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This Story follows a half-bred between 3 species a demon,human and an angel and his journey to protect his friends and discover the truth about his parents death when he was a baby.

Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



A woman with the name asuna was walking alone in the dark the park when a big demon attack her to get her soul and before he eat her soul an angel that was following the demon jumped to kill him so the demon was able to escape and asuna was going to die but the angel heals her

She thanked him and asked him about his name he was called callux.

 he tried to track the demon through her but the demon power was weak and he needed more time (days to say at least) so he asked her out she agreed to repay him for saving her life.

and with time he started to love her but she was getting weaker and weaker by the day because the demon power so after a week he was able to track him but it will mean killing her so he saved her by giving her his powers with a help from a friend because he loved her and he couldn’t track that demon any more.

and after 2 years they got a son after a couple of month of him being born a devil tried to capture him in an attempt to take his powers by killing and devouring him so his parents tried to escape and when they lost them they put their kid on an orphanage door so they can distract the demons and the devil.....but when the nun opened the door because she heard someone knock she didn’t find anything ...... the baby was taken and the parents never made it alive.

a fallen angel named nekolda who was callux old friend took care of him , named him iricho and taught him swordsmanship and gave him a normal life until iricho was 15 nekolda was in death bed told him that there is a katana the was forged from your soul over the years its in the basement

and then died due heavy illness.

at the funeral friends and families came but iricho didnt know any of them but after the funeral iricho was still thinking about nekolda last words "forged from your soul"

so iricho went to the basement found a bag full of money ,key and a letter the bag was filled with money and the letter said that this key will open the locked door to his left and after you take that katana,i want you to get the bag and go to heavllen school"

.. when he looked to his left he didnt see anything but a small hole in the wall

he inserted the key in part of the wall started moving an unveiled a black katana in glass

after that iricho went to the school and he was worried because they dont accept just anyone ,if any at all

he entered the interview they asked him the normal questions then they asked why this school ?

iricho: because my uncle neckolda told me...... "interviewers shocked"

one of the interviewer said:ne......neckolda!!! you are accepted but beware this isnt like any other school

iricho:what do you mean ??

interviewer: you will see.


the next day at school gates:

iricho:the school seems crowded. a guy approach him says: hi my name ryoka

iricho: my name is iricho kirizoko nice to meet you.

 ryoka: so what are your power ?? iricho: powers? what are you talking about?

ryoka: hmmm trying to hide your powers...wise so in duels they won’t know how to counter it

iricho: duels? what are you talking about?

ryoka *leaves*: see ya later


iricho enters the class sees ryoka pointing to sit right next to him

iricho:pfff i guess i have no choice.

The teacher: my name is Ichika moka i will be your gym teacher for the new comers this school is for special kids and we teach you how to control your tomoshika which means soul-destroyer in the old language the creators spoke

iricho *thinking*:what is this ?is this some kind of a joke?

Ichika continues: the tomoshika is used to strengthen your abilities and brings its full powers and no one can use it but yourself

so tomorrow everyone should bring his tomoshika

iricho *whispering*: omg I can’t believe I am asking this dammit

iricho asks the teacher: what a tomoshika can be?

Ichika: good question......

irichio: my name is iricho

Ichika: right iricho a tomoshika could be anything gloves,guns,swords

iricho:swords huh

after the class iricho was at the corridor with ryoka and then two girls walked by

one of them was had a crimson red hair the other had a blonde hair iricho was checking the red haired girl

so ryoka said: they are the two top angels of the school iricho:angels indeed

then asked whats with this demons and angels stuff? ryoko: you actually dont know anything?

iricho: thats what i am trying to tell you i mean I don’t even believe in them

ryoka: well the school have 9 groups.

group 2,4,8 are angels,group 3,6,9 demons and group 1,5,7 superpowered humans,each group have a commander and a vise commander

iricho : whaat??

ryoka : the duel is about to start.

iricho :what duel ?

ryoko:come on lets go *grabs iricho arm and goes for the arena* in the middle of the school which there is an small arena there

when they got seats to watch the duel

the commentator: on the left side is the challenger kai from the demon league number 6 against the commander of the human league 1 zon and you win by knocking the opponent or your opponent surrender

iricho: this is madness look at his weapons and look at her she is a girl

ryoka :dont underestimate her i mean he is armed with his tomoshika a sub machine his abilities are are shooting spirit energy

but my commander have her ternuma

iricho: ternuma? what? i have to do something 

ryoka: you can’t it’s against the rules and you can’t even get near because of the gaurds

iricho: damn it i guess i will have to trust you on this and what is her tomoshika by the way?

ryoka: you will see

*the battle starts* kai starts shooting her but with amazing speed she was able to dodge them without drawing her tomoshika

then kai dodges her punch with luck and shoots her in chest creating a hole then kai goes to celebrate his win

iricho: what? i thought you said she have a tomoshika?

ryoka relax my commander power don’t relay in her tomoshika but in her zombie like powers

*zon smile while on the ground then stand up behind kai while he was taunting the crowed*

draws her tomoshika *which is dual shotguns*

zon:hahaha. *kai looks behind to see that the shotguns are in his face*

kai:i surrender. the commentator: and the winner is zon. 

zon:i guess you were a chicken after all

the commentator: the next duel will be after the coming class

iricho:*in shock* this can’t be real so all what you told me is real ?

ryoka:well..yeah anyway i will see you in class i gotta celebrate with my leader

ryoka goes to the commander and shouts: you did it zon

*zon then punches him in the stomach* told you: to call me commander you idiot and what did you except? 

ryoka: *in pain* right......sorry

*in class* teacher: hello students my name is kizen unahara

kizen:so what are your names?

*after a while*

kizen: ok guys i will be teaching you history now the tomoshika was created by angels to defeat demons in the great war but demons created their own tomoshika by learning it from spies

*and after a while the class ends*kizen: iricho i want you to meet me after the duel ok?


ryoka: teacher kizen sounds like a really cool dude and even heard that he have a small candy shop

iricho: can’t see him working there

iricho: anyway i loved the duels who are the fighters?

ryoka : your red haired crush *gets punched on the head *

ryoka: ouch why did you do that?

iricho:she is not my crush

ryoka: anyway and a guy called bernardo benito his powers is brute strength his tomoshika is brass knuckles

iricho: what about her?

ryoka:she is the vise commander of Legion 4 have attacking and healing power but her powers are mostly in her healing, her name is Alice

iricho:then why did she accepted the fight ? he is powerful

ryoka: her pride didn’t allow her to reject a fight against a demon for being scared anyway lets watch the duel

at the arena

commentator: the competitors are bernardo benito the vise commander of legion 6 against alice Vasiliev

*the battle starts*

alice starts shooting him with her tomoshika *dual-gun* but it is no use he started to get closer

he tries to punch her but she was able to dodge and uses her guns at full power to shoot and was able to hurt him

bernardo:my master said you will be hard so he gave me this *gets something looks like a golden ball from his pocket

iricho:what is that??

ryoka: its a power ball that creates a barrier so no one can enter or exit and her tomoshika will be disabled

iricho: what about his tomoshika?

ryoka if he is holding the ball he will not be affected this is illegal

iricho: can’t they do anything? ryoka: they can’t

*alice on the ground*: your master will start a war? you will pay for this

bernardo: who said you will get out of here hahaha

*iricho starts running down to the arena while bernardo lifts his fist and power it*

 ryoka: iricho wait

*as bernardo punch is coming to hit her iricho just moves in super speed

stops the punch with one hand looks at alice with his eyes and hair turns from brown to red

looks at bernard then crushes bernard hand and throw him to the wall then turn back to normal*then the crowd started cheering*

alice: thanks

iricho: *smiles then pass out*

wakes up at the school nurse looks around and see kizen ,ryoka and alice

iricho: what happened?

ryoka: you went crazy and saved alice, you started to move really fast that no one saw you,broke the barrier and stopped his punch

iricho: damn did it look like anime?

alice:you risked your life for a stranger and all you can think off is how cool you looked

iricho: well when you put it like that it sounds really bad

alice:ugh anyway i came to check on you although i had everything in control

iricho: your welcome

alice:why you...

kizen:hey kids can i have a moment with him ?in private ?

both alice and ryoka: sure

iricho: is everything alright?

kizen: not really you interfering was against the rules so you will be punished

iricho: well i had to do something i couldnt just stand there dammit

kizen: ....but that’s not what i want to talk to you about

irich: what then?

kizen: when bernardo was escorted to prison i heard him say:master will be interested.

and your power brought interest in you but not in the good way so watch out

me and neckolda were close friends so if you need anything i run a small candy shop near your house

iricho: sure.*and later that day iricho got discharged and spend the rest of day with ryoka

second day at school iricho brings the black katana to school and looks around trying to find ryoka

then ryoka jumps behind him and jumpscare iricho saying: GOOOOODD morning

iricho : you scared me dammit...good morning that your tomoshika

iricho yeah it is where is yours?

ryoka:i am wearing it these gloves(shows him old mma gloves)

iricho: they seem old

ryoka: they belong to my father he gave me those before he died

iricho:sorry about that i didnt know

ryoka: its okay...anyway i heard we will be taking an exam today so lets hurry

as they were going to the class iricho bumped into a girl from class named madoka

iricho: hey madoka didnt see ya

Alice: so rude didn’t even say sorry

iricho: heyyy no one asked for your opinion

madoka: it’s okay alice i didn’t see him

iricho: you both know each other

madoka jumps happily to alice and says: yeah we are best friends

iricho *with a smile and a low voice*: friends huh?

madoka: yeah you know someone you trust have your back and you have fun with

Alice: i dont think he have any friends

ryoka jumps in: it’s not true i am iricho's friend right iricho?

iricho *surprised*: yeah…I guess he is*the class bell rings*

ichika(teacher): today we are here to talk about ????? they are demons who go rogue to violate the laws and eat other creatures

ryoka asks: why?

ichicka: because they got the taste of blood and couldn’t get enough

alce:how do you stop them and cure them ?

ichicka: unfortunately, there is no cure we lock them if possible or kill them if necessary

iricho:and who exactly catches them?

ichicka heaven army, hells army or this school

iricho: this school? means us?

ichicka: yeah which reminds me to dispatch you in teams and every team will have a commander for safety 

ryoka to iricho: you had to ask didn’t ya?

ichika:iricho,alice and ryoka you will go with commander zon

alice:do i have to go with these idiots and zon

both iricho and ryoka to alice: heyyyyyy

ichicka*start acting scary*: got a problem alice?

alice: umm ahhh no ma'am

ichicka:good anyway lets continue

*after she finished dispatching groups*

ichicka: you will go after kizen class

*so between classes* Alice talking to ryoka and iricho: you guys better not screw up

then commander zon approaches them: so you are coming with me try not to get yourself hurt. *the bell rings*

*alice and zon leaves* ryoka to iricho: that was quite the motivation

And after the class iricho heads to kizen and asks: how people receive their tomoshika?

Kizen: it appears next to them while asleep after the age of 10

Then iricho goes to his group to go to the hunt.

After a long walk with the group

Zon to the group: okay listen try not to get in the way or hurt because this is where the demon was located

They approach the building carefully and zon opens the door

Ryoka: I guess they had a false alarm because I don’t see anything here but destroyed furniture

Zon: don’t let your guard down yet

After the whole group was in the middle of the room all the doors get locked at once

Zon shouts to the group: prepare yourself he knows we are here

A very pale guy approaches from behind them and says: he more like they

Then 4 more demons approaches to attack

Zon: it was a set up try not get yourself killed.

Iricho: dammit guys we are outnumbered

Zon:I will attack their leader and one of them

In the mid of the battle their leader grabs zon shotguns and electrify her and the other one goes after iricho when he was defending himself from another demon and the demon pierced his chest using his bare hands

 The whole group shouts: IRICHOO!!! *As he falls to the ground*

Then alice and ryoka kills the demon they were fighting they attack the demons that attacked iricho

*iricho wakes up in an upside world he was sitting on grass near a river

Iricho: is this heaven??

Then hears a mysterious voice

????:I cant let you die now you are still weak I need more power

Then he wakes up to see alice and ryoka crying over him

Iricho what are you crying above me

Ryoka: we thought you died

 Iricho: well to let y’all know I don’t die easily and I really need some ice cream 

Alice: don’t do that again.

Zon: can you stand up and walk?

Iricho*gets up* and says: yeah but how did you defeated them

Ryoka: commander zon used her ternuma and killed them

Zon: its illegal but we would have died like you.

Iricho: I didn’t die and thanks for saving us

Zon: yeah sure




















© Copyright 2018 Iricho. All rights reserved.

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