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Submitted: July 09, 2016

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Submitted: July 09, 2016




Bangs and knocks in a emty house

How can a house thats emty make so much noise,

Times gone by it filled with parents girls and boys.

Floorboards that creak in the dead of night.

Spirits are moving from left to right.

Up and down the stairs they fly.

Stroke of twelve you hear thier cry.

Why does your mind hear the evidence.

Of the noisy local resident.


I must try to get in,to prove all the din no one believes till they see it themselves.

What makes the sound are they buried in ground,or roam free well wait and see.

Window is open round the back of the house,somat moved a rat or mouse.

Nerves got the better of me get the evidence to set you free sshhhh wait to see.

With this plan should be the key.


Life after death can bring big rewards,the spirit and me will draw swords.

The battle is on in the dark ether of thier world,what injuries will i sustain

in the recess of my brain.

Did you see something?are you mentaly ill just sitting there quiet and still.

The photo ive got it i'll have to be quick run to the john i'm feeling real sick.


Evidence at last i'm realy quite proud,a picture of a woman in some sort of shroud.

Clearly visible to the naked eye,sell it to papers so all can view.

Hold your horses just get in the que,say what you want i know its for real.

I saw i heard i feel.

What was the point no one can see,i'm fed up and my head is hurting me.


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