Shadows Of My Mind

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Do you really want to risk meeting the shadows?

Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



Shadows Of My Mind

It's dark in the shadows
The shadows of my mind,
It's hard to see just where to go
You'll soon be lost, you'll find.

The winding streets of memories
Will twist until you are lost
You really want to carry on
There's going to be a cost.

You'll have to meet my demons
And they are not too tame
They'll ply you with their questions,
But don't give them your name.

You might find a glowing spark
That makes you want to follow
Please be careful where you tread
If you want to see tomorrow.

There is a mist so thick in there
It's more of a thick fog
You might be able to fight through
But it will be a hard slog.

The pits of despair lie in wait
And you, they'll surely swallow
The quicksand of depression
Will very quickly follow.

You might meet a friendly face
Think, 'Oh, don't they look nice',
But turn your back they'll stab you
They won't need asking twice.

There's very little there to trust
I really hate to say,
But if you want to stay quite sane
You'd better stay away.

I'll be lost without you but
I'd really understand
There would be no blame placed on you
It's not that it was planned.

The murky depths of misery
That lurk within my head
I guess that they will just persist
At least until I'm dead.

So stay where there is sunshine
Avoid the shadows, deep,
Be careful where you venture and
Your sanity you'll keep.


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