Mornings with Misty

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A free spirited teen, no pressure.

Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



A Morning with Misty Locked Away by R. City floats through the air of my cramped room. Must be 5 a.m. That means it's time to get up. Sadly, that also means I have to remove myself from my plush cocoon. That all seems like a lot of work. Sigh, but I have to. Rising from my nightly grave, I turn off my alarm and stumble to my light. At once, I see everything and nothing. Damn, that's bright. Clumsily I move around and run down a checklist of things. Towel, washcloth - check. Jeans, shirt - check. Extremities and socks - check. Alright, now to the laboratory. I flick the switch and am proud I can actually see in the light. Slowly I turn the slick hot and cold knows of the shower, before pulling the stubby spout. Quickly I undress, I'd make a horrible stripper. This is why school is my best option. Ha! I'm better off in school, where I'm definitely not the brightest bulb in the pack. That's funny. Maybe things will change. I start to step into the shower when I pause. I forgot to tinkle, step back out. Lifts the lid and sits. Yikes, the seat is cold. Back to the shower. Wash first with normal soap, the kind that smells normal, like really fresh. Next with body wash, lightly scented, lavender it says. Rinse off, step out. It's cold, where's my towel? Dry off, clothes on. Where's my other sock? Aha, found it. Brush teeth, floss, brush, rinse. Back to my room, check the time. 6:10, not bad, but I still have stuff to do. Now I have to tango with my hair, the brush was right there. Must have moved it last night, now it lays on the floor. No time to think about this, I pick it up. Slowly I brush my dark black hair, maybe I should dye it. Add some color, look a little festive. I'll run that idea by mom at the dinner table, maybe I can get pop to see it my way and help me pitch it to the boss lady. I'm getting no where this brush, where's my beanie? There's the little rascal, laying abandoned on my dresser. It's gray, that looks okay with these black jeans and black and red flannel shirt right? Well, it will today. Shoes, I immediately spot my favorites, high top converses that have seen better days. Black and white, well, close to white, I'll clean them later. And I'm ready to go. Backpack, textbook, longboard - check. Down the steps, grab a muffin. There's the bus, run. The driver actually sees me this morning, fantastic. The ride to school isn't that long, but hopefully I can cram in this homework I neglected all weekend. I'll do the assignments in the order that I have class. First up, physics, yikes. Let's see, free falling objects. That looks like a bunch random of numbers and symbols. Since they wrote a book full of them, I think I can get away with writing a page full. Next, is history, yuck. I seriously need more interesting classes. I'm supposed to write a paragraph about the constitution. I'll just pick my favorite amendment, the 5th. Now that that's done, last thing is spanish. I actually like this class. It's so easy or should I say muy dificil. Finished with that in like 2 seconds. I am totally awesome finished my homework, with - where am i? What street is that, 12th? I can't believe I missed my stop. Well, actually this is definitely believable, I miss my stop all the time. Time to get off, cross the street, wait for the next bus. Or I could ride my longboard, it's only like 10 blocks. Let's put all this homework away first. Everything in place? Beanie, bag, chain, shoes tied - yup, all ready to go. Let's do this, puts the board down and steps on. One firm kick and I'm off. The wind feels great right now and no traffic, wide open space. Two blocks into my journey, I spot Mitchell. He's dressed in gray jeans and a graphic tee. He's also on his board. I yell across the intersection, "Hey, Mitch!" He turns his head, noticing me. He smoothly glides over. "Misty, what's good? You shouldn't be all the way down here. Missed your stop again? Girls like you need tour guides when travelling." "You know me too well. It's just another typical morning for me. Miss a stop doing homework, gives me an excuse to rise my long board. Besides, we both know that I just made your morning awesome with my presence." We both laugh and continue riding to school. Yeah this is definitely a Misty morning.

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