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Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016




My feet pounded the hard ground and jarred my body with every step I took. Training was going well, I was improving my time every day. The cross country race was only a week away and I would be ready.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement. From the bushes appeared a small black button nose and two huge brown eyes glowing with mischief.  An excited yapping sound revealed a cute bundle of fur leaping towards me. A puppy! Where on earth did that come from. “Hello little fella, are you lost ?”, bending down I picked the wriggling bundle of fur up. Looking up the path that the puppy had appeared from I called out “hello, anyone lost a puppy?”, no reply. Deciding to walk a little way along the path I took a firmer grip on the squirming pup and set off. It wasn’t long before I came across a small wooden hut tucked beneath overhanging trees. The puppy started to get excited so I assumed this must be his home. Climbing up onto the porch I gave a light knock on the door. From inside I heard a shuffling sound coming closer and closer, looking down I saw the door handle start to turn. The door slowly opened with a high pitched squeaking sound and I found myself looking down the barrel of a shotgun. “I see you found me pup, or should I say me pup found you” the man growled through a face full of whiskers. “Well come on and bring him in” he growled waving me through the door with the shotgun. “Err no that’s ok, here take him I really must be going”. Holding the puppy out to him I could see my hands shaking.

“Well I would much appreciate it if you was to bring Piper in for me, I don’t want himrunning off again now do I”. Very carefully I took a step into the room and placed Piper on the floor, “that’s an unusual name” I said watching the pup run to a basket tucked into the corner. “ Yeah”, growled the old man “always did like that story of the Pied Piper”.Nervously glancing around the room I started to edge back towards the door “Well I’m glad to have been of assistance but I’ve got to go now”.

An evil grin spread across the old mans face revealing crooked yellow teeth “You young uns always in a hurry, running through me woods as if you own the place, well I guess you aint gonna be in any hurry to get where your going now”, raising the shotgun he nodded towards the door, “come on sonny lets you and me take a little walk”.

“Where are you taking me?” I cried desperately looking around for another way out. “Well I guess you could say I’m taking you to your finish line, now move”. Slowly walking through the door I had a feeling I had run my last race.


I really can’t understand how Dan had disappeared like that. The race was tomorrow and this was the last chance for training, Dan wouldn’t miss training but no one had seen him for days. Must have been something really important for him to just take off like that, hang on what’s that in the bushes, a puppy!, “hello there, where did you come from, god your cute”. Oh well guess I had better find the owner, he must live up that pathsomewhere, it shouldn’t take long……………..


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