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The world has gone under. Every country in the world has turned against each other. The United Nations overrun. The U.S and Russia nuking each other into the ground. Nothing but devastation and ruins. Both countries suffer major population loss. Other countries struggle with a major financial crisis. Citizens go on rampages. On the other hand, poor countries suffer from strong diseases that can't be cured. Is there anybody out there to stop the madness? Soon the entire population on earth will be wiped out. Nothing but bodies, pollution, and ruins.

NOTICE: This story won't be available until end of November beginning of December. But, I hope you get some ideas of what the story will include. Be patient everyone! This story will be posted in no time.

Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



Hello everyone, It's Austin. I'm sorry, but there is no story just yet. Please be patient. It's still in the works. I've never written an eight chapter story before, so it'll be awhie until I'll be able to post it. My idea's for release are:

1. November 21, 2016

2. December 6 or 10, 2016

3. February 21, 2017

4. April 2, 2017

Hope you guys understand. The story is taking along time to write because there's barely any facts out there about the world ending. So, I have to go off what I come up with, and trust me, it's hard. Some tiny spoilers I can give away are:

1. The U.S and Russia go back into another Cold War, but this time, they use both manpower and nuclear power.

All I'm saying folks..is be prepared for the story of your life. I believe, personally, that this will be the best story, and most 'successful' story I have written yet. Well, enough of my non-sense, I got to get back to my story or I'll never finish it. Stay patient, stay positive, and most of all, EXCITED!


On the other hand, The War of 1812 has come to a hault at this moment because I'm so into writing this new book, but don't worry, in the mean time, enjoy my 'scary' story called 'The Window' (will be publishhed 7/10/16. It's in the final stages of editing)  

Best Regards,

Austin (Author of: Gone Series, The War of 1812)

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