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Francis is a talented writer, one who makes his characters come alive with uncanny ease. But he writes because he sees the state of the world as a sad and cruel place, one rife with struggle and conflict. Until the past catches up with him...and offers him the truth, beauty, and a world books cannot offer...

I find that a good book should be able to captivate you. Let me know if the book does that, and whether you are intrigued by the world I've created. Any other pieces of advise, no matter how minor, is also appreciated. To all reviewers that are willing to take the time and effort to review this, thank you. Your advise means a lot.

This book was inspired by three other books, which I will mention later on in the book. So please don't be too surprised if you find the ideas familiar. Many of my best ideas are derived from the works of other people.

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Chapter One

Submitted: July 08, 2016

I have tried writing several other chapters in the past, but scraped them away. This, to be honest, was the first chapter which I actually felt comfortable writing, that sat well with me. I'm proud of this chapter, it has taken me a week to write (though its rather short), but any comments that allows me to improve is much appreciated!

To anyone familiar with the books that inspired this, you would be able to see that the ending was inspired by the ending of 'The Giver'. The words used, and the language, is very similar. And Kyra of Forge isn't mine; she is in Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne. Read Chapter

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