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Submitted: July 09, 2016

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Submitted: July 09, 2016



Promises made of glass,
Falling from your breath,
Filthy shards sticking up between my teeth,
As hot and sharp as the arms of a star.

Cutting deep into my gums,
Gouging wounds like the thorns of a rose held between the lips of a lover,
As they dance the midnight waltz.

They are sweet and overwhelming,
Delicious and dark,
But deep within them,
At the core,
Much like suspicious candy,
Is a razor blade so sharp-
So incredibly sharp,
My very breath is stolen.

They lay-
Those words do-
In the pit of my soul,
Churning and being set ablaze.

I can feel it in my blood,
Pooling in my wrists,
Begging for the pressure to be released.

But I know,
If I give in,
I would surely drown.

So I simple drink in those promises,
Falling further into the rabbit's hole,
Hoping that when I finally come to that the world will be kind.

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