Buried Alive

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The title speaks for itself on this one.

Submitted: July 08, 2016

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Submitted: July 08, 2016



Buried Alive.

Barely conscious you become aware
Of where you are, there's little air.

It seems that you are in a crate
And this you know you're going to hate.

You hear a sound from up above
The laughter of the one you love.

She's gone quite mad, she is insane,
To listen to you she will refrain.

You call to her, you say her name
It's gone to far, her little game.

She takes no notice, just ignores,
Intent upon her little chores.

She lifts the shove full of dirt
It's going to cause you fatal hurt.

She's getting faster, working hard,
Of light there's barely but a shard.

You shout it out, you start to scream
You must be in some twisted dream.

You didn't cheat, you didn't lie
She's doing this, you don't know why.

You start to kick, you start to claw
You need to make some kind of door.

There has to be some way out
Or you will die, there is no doubt.

It's quiet now, there is no sound
For you are completely underground.

You know that air is running out
But still you panic, still you shout.

Your time of life is running short
The ball is taken from your court.

The air you need, you now do lack,
And finally your world turns black.

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