Paradox's Promise

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Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



No explanation for recent events
and nothing makes sense somehow;
forecast a storm
'cause it's all over now...

Did you send him, your pawn?
I'm just trying to piece together things
of this kind, you know; random acts
and apparent meaningless flings.

My consciousness will be
your greatest enemy;
believe it -- you may write the rules
but I can burn the book, see.

Apparitions of you six feet under
climax through: a sordid milieu.
Infinitely better than any orgasm
you could've ever given me; true.

Stories galore; you'd think I
worked for the devil himself.
I think it's time to get the next
script off your bookshelf.

You're still in the same boat
drifting down the same stream,
crying the same pathetic tears,
watching the same ripples gleam.

A picture perfect angel,
maybe in hallucinations at best.
You'd murder the chicks
as they lay in their nest...

Oh right, it was your mum's cat,
the one you strangled to death.
You looked on, until the bitter end,
the moment you stole it's final breath.

Thought that one was tucked away,
did you? Cat's out of the bag, hon;
don't you recall? Heroin, Part I...
Bells ringing yet, how I said you were done?

The ridiculous stories, inconceivable;
so many colors in the picture you paint.
Nothing shall ever come from them --
it's a shame your word is invalid, saint.

How are you liking it, conspirator?
The paradox is out for show and tell.
Sweat starts forming, hands now trembling,
stuttering's commenced, well, well, well...

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