Why Follow Your Lessons ?

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If you past something your time favor this fortune, always remember this lessons what all your past cheerleaders has given everyone. Just follow this infinity once more till its end. :)

Submitted: July 09, 2016

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Submitted: July 09, 2016



My delighted child,

You resemble someone in the asphodels of God's garden,

Once again loved light in this luminous sky fleet many memories in our life,

Your life has shown us flickering shadows that danced into unconsciousness filling the whole air in the paradise of your childhood,

Our time went to live in it how you are guided by one Teacher,

When you were born into this world you came with our heart-satisfying love,

When we saw how you grow each day some rare sweetness resemble those butterflies wings,

When you conquered this heart our home trail those garden of flowers happy to wander in this air far ends of your destiny,

You may not recall how you find this one Christmas companion within,

Your unfailing source of interests from your rememberance comes a delight to us how every meaning of this gestures why God gave us someone distinguished from the rest to be ours,

When all help reach you about this fair play finding someone to teach you sign language of this opposite side of match,

Ask yourself if your help only retain some vague gesticulated frantically pleasure without result,

How in this entire universe God may accept one human vexed himself doing His wish in the contemptuous blindness of this gift filled with the house of wearied amusements ?

Can God forget disappointment went off in search of truth more intense than the greatest puzzle of every entire personal experience called life ?

In your past life each opportunity came with recollection of the lasting special pride thrown like a blanket in early silent life,

If you never felt days so badly burned away restore expression to Lords human heritage,

If you ask us how love bound to you from this invisible invincible self be cause of the cared tempest in this temple,

When God isolate friendships from so many hearts so lost on this scared mountain feeling tenderness give endeared desire for a doll filling whatever pleasure on its dance floor,

How beneath this night characters around our conversation seem in the halfhearted fashion of those expressions ?

Today you find surprises creed a dogma in each of those felt forgotten time,

You wore this blind curious forgetable time wavering in its midst for Lords comical resolution a little actress may costume your sense suited to be right out of life itself,

Striving heavenward for infinite troubles all things brought upon us cannot question the consent of own private thought,

Now your heart dwells on happiness unknown which is God given for His experiment on this truth,

If this become symbol of interesting things of a feeling, a love and its appetite learning the beauty hidden never dreamed of its liveliness,

Beneath the flower how we have loved its every age to think a time very happy to make it for your family ahead,

Like a day tangled in God's awesome world near a turning point of your lessons,

I feel its chariot of all in your home be our very loving little friend much loved for all this lifetime ahead... :) 

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