Early Morning

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A short story I came up with. Let me know what you think.

Submitted: July 08, 2016

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Submitted: July 08, 2016



What the hell was that noise? I know I had to hear something. It wasn't just me being paranoid, was it? I mean there has to be something there. That's my usual statement every day when I get in my car in an empty parking lot. It has become my norm. I need to stop putting these ideas in my head. But this time I really did hear something.

Did I hit the alarm on my car by mistake? I know, when I walked out of my job, I reached in my pocket to grab my keys. Probably just hit the button by accident. Sleep is needed. It is starting to play with my mind.

There goes another noise. This time it definitely wasn't me hitting my alarm by mistake. This noise seemed further away, but I could still hear it. With me being the only car here, I can really hear anything to be honest with you. It's probably just a bird in the tree or an animal walking by, it and stepped on something. I just laugh it off and don't really pay attention to it.

I unlock my car and hear this creepy snapping noise. This time the noise is definitely much closer. No way an animal made this noise. Wait...Was that a person yelling to me? Is my sleep really messing with me this much? Like usual, I just ignore it. You know the usual if I can't see what or who is making that noise, then they can't see me.

I get in my car and put the key in ignition. Before I go to turn the key, I check my phone for any missed calls or texts. No new calls or texts. When I try to turn the key, nothing. Ok, the key can't be all the way in the ignition. Let me double check. I pushed the key all the way in the ignition, but it already was. The car still did not start. I take the key all the way out and put it back in to start the car. Once again the car does not start. Like everyone else, at this point, I just get mad inside the car. I start to yell and cuss very loudly and angrily. At this point, a person could walk right up to my car and I wouldn't even notice. That's how mad I got. I soon realize that yelling and being angry at the situation is not going to do anything.

When I finally am able to calm down, I just figured it has to be the battery or something. I'm about 5 miles from any type of garage or auto shop. I go to use my cell phone to let my girlfriend know what is going on and that I will be late getting home. When I try to send a text it would not go through. I then try to make a call. Once again that did not go through. Fucking AT&T. A time when I need you the most you don't want to work for me.

I turn the phone off and back on to see if that will help the situation. But when I turn the phone back on, I realize I don't have a signal at all. This is very weird because where I am, I always have some type of signal and don't have an issue getting through to anybody. I turn off the phone again and remove the battery. I wait for about 2 minutes, place the battery back in and turned the phone back on. Still I have the same result. I can't do anything with the phone at this point. Now with the car and the phone situation, the rage is at an all-time high.

I get this uneasy feeling and try to calm down and think about what the hell is happening. My car won't start and my cell phone won't work. I'm 5 miles away from anything. Walking anywhere isn't really an option. After all it's a Sunday morning, I just got off of work on my midnight shift and I know everything is going to be closed until at least 11 a.m. I have 5 hours to either walk to somewhere close or wait for a while to figure something out. I don't even see the security guards that patrol the building. I never really paid attention to that, but once I don't see them I start to get real nervous. The security guards usually do their checks twice every hour. I've been out here for an hour and a half and not once did I see the security guard.

So, at this point, something is really wrong. I start to walk around my building to see if I see anybody. I don't see anyone. It is almost as if I'm in some type of dream state; the way I am feeling at this point. I continue walking and I hear a person yell HEY!!! I'm right next to a corner of the building, so, instead of turning around immediately to see who was yelling, I go around the corner. I don't know how I kept my composure as I heard the voice. I put my back against the wall and slowly start to look around the corner where I just was. I see nothing. “Okay get it together,” I said to myself. “Nobody yelled HEY, Yes they did stop arguing with yourself.”

I walk a little further and I notice something. I tried to see what it was with my peripheral vision. I couldn't really see what it was so I slowly faced the object. I clearly see that something is there. Is it a person? An animal? A tree that was knocked down because of a storm? I have no idea. Suddenly, I am completely frozen. Well at least I thought I was frozen in place. Apparently, I was walking towards the object.

By the time I realize I was walking, it was too late. I'm within arm’s reach of this figure I found myself staring at. It wasn't an animal or a tree that had fallen. It was a person. He was just staring at me. He started to mumble words. Well, at least I think he was mumbling. I have never seen this person before in my life. I ask him if he were the person that yelled HEY at me. He said yes he was. He had this soul shaking smile when he admitted it was him.

I say to him, “I don't know you so I am going to leave now.” He responds and asked “How are you going to go anywhere? Your car won't start right?” Before he even gets his question out I started to run away from him. I hear him laughing while I am running. They aren't moving. He just stands there and continues to watch me, while laughing at me. I get around the corner and catch my breath. “How the fuck did he know my car wouldn't start?” Where my car was and where I saw him there is no way he could have known about my car. Fear overtook me. At this point, I realize that this person probably had something to do with my car. I check my phone again and still no service. Did he have something to do with my phone? How could he mess with my car and my phone? How long has he been watching me? Was it just tonight? 2 days? A week? A month? Longer?

I get angry and decide that it is a good idea to go back to where I was; where I saw this person and yell at him to leave. I go around the corner, and of course he is not there. Why would he be there? Of course he moved. He was just watching me. I have no idea where he is. Panic is at an all-time high, again.

I decide to make a run for it again and try to go back to my car. If I can at least make it to my car, I can get in and lock the door. I make it to my car. I give a sigh of relief.  Just to check one more time, I put my key in the ignition and turn it. Holy Shit, it started!!! Instead of driving off immediately like I should, I look at the time.

It's 6:05???? How is this possible? I get off at 6 and it takes around 5 minutes to walk to my car and get ready to go. I start to laugh and figured I’ve lost my mind. “You are officially sleep deprived. You were having this weird dream.” I start to drive down the driveway from my job. I'm trying to speed out of there with this crazy dream I just had. I slam my brakes!!!

The person who was watching and laughing at me was in the street! Wait a minute; this isn't real. I have to be dreaming again. I check my cell phone and the time is actually 8:00 a.m. I wasn't dreaming. This person was able to get in my car and change the time. I put the car in reverse and stop the car. When I get a good distance from the person, I put the car in drive with the intention of running them over. By the time I go to hit the gas pedal my driver window is broken. I am hit with some type of object. This person wasn't alone. His partner drags me out of the car. That is all I remember.

Somehow, I am in a hospital bed. I wake up sweating and screaming. “Where the hell am I?” The nurse says, “calm down you are in the hospital.” “I'm where? How did I get here?” She says, “your friend drove you here and said you needed a doctor.” “Who, what friend?” I look over and it's the person that was watching me at my job. I yell immediately, “He's not my friend, he was watching me...” I soon fell asleep due to the needle the nurse gave me. I woke up again in the room by myself. I felt pain from my neck to the bottom of my stomach. I stumble to the bathroom and lift up my shirt. I have scars from what appeared to be surgeries or some type of operation? The nurse walks back in and I ask, “How long have I been here and what happened to me?” She said I was there for a month and that I should be ready to go home now. I look in amazement. The nurse said when I came in here I had 3 ribs and my kidney removed. “WHAT?!?!?!”

The nurse hands me my things to go home. She also hands me the keys to my car. I can't stop shaking. Who were the people that did this to me? Why did they do this? I find my car in the parking lot, still in shock and I walk around my car just to make sure that what I'm seeing is real. I notice on the windshield wiper there was a piece of paper. On the note, it said “Thank You.”

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