” crap I said my crew. “Smart” “I get called that a lot thanks” by a lot I mean by 2 people. “Here how about you tell us what you want” in the background I could here I almost have a visual on the girl, I backed away from the window. “I'll get back to you Jim” I hung up. “Hey, guys stay away from Windows, they have sharp shooters, better yet close the blinds” they listened to me just like that. Ring, ring. I answered the phone again. “Smart, very smart” Jim I could tell was struggling to find some way to wiggle his way in. “Look, this is what I want, I want your men to step down, I want nobody to get hurt, and I want a safe route out” I knew it wasn't going to happen so I added one more thing “I also want to just talk to you without having to keep glance at the window to make sure I don't have a target on my back, I also don't want anyone else listening to our conversation, but we both know none of that is going to happen.” There was a long string of silence, then Jim hung up on me. The Sergeant walked over to me “nice job kid” he patted me on the back “I should kidnap you more often” delightful. The rest of the crew was packing the money in as fast as they could, by the time Jim called again there was only 1 bag left. “Okay, listen girly I will tell all my sharp shooters to back down for the exchange of one hostage” he's testing me “see Jim, you're putting me in a very tough situation, I can't give you a hostage because they'll tell you what it looks like on the inside” I paused for a breath “I can't let you know what it looks like in here.” There was silence, I couldn't tell if he had hung up again or if he was taking a breath, until, I heard he rings again. “Jim you hang up one more time and there will be no more conversations, myself and myself only can hang up from this point on” I was trying to sound as fierce as possible. I singled to the sergeant to come over, I covered the phone as well as I could then whispered to him “if I break Jim some more we can load the vans and then run them over” he nodded in approval, I was not expecting that. I went back on the phone with Jim “fine, my guess is my deals over so I'll cut you one better, you tell your sharp shooters to man down and I will send over 3 hostages” I was really hoping it wasn't to much, serg. Walked over and whispered “we're ready when you are” I nodded then whispered back “when I wave we move, get the men in the truck” he nodded then started barking orders, I went back to the phone “hey, girl you still there” “yah, yah, I'm still here so deal or no deal” “ugh, deal.” I picked a pregnant woman, a young man, and a teller who looked like she was ready to faint, I sent them out. At that exact moment that they were exiting I waved, the vans roared to life I jumped in and we made are break.

Chapter 3 the recruitment 
I was shocked that the plan worked so well. We managed to get all the way to our base without even being followed by one police member. When we got back we all took the bags out of the vans while the sergeant turned on the tv to the news channel. He gathered everyone around and we all sat down drank pop and celebrated while we watched our victory. “Hey, Emily you did really good negotiating” fei looked at me with a really big grin on her face “thanks, I wonder what's next” “me too” we both went back to celebrating.
The news segment got over and we were done congratulating ourselves, we kept the tv on in case the police figured anything out on us. We started to split the money evenly among us when sergeant hollowered “Fiona and Emily come here” fei gave me a look of worry, we walked over to the sergeant. “Yes,sir” fei and I said in unison “let's walk and talk girls” he said very prominently “you both showed me immense strength today , so much that I would like to offer you both a job here” I had a feeling he was going to say something like that “Emily you can be of high position here and lead negotiator, and Fiona I looked you up you were convicted twice for hacking into major security facility's and I managed to find out of many more places you hacked into” Fiona looked like her deepest darkest secret just got displayed on billboards all over Tokyo “I would like to have you as our top hacker Fiona. So what do you say girls.” There was a pause for a thought process “what's in it for us” I wasn't expecting Fiona to say that before I did “well you can live here and there's community food plus if we do anything else like this heist you get a bigger split of the profit” he smiled hoping we would say yes “I'm in if she's in” Fiona replied, again with the not expecting her to say that before me “well than I guess we're both in.” “YES” he squealed “I… I mean good it would be a shame if we had to kill you” sure I was thing but instead I just shook my head. “Jimmy here will show you to your rooms” he pointed to a tall man, maybe 6 foot, with brown Justin bieberish looking hair “take Emily to the big mama and Fiona to the tech in bed” the man nodded at serg. Than took us to our rooms. Fiona's was first, it was a queen bed a dresser a massive desk with three computers on it and one wall had to screens, I wasn't quite sure what the screens were for but oh well. Fei squealed with delight then she ran in and plopped on the bed. Jimmy shut the door then lead me down a hallway to a door marked special people only he gave me a I.d  badge with my name and date of recruitment and a picture of me on it to hang on my shirt the I.d opened the door. “Go straight it's the first door on the left” alright I guess, I followed jimmy's instructions then when I got to the door it said Emily Grellish so I opened the door and there was a couch with a flat screen tv, to my right was a door, I opened it it was a master bathroom it had a sink with a gift bag, inside the gift bag had a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, body wash, lotion, coconut oil, hair brush, a page age of hair ties and headbands, shaving cream and razor, and feminine products. “Well I guess I'm set” I said to myself there was also a jacuzzi bathtub and a shower, I walked out of the bathroom and to the left of the living room there was a kitchen with a coffee pot, a sink counter space, a mug, a cup, a bowl, a couple of plates, 4 knives, 4 forks, 4 spoons. I shook my head in approval, then I walked over to the last door which I assumed was my bedroom. I opened the door to a massive room, there was a queen sized bed a  walk in closet filled with clothes and shoes below there was a desk with a laptop, hanging above the desk was a mirror next to the desk on the walls was 3 horizontal white shells, on the left shells was nail polish on the right was makeup. Across from the bed was a tv mounted to the wall with a book shelf underneath it, the room had another room attached to it no door connecting the two rooms. It was a workout room, there was a roll up mat next to some weights and a punching bag, it didn't have the things most workout rooms have because the base had its own workout room. I heard a knock on the door, “hey what's up” I said while answering the door, it was the sergeant “mission breach in one hour meet me in the main room” he sounded very serious “um.. Okay” he walked away. I closed the door, I went through my new closet seeing what I had, I sat down on the couch and turned the tv on.

I walked into the main room ready for my technically second mission. “Okay, everyone gather around and listen it's briefing time” said a man I didn't recognize. “Thanks mike, ok so a man of our own has been kidnaped and it's our job to get her back” a screen behind the sergeant flickered to life “this is her last known location” he pointed to a store “I want Fiona, mark, and tank looking in security cameras and finding any trace on where she went” the three nodded then fled to what could only be a computer room “I want Mary, tom, Simon, mike, jimmy, Stacy, Carl, time working there connections to figure stuff out, now when we get a location I want myself, Alex, Ben, Sam, may, Tyson, ken, Paul, Evan, Danny, and Emily as the extraction team” wait me as the extraction team. The serg. Came up and patted my shoulder “agent may is going to go teach you some fighting techniques go get dressed then meet her in the workout room” “ok” I guess I'm going to go learn how to fight.

So glad agent may taught me those moves, gonna come real handy later. I went back to my room and started punching my bag for maybe an half an hour when I heard a knock. It was the one mike dude “hey shower up then meet in the main room” he walked away. “I guess they found something” I said to myself I took a nice cold shower then got dressed in black leather pants black combat boots a black tee and a holster around my waist. When I got back to the main room people were being suited up “here” agent may handed me a leather jacket “you might need this.” Sergeant told us the plan and we all loaded into the vans and headed out.

Chapter 4 the rescue 
“I'm just making sure that everyone knows that there's a 90% chance of it being a bloodbath out there, and if I don't come back alive I'm putting agent may and agent mike in control, agent Fiona is our lead hacker and agent Emily as our lead negotiator and tactical person” wow agent Emily it has a nice ring to it. “Ok, on my go we're going in. 3..2..1” we leaped up and went running guns shooting at the enemy and guns shooting at us, we had two men down and we only just begun I'm pretty sure I shot 3 men. “Emily, with me.” Shouted the serg. We walked down this hallway and into a room shooting everyone we saw. We eventually reached the kidnaped agent, as I was untying her I heard a gun shoot, whiled my head around shoot the man and my eyes went down to the serg. he was bleeding out. I heard another shoot than a cloud of déjà vu hit me, as once again everything went black. 
that night as I lay in the hospital ward all I could think about was what happened to the sergeant, everyone was asking but all I could tell them was that he got shot then I got shot. What I couldn't tell them was that with his dying breath he whispered a secret in my ear, a secret I would carry with me to the grave.


Submitted: July 07, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Ali Who. All rights reserved.

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