Nothing, but a Dream

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This is a story I recently wrote for contest. You had to choose a picture and write a story.

It's based on a character I'm working on in my Magicka story. Cynthia is not the chosen one, she is the cursed one. Her life isn't easy and it turns upside down after a fire in her town. However, this is strange account that is not in the book. It's nothing, but a dream, a vision of our broken hearted heroine.

The limit was 2,000 words.
I wrote 1082 words

Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

Eleanor Roosevelt

I was in a strange place surrounded by sheets and sheets of icy cold water that stung me in every structure, place and corner of my body.However this icy water was surrounded by rainbows and palettes of colors.Big and small fish swam along in straight lines here and there across transparent currents.  They reminded me of New York city, of the people with their briefcases and mobile phones walking and crossing by the streets.  These fish seemed that busy and indifferent towards their surroundings so much so that I could relate to them.  The huge buildings however were their coral reefs with corals of all shapes and sizes, jellyfish, sponges and galaxies of colorful starfish lived in that unsurprisingly beautiful place.  The images of these things weren't hazy as when you open your eyes under the water and see nothing but the shades of blur, these things were as clear to me as if being above water, as clear as a solution to a simple mathematical equation.  My dark hair undulated under the water like if it were a curtain being touched by a delicate breeze and although I didn't understand exactly why was I here or where was, I swam forward with the intuition of unknown source of knowing.

"Cynthia!" I heard a low whisper, the whisper of my name.  I stopped abruptly and turned my body this way and that in search of the sound.  There was nothing but the swooshing of fins and busy eating fish making bubbles with their mouths and I wondered if I was going mad or if I had actually heard that little sound.  After a few seconds I decided to swim forward towards my destiny, my fate, whatever that was, but then I heard it again.

"Cynthia," it said.  This time the sound of my name lasted longer because it had been spelled out slower, stopped for a mere second on that nasal "n" consonant and then it continued the rest of my name at a sluggish pace.  It was so slowly spelled out that I recognized the source.  That strange whispering was coming from the surface.  So I extended my arms and swam upwards like a little frog. 

"Cynthia," the voice whispered again as I reached the surface.  Water whooshed off me and I was no longer wearing my usual, casual clothes, I had on a white tunic over me and I was no longer wet.  I felt like I had been transported somewhere else, a strange and mysterious place of tranquility and peace.  Thousands of long, thick grasses covered the water, the fish were nearly gone and the ocean was no longer deep or interesting.  A swan with a tail of stars swam next to me.  His dark eyes twinkling with the brightness of joy and somewhere around his beak he smiled.

Then I saw a small cabin appear in front of me, with it's triangle shaped roof touching the clouds, and it's pointy tip in the middle reaching out for the horizon.  It felt like a warm, safe place. 

"Cynthia," the whisper said again and I looked up at the blue, starry sky and there travelling above the clouds I saw a dark red butterfly, fluttering it's beautiful luscious wings.  It almost looked to sexy for a normal butterfly.  It seemed to be flirting with the deep blue sky and with it's flirtatious moves it began to fly lower and lower looking for me and I extended my hand and waited for the butterfly to land.  I felt it's very delicate and thin, small legs on my stretched hand.  It's wings opened and closed like if it was clapping and cheering on for me and for some unknown reason it made me happy.  I had to smile.

"Cynthia," it said.

"It was you!"


"Who are you?" I asked with wonder.

"My name is Verita.  I welcome you to my world."

"This is your world?"

"Yes," she said.

"Verita, you're so small.  Aren't you supposed to be a goddess?"

"I am a goddess," she said and smiled.

"I don't understand."

"The most important things are the ones that are smallest to our eyes Cynthia.  You might not understand that now, but one day you will understand."

"Why am I here?"

"There is something you need to know.Pick up that stick and light it with your fire," she said.  I looked below and saw a large stick and picked it from the water.  I raised what I thought would be a heavy, dreadful thing, but it was quite light.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on the fire that lived in me.  I thought it would be a savage flame that would grow out of me, but instead it was a melodiously controlled flame.  I felt the heat coming off my fingertips and lit it up with the fire.  It was a strange red flame that did not burn the stick.  Instead it kept it alive and strong.

"You must know that I am always in your heart," she said and I was completely bewildered.  I found this statement incoherent and strange yet with massive beauty. 

"How could you be in my heart Verita?  How, when I have the Dark Curse in me?" I challenged.

"You have the power to choose the light," she answered.

"It's not that I don't want to choose the light, it's just that I can't.  I don't have that choice, I can't control it."

"There is darkness in all of us Cynthia, even I who am a goddess of order and light have a speck of darkness in me."

"You do?"

"Yes, and you have heard his name," she said.

"Yes, I have."

"Look at this flame Cynthia, how controlled it is, how warm and gorgeous it has become in your hand.  You thought you'd ignite a wild beast, but instead it lights like a mighty beacon of hope," she said.  I didn't expect this and hesitated in an urge to say something, but there was really nothing else that I could say.

"You have the power to choose as long as you open your heart.  Close your eyes," she said.  I closed my eyes and smiled feeling the warm fire growing all around me.  I felt a sensation of safety and joyful tranquility.  I didn't want to leave this place.  Then after a moment of eternal joy I opened my eyes.  I was back in a world of chaos.

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