The Place where Broken Souls Live

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What happens when Death was not invited, but death was the occasion?

Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



She watched painfully at the side. Hoping that it would end faster. The agony and pain seeped into her as she sees life draining off the small body. She tried. She tried talking to her. She just would not listen. She tried winning her over, but her opponent was too strong. It wasn’t even a fair fight to begin with.

Though she could see that there is something she could be proud of. At least at times, she listened.

The writhing slowed down. She waited. One… Two… After a while she floated towards the swinging body. She was never meant to end this way, but she could not overcome this hurdle. No one could blame her though. She tried.

The point is she tried.

She tried until there was no more trying left in her. So she bailed.

She held her hand on her forehead. Slowly easing out the broken soul from the body. She sighed at the sight of the fragile being inside her cupped hands.

“You don’t have to do this.” She said gently. She flinched as if to protest.

“but it’s fine now.” She continued. “No more hurt….” Slowly and gently she brought her to the light.

She walked past Death who was waiting by the light. He nodded gently, empathising her situation. He knew she hated it, but taking a soul before its time was never his job, he could only open the passage for her. Though where she heads to, he will never know. He cleared his throat and asked the question out of habit.

“Where do broken souls go when they escaped?”

She smiled, that same radiantly sad smile she always had since she first appeared.

“To where broken souls live.”

She fluttered ever so slightly in her hands, as if impatient with the delay. She gave Death another nod, before stepping into the light, vanishing to the place where only broken souls live.

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