The Ephemeral Dreams: Into The New World

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Prolog (v.2) - into the fantasy world

Submitted: July 09, 2016

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Submitted: July 09, 2016



There is seven children in the classroom; the teacher mister Winston is currently busying himself with his paperwork, leaving the students to study by themselves. One might think that this classroom was normal but, it's not what it seemed. The polished wooden floors reflect back the actions of the children in the class. The window was crystal clear, providing a complete view of the classroom from outside. One wrong move you made in the classroom will be seen by all.

Not all of the students know that this class even existed, unless he or she has done something that could not be tolerable, but Zinnia and Zeph Hilbert weren't meant to be in this class, the twins have never done anything, and yet they are here. Zinnia and Zeph are fourteen year old twins, with big blue eyes that reflect the sky. Zinnia has long black hair that curls at the end, while her brother Zeph has short black hair but his bangs covers a portion of his face. The two continued to read their books, as the sound of the clock ticked.

The classroom door was opened by the principal, he is tall, his hair slicked back neatly, and his clothing is firm and proper, like a gentleman. "Winston you may take your work and leave the class," The principal commanded. "That is an order."

Mr. Winston quickly shoved his papers into his work bag; bowed to the principal and left the classroom. "Children you must be wondering why I called you here even though it's holiday," He said. "I called you here for a reason, can you guess why?"

Felix raised his head. He was a smart and talented child, one of the smartest students in the school that Zinnia and Zeph ever known. He's rather tall, his hair brown and curly, his hands rubbing his chin.

"We're here because you want us to do something for you," He said. "And it could only be done by us, kids."

He moved uncomfortably on his chair. His eyes blinked twice, trice, despite the fact that he's been closing his eyes the entire time.

The principle leaned against the door. "You are correct Felix."

Felix breath heaved, his eyes closing in relief, and the principle noticed this. The wind outside is blowing, moving the leaves. Zeph wondered what the principle need from the entire class, and his reasons, most of the teachers seek help from the upperclassman. Although Zeph had never wanted to come to school today he still came, perhaps he was curious.

Zeph fidget, "What kind of help do you need from all of us? Is it helping the teacher with the festival? Or do we need to buy something from the market like the last time? We could do that tomorrow, so why Sunday?"

"No," The principle denied. "That's not the reason why I called all of you here. I need you to help me with something, come I'll show you."

An eager look came over Felix's face, he stood up from his chair and followed the principal. The rest of the students looked at each other. "Let's just see what the principal needs our help with." Zinnia suggested, without a second thought she stood from her chair and dashed through the hallway, the rest of the children followed after her.

"I hope this won't turn into something big," Zeph muttered under his breath, though no one heard him, "Like the last time." He started to caught up with his twin.

She made a muffling sound, trying to hold her laughter. "It's rare to see my twin to put his mind into running."

"I'm not." Zeph did his best not to sound out of breath. "And besides don't you think it's fishy? This is the first time we've run in the hallways for ages, and the Principal isn't mad." He looked at the principle that is standing at the end of the hallway holding the door knob waiting for everyone to arrive.

Zinnia chortled. "That makes total sense, it is odd. Oh, well no rest for the wicked, I guess. Not that we are wicked or anything, it's just that when the principal told us to wait at the detention class, it made me felt that I was a bad girl or something."

She and Zeph slowed finally at the end of the hallway. "So what do we need to do now? Do we need to carry something? Or is it a detention because we ran across the hallway just now?" She huffed.

"No," The principle denied. "It's not, let's just go inside."

Zinnia went inside, seeing that Felix is trying his hand at an unknown device. "Felix what's that?" She asked curiously.

Felix turns his head around. "I don't know either,"aid Felix gloomily.

"This place is dusty you know, I hate it. It looked like the old detention class," said Zeph, pinching his nose, hoping he won't breathe the dust. He stands right at the doorway.

"Why don't you try and help Felix here, he needs help." Zinnia told him.

Zeph finally took a step into the room, and began to sneeze. "Sure I'll help him after I fix this nose of mine," He uttered sarcastically.

"Here take this," The principle said, handing over his handkerchief to Zeph. "This is something that I need help with, it belonged to my grandfather now that he passed away, it was given to me. The problem is I don't know how to make this thing work."

"It looked like one of those old movie projectors." mumbled Morgan, coming out of nowhere. He is the school tech geek. He has neat chocolate short hair, his height is average, while his imagination isn't.

"Morgan you think you can solve this thing?" Felix whispered.

Morgan hummed, "I don't think I can, I mean there's that odd pattern it's like a puzzle that needs to be solved first. Like a key."

"What do you think Anita?" Morgan asked, Anita the girl who stood beside him at the doorway shook her head. Anita is the youngest in the class, she tied her blond hair into twin tails, her eyes are green though.

"I've never seen a puzzle like that Morgan, you know that I love puzzles more than anyone in the world, but I've never seen anything like that before. I'll have a look at it," Said Anita, she walked to the old movie projector and crouched beside Felix.

"Principal why do you think that we could solve this mystery of yours?" Xavier asked, he's been quiet for a while. The most notable thing about Xavier is his silver hair it might look like it's black sometimes, and his stern personality.

The principal digs into his left pocket of his suit and pulled a letter that's already battered up by age, and gave it to Xavier to read. "Dear Mavis, I thought that I should leave this behind instead of burning it like the rest of my research," Xavier stopped and looked at the principal before continuing. "I can't explain you the reason, but if you are deadly set on knowing, gather up seven of your best students in one room. The rest is for them and you to explore. Thank you for all of the years you've given me..." The last part was blurred by water.

All seven students in one room, all of us are in the room, maybe not "I'm still outside." Colin whispered. Colin is the shyest in class, the second youngest, and easily missed.

"Then get in!" Xavier shouted, suddenly getting all irritated.

Colin stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. After a few minutes of stillness and awkwardness around them. Morgan that's been staring at the old movie projector wiped his eyes in disbelieve "Is that thing starting to play something?" He asked, wiping his eyes.

"We didn't do anything though." Anita muttered.

With a sound like air being sucked from a tire, the floor suddenly burst with a blinding light. All of a sudden the scenery around them changed, from a dusty old classroom into an emerald green forest.


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