All about Jock

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My sister paid good money on this dog but I can't believe that she took him to the pound!

Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



Jock was a very nice dog cause I 

know that my sister Samantha

spent good money on him back in

March, but I can't believe that

she took him to the pound! I've 

heard that Jock got loose on on 

the leash when my sister was 

walking him and his collar came 

off, then when Samantha went 

back to the apartment with her 

dog, Jock bit my brother Eddie,

he bit Samantha's friend Crystal

and he nipped Samantha's

boyfriend Josh! I don't think

Samantha's gonna get another 

dog unless if the dog is gonna hurt

somebody and get her in trouble, 

but now I won't be able to see 

Jock again next month when I go

to Florida, I won't get to play 

with him and I won't get to feed

him a pizza crust when I have 

pizza for dinner. I fed Jock a 

pizza crust back in May when I 

was at my grandmothers house

in Florida having pizza for dinner,

Jock ate the pizza crust after I

finished my pizza! I walked Jock

when I was going to the dog park

with my sister Samantha and her

boyfriend Josh and my cousin 

Gaby on Samantha's 25th 

birthday, Jock made some new

friends at the dog park, but the

half poodle didn't seem to like

Jock and it was too bad! My 

brother Eddie wants a kitty cat

and I'm gonna find one when I go

to Florida! I heard Jock barking in

the middle of the night while I 

was sleeping and everyone else in 

the apartment was sleeping, my 

sister Samantha got up in the 

middle of the night and she told 

Jock that he should not bark 

while everybody is trying to sleep.  

I have no idea why my parents 

stopped me from feeding Jock a

pizza crust and my mom made 

Jock spit the second pizza crust

that I gave him after I finished

eating my pizza!  

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