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Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



He was shivering in cold, tired as hell that even moving a leg forward was like carrying a Bison on his shoulders, but still something in his mind, pushed him to climb the blood stained stairs. Once he started climbing the stairs, the bottom part of his house seems to be vanishing. While he was scared like hell, the curiosity to see what is upstairs kept him going

Once he reached the top of the stairs, he could see very large bunk bed long enough for 10-15 people to sleep and that entire bed is covered with plastic sheet hanging from the ceiling. He went near the bed and opened the plastic sheet. What he saw next, created a severe chill in his spine. He could see 10 dead bodies and most of them are someone very familiar & close to his heart but he could not recollect who they might be. The mere sight of that made him feel very sad, depressed and he wanted to break into tears but could not as he was experiencing heaviness in his chest

He took a deep breath, started to shout, all that came from mouth is feeble moaning…… He closed his eyes very tightly and sweating profusely … Meanwhile his moan started to increase to loud crying. Someone closed his mouth and came very close to his ear, whispered the following words

“it is okay. You are sleeping and it is bad dream”…

Hearing these words he started to ease a little bit and recognized his voice to be of his wife's… He opened the eyes to see his wife and the moment he saw his wife, he has never felt as happy as ever….. While his ego prevented him to shout out in happiness, the fact he started to cry seeing a dream made him feel ashamed and silly, he went back to sleep wondering why does he get these weird dreams?

He got up next day with vague remembrance of the dream , started hurrying to complete his morning chores to get to office, but his mind was lingering with question "why am i getting these type of dreams". He went to office, as usual started his work, towards lunch he started to browse around weird dreams and learned lot of things about Lucid dreaming and how to interpret dreams , wondered does whether these dreams mean something or his subconscious is trying to tell something about what might happen in the future?

-- To be continued 




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