Persistent Moral Decline in Nigeria.

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This article paper discusses the high prevalence of moral decadence and depreciation in Nigeria and particularly among the youths.

Submitted: July 08, 2016

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Submitted: July 08, 2016



Major crimes perpetrated today are numerous, from cyber crimes to online prostitution, drug abuse and women trafficking; thus it can be calculated and well said that the leaders are the main perpetrators and as such maintaining good morals will be quite a herculean task.

However, it is no longer strange for fathers to be involved in sexual perversion with their daughters. On the other hand, the government of Nigeria like some other countries constantly engage in indiscreet acts of shame; these corrupted practises can be in the form of election irregularities, disappearance of fund allocated for welfare into thin air as observed in all the various sectors today. Shunning corruption is an individual right. Maintaining good morals and good attitude to serve the people as a leader is a first approach in tackling irregularities. Maintaining a responsible character and consideration of the feelings of others is imperative in reducing moral decline.It should be noted that moral decadence and irregularities cannot be totally shunned and so the best approach to tackling or reducing it is to plan and fight it verbally, not to condemn outright, but to put measures in place to stop these ills.


Recently, Nigeria had gained popularity; popularity among one of the leading nations involved in thuggish and rebellious attacks. For instance, the continuous attacks of the terrorist group called boko haram based in the north eastern part of the country have not ceased fire, thus putting everyone in an unsafe situation. With the constant blood sheds and the destruction of lives and properties by this group, one will be forced to ask and answer some funny but essential questions like "is anywhere safe? are we in safe hands? Too many negative answers pop up at this point"

In 2014, there was a marked progressive increase in the number of people who died from violence perpetrated by this terrorist group. Lives of both young and old were shattered in a single blast or more; It was estimated that in Nigeria 2,053 civilians were killed by terrorist group in six months and this was recorded for the first half of the year alone, leading to a state of emergency and insurgency in the country. But the fact remains that the leaders and government officials did not look at this menace and emergency call properly which could be as a result of selfishness from their part or lack of concern, because their loved ones were not involved in the reported death cases caused by these attacks. So in simple terms, it is noteworthy that such a government cannot be trusted, because of unreliability and above all, the evidence of moral depreciation among these leaders.


It is worthy to note that moral decadence in every society has a source and this source is where the victims gets the knowledge from. For example, An eight year old girl wakes up in the morning, seeing her mother in constant exchange of words with her father and in the process, they exchange vulgar and harsh statements. With this going on and on in subsequent days, these vulgar and harsh words begins to build in the subconscious mind of the young child and in no distant time, she begins to use such words while playing and talking with her little friends and in subsequent time her friends also begins to use such languages. In such a scenario, the main source is the parents of the eight year old girl and this child and all her other friends are all victims.

In Nigeria, the main source of moral depreciation are the adults and older people who intentionally lead the younger ones astray. In such cases, they do not care about the psychological effect on the child's health. A lot of children are introduced to pornography, either by consent or non-consensual means and these children sometimes are forced to keep quiet.

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