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Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



Elaine thinks
(while eating
her dinner)

about John
on the bus
how other

kids know now
about them
and the kiss

at her home
no secret

since her young
sister blabbed
to them all

her mother
sits beside
her silent

her father
(knowing not
a thing

about that
kissing stuff)
sits talking

about work
her sister

sits moody
mouthing food

Elaine wants
that warm kiss
once again

but she wants
that this time
she will know

when he'll kiss
she forks up
a burnt chip

and mouths it
her mother
just after

her father
stops talking
says sharply

he kissed her
who kissed whom?
Father asks

looking wide eyed
at his wife
that boy John

kissed your daughter
the father
gazes at his

youngest girl
not Elaine
I thought he

was with our
Elaine not

he utters
he didn't
kiss Princess

but Elaine
Mother says
didn't kiss

me how yuck
Princess says
he went kissed

my Plump Hen?
Father says
gazing at

Elaine with
did he Hen?

Elaine blushes
stops eating
just the once

not a lot
she tells him
fancy that

he mutters
one never
knows what God

has in store
in our house
Mother says

when he came
that Sunday
he kissed her

just the once
Elaine adds
well no more

not again
if he comes
again here

Mother says
Princess yawns
Father smiles

fancy that
my Plump Hen
getting kissed

Mother glares
at Father
the moral

of kissing
has been missed.

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