Heartly Prayer

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A Small Prayer for everyone living life in this world created by God.

Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



 Live life like there is no next breath, Use water as there would be no water..

Give love as there would be no love in life in next breath..

Help people as there would be no compassion in next breath..

Passion is the key to your adventure in life..

Do the things that you want to do you in your life as your heart says..

Try not to hurt anyone, however try to complete the things that are incomplete..

There won't be time when you would be on bed at last time and thinking about the things that you have not completed in life..

Don't waste every single breath of your life..

Complete the things right now, which are incomplete..

Single breath, single second is very important in life, Live it!, Enjoy it!!

Bring out your passion in your life that will help you move ahead in your life..

Thank each and every second to God! for giving that passionate moment..

Stay contended & connected, whatever you have, Pray everyday, live healthy Life...

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