This is a describtion of Africa as a continent being used as a pawn by superpowers

Ooh... Africa my motherland, the birth land of a black man. The land called home by many, the dreams of our forefathers to preserve the African pride and identity has been doomed since the ship of a white man landed on our shores.

When he arrived, what used to be the talk of the day ,UBUNTU silenced. His presence brewed chaos, an African brother thrown his blood and flesh into the lions den. The inhabitants of African kingdoms rebelled against what they used to bow to and praise their names from dudk till dawn, their kings. Riot became the middle name of our African continent, the African soil was painted red with civilians blood, the land is cursed because of the blood that has been spilled in the Congo to the North West, from the battle of Quito quanavale to the borders of mighty Egyptians

He claimed to be the redeemer of Africa with his disguised civilization, but his aim being to squeeze the mind of a black African child to that of an ant, his arrival instead dimmed the light that was in approach of African frontiers.

Even though the African gods might be trapped by stones underground, they will always find a way to protect their legacy from this devastating storm, very same legacy they broke a sweat to shape to be sharp as a bow. An African child is crying out loud, as nothing is coming out of the sucking as milk has been dried during the time of slavery.

Who will save Africans from this prevailing destructive monsoon winds as strong shields of Africa are rust along the passing of its great leaders by the likes of Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko,Julius Nyerere and the great Kwame Nkurumah of the gold coast.

The dusty playgrounds of our forefathers were turned into battlefields in the name of white domination and superiority.The saying says “ freedom is nothing, but a chance to change and revolve from inferiority complex. Even that is the case, the white man don't want to return the fort he was holding for African gods.

The donkey had the piece of mind, while the black man is being whipped and used as a pulling force. The dog was dining, while the black man was craving for a bone. They preached civilization, but their motive was to dictate and confuse the African inhabitants.


Submitted: July 07, 2016

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