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beautiful bird

Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



BIRD NEST & Her Survival fight

I love plants lot and thus have lots of Plants in my balcony.Because of that  usually lots of birds are coming to my balcony.Among them,a regular Crow is coming.Dont know how but we become very friendly as every afternoon she is coming to my balcony and make making her known sound (KAoO..KAOO) for bread.After having bread she fly away.This is happning for long time.


After few days,A small beautyful humping bird was trying to build her nest.After long struggle and hard work of 3-4 days, finally she had completed her nest.I was looking all the time and was thinking about her dedicated hard work. 

One evening i saw that she was sitting and resting on her nest.I feel very pleased and happy when i saw  that she had given egg on her nest ..i was watching her everydayThis continues for many days.But one day iheard the sound of the Crow andas usual i had served her with bread and came inside for my daily work but i didnt felt good and having ups and down  thinking in my mind and finally went to my balcony to check if everything is fine.But i got shoked,when i saw the nest of beautyful small humping bird.It was helter Skelter.Nest was little broken and part of it was fallen on ground.I was sure that crow had done something.I was not feeling good.I felt guilty and was thinking that this all not had happend if i had not served the crow with bread.I checked the groung and found that egg of humping was was lying and was broken.I was feeling very bad and sad for her.

I thought that she will not come again.But next day i saw her working to prepare her nest again.I was happy.This time i noticed that she was spending more time on her nest.I had also decided that i will not allow the crow to come again and creat trouble her again.I was always keeping eye on crow.I assumed that little bird had given eggs again and thus she was more caring this time.I also tried  much to save her from crow.

But on one moring i saw fallen broken eggs on floor.Whole same scenario happened again.This time i was shocked and felt very sad that i failed to save eggs of bird.I was blaming myself but i was sure that crow will not alow humpping bird to lay her egg on that nest.i  was also praying that little beautyful humping bird will build her nest some other safe place.

Then i thought it is natural nature given by god that big and strong will dominate on weaker & weaker  will work hard to survive in this nature.





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