A World of My Own

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Submitted: July 09, 2016

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Submitted: July 09, 2016



Meredith twisted one of her honey gold locks around her finger. “Meredith,” as stern voice yanked her from her reverie.

She sighed “Yes, Mother” she murmured

“Quit messing with your hair you will mess it up, and tie your shoelace”

Her father cut in exasperated “Miriam, she is but a child. Let her enjoy girlhood.”

Her mother replied with a passion “I don’t see how that should be an excuse for untied shoelaces….”

Meredith’s parents were too busy arguing to notice she had wandered into the wood. Draped in the cover of the leaves she explored the kingdom of wild things. Her feet brushed blades of soft grass as she walked.

As her parent's voices faded into the distance Meredith plunged further into the wood. She saw light bursting through the trees ahead and she strode into a meadow with a vast lake. Wildflowers slid against her waist as she treaded forward. Meredith heard a laugh like the tinkling of glass behind her. She turned to see a girl in the water.

She had long flowing hair of the deepest turquois that was crowned with shells and beaded with coral. It matched the shimmering scales that lined her cheeks. She smiled revealing fanged white teeth and dove beneath the water of the lake. It was then that Meredith noticed the other creatures in the meadow. She saw a little rabbit with antlers hop between the tall blooms. Little people with diamond wings flew into and out of the wood. The girl from the lake burst through the water and extended a hand for Meredith, inviting her to come. She wanted to, but a voice called to her. Reminded her. “Meredith” it whispered.  As she drew back from the girl in the water Meredith gave her a sad smile. “Maybe some other time” she whispered. She smiled back and waved goodbye one last time before diving beneath the water. “Meredith”

“Meredith” “come child it’s time to go”

The young girl opened her eyes from sleep.

Meredith’s father gathered her in his arms. As he carried her he whispered, "Where did your dreams lead you?”

Just as softly she replied, “A world of my own”

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