A Toy Story™

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Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



The toys R us

we are the 

invisible children

the back seat of your

Drive-one Hyundai's

have become the 

Black markets 

Price worthy iHomes

for those 

that don't sleep in perfect little 


we are the epiphany 

for the sapphire chase colored


At Tiffany's


swallow your twinkies

digest your nutter butters 

we are sinking faster 

than the titanic


or the drain-o reference 

that shows us your preferance 

saying LMFAO

is the new party rock


that still hasn't gotten to jenny from the block


her loubitons

Are really swap meets 

Made in china

heels that thompsons water seal

will blow away


everythings a steal

clearance racks

here & there


when will you realize 

Victorias Secret

was never real?


only a mere code to da Vinci

leading to the 

magically delicious life 

full of trix

that even 

captainn crunch

dared to never wish upon

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