Whislter Place

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Submitted: July 08, 2016

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Submitted: July 08, 2016





Chapter 1:


“Okay, boys and girls, I hope that you all went to the pee-pee room before leaving your houses. Cause I wouldn’t want any kiddy’s, to have a little accident

Later on tonight!”

Peter Jones teased. Before he turned on his wind shield wipers

Hoping that would clear up some of the fog


“He thinks that he’s so funny,” Toby Anderson thought to himself.

“Why do I even hang out with this idiot?”

“Oh shut up! You damn well know why?”

And she’s sitting right next to you,

A little voice inside of Toby’s head interrupted him.

Toby tilted his head a little to his right and smiled

Sitting right next to him was Cindy Adams, the girl that he secretly liked since.

He moved to Bay Hills two weeks ago


“Oh wow!” it’s really coming down hard!” Jill Lawless stated.

Once she stared out the car window

“Gee, Jill, thanks for the weather report!” it’s not like we haven’t noticed,”

Peter smirked.

Seconds later he made a fist and slammed it against the dash board

“Oh great!” the stupid car is starting to overheat again,”

Come on baby, don’t stall on us just yet we’re almost there.” He added

“Do you think it’ll make it? His brother Ed asked him

“Yah. Hopefully,” Peter answered him


A few minutes later Peter drove up into a wide driveway that curved up.

 In front of what was probably at one time a beautifully mansion

“Good, because I’ve to pee like there’s no tomorrow,” Ed smiled

“Well just hold it until--,” Peter was interrupted.

 By a tiny spray of yellow water that hit him in back of his head

“Ed! You prick! That wasn’t funny!” He yelled out


They got out of the car and ran towards the mansion’s front porch

“Remain me again. Why?”

 We picked tonight to come out here? I’m totally soaked!” Cindy pouted

“Seriously Cindy, you’re not going to melt.

 And besides we stood less of a chance of getting caught on a night like this,”

 Peter smirked. Before he tired opening the front

door, but it was locked

 He was going to try it again but a loud crashing noise interrupted

Michael Hunter had picked up a rock and smashed it through one of the side windows

“Hey guys!” Looks like I found our way in!” He smiled

Chapter 2:

They all climbed in through the broken window.

 And into a seemed to have been at one time. A beautiful ballroom

“Oh gross! It smells like mole in here!” Jill complained

“Oh wow! I would’ve thought you’d be used that smell.

 Going out with Peter and all!” Toby laughed

“Oh ha-ha!” Peter frowned.

 He then started placing and lighting small candles.

 On top of the old fire place


Seconds later the whole room had an eerie glow to it

“Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you all the great Whistler Manson!”

 he cried out

“So what’s the big deal about this old place?”

 Toby asked looking around the old dusty room

“Well according to old town’s folk legend.

This mansion is haunted by all the torments souls that died in here,”

 Ed began

“Oh yah. Right!” Toby smirked

“Any ways the legend goes like this. A long time ago, old man Whistler, build this mansion for his much.” And I do

mean much younger bride.

 But what the old man didn’t know was that his young bride.” Had a flood gates of


Lovers while he’d go away on business trips.

But she was also spending his money faster than he could make it,” “No one really knows the real story some say that he busted her having sex. With his best friend son while others say it

was. That he found out that she was stealing and was about to leave him for a

younger man.”

“But whatever it was, it caused the old man just to snap one night.

 And poison her it’s still unclear if she was still alive when he buried her body,”

 inside the walls of the mansion,” Ed explained

“Oh wow!” what happened to him? Was he arrested?” Toby asked


“No? Why?” Toby frowned

“Because he owned basically every business in this whole town.

 Everyone was scared of him,”

“There were all these weird rumors that he worships the devil

 and that he’d put a curse on anyone who’d dare to cross him,”

 Michael answered him.

 “He simply just disappeared into thin air,

 and was never seen nor heard from again,”

“Oh come on, give me a break!

 You guys don’t think that I’m actually believing any of this,” Toby began

“But the history of this place doesn’t end there,” Cindy interrupted him.

“Years later a Warren something and his family, were supposed to move in.

 But when they arrived the

place wasn’t finished,”

So Warren, thought it was best that they’d stay in a hotel until it was,”

“So,” Toby shrugged

“So nobody really knows what really happened.

 But legend has it that on the night.” That they finally moved in

Warren’s daughter, just went completely psycho and murdered her whole family in their sleep,” They say that

when the cops asked her why?

 She just ranted and rave that the voices inside the walls made her do it,

” Cindy answered him

“And you guys, think that I’m believing any of this?” Toby laughed

“Believe it or not, to this very day,” Jill added.

“This town sticks to these stories on being true

 And every couple of years even more mysterious death happened.”

 Until they just decided to lock it up and forgot about it,”

Toby was about to answer her when Peter cut him off

“And so tonight we’ll put all the rumors to rest once and for all!” he yelled

“Oh yah right. And how are you planning to do that?” Toby smirked

Chapter 3:

“Well Toby, my boy, according to all the rumors we just have to call out to him,”

 Peter began

“And he’ll fly out of the wall and yell boo!” Toby laughed

“Very funny,” Peter frowned.

 Before he started lighting candles and yelling for the spirits of the house to come out and play.

 A strange loud noise started to float through the air Nobody knows exactly what truly happened next

 Only that as the sound grew louder the more Toby began to freak out.

And suddenly jumped up and started running towards the broken window.

 But tripped over one of the candles that was on the floor

Within seconds his whole body was engulfed in flames.

 Cindy tried to go and help him. But someone held her back

“But we just can’t stand here and do nothing!”

 We’ve to try and help him!” She cried out

“There’s nothing that we can do for him,

 now come on, let’s go before we all burn up!” Peter yelled at her


One hour later they were all sitting inside of Michael’s girlfriend Alley bedroom


“Okay, the first thing you guys, have to do is to get your stories straight,”

 She was telling them

“What!” no way!”

 What we need to do is go to the cops and tell them what happened,

” Cindy began

“Oh right!”

 excuse me but we got stoned out of our minds and accidentally set our friend on fire inside the Whistler mansion,”

 Peter interrupted smirking

“You’re not funny Peter, what are we going to do?” Jill sobbed

“Nothing, we’re going to keep our mouth shuts and never speak of it again,”

 Peter answered her

“But how?” How can we just pretend this never happened,” Cindy yelled

“Easy, just think what would happen if we did go to the cops and they didn’t believe us?” Are you really willing to risk it and spend 

the rest of your life just cause of some stupid accident?”

Peter asked her. Cindy slowly nodded her head


The next day when the police questioned them if they knew any idea on where Toby was

They stuck with their stories and answered that they had no clue on were Toby had disappeared to


(They thought it was over all they’ve to do now is just learn how to forget what truly happen that night….

Little did they know that this was only the beginning of the nightmare that was about to begin)


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