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Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



Delia has seduced
the girl who came
with goods
from the grocer
(in the bed
she shares
with Chrissie)

before that
on the Monday
she had bedded
the post girl
who brought a parcel
(that time on the sofa
the bed being unmade)

and before that
it had been Chrissie's
best friend
(the weird one
but who had
lovely boobs)

now she is heading
to the girl
Chrissie had asked
to weed and sort
the garden
who has a
lovely bum
(Delia had seen
from the bedroom window
and wants to seduce

but Chrissie is still
downstairs and spots
her(Delia) walking
down the garden path
with that look
in her eyes

Chrissie opens
the kitchen door
and calls Delia
where are you going?

Delia stops
thought you had
gone off to work?

not yet
Chrissie says
where were you off to?

Delia smiles
just thought I'd see
how the garden girl
was doing
Delia says

she's doing all right
Chrissie says
looking at Delia
why aren't you
at college teaching?

I'm in late
Delia says
wanting to go
and investigate
the garden girl's
behind and such

have you
made the bed?
Chrissie says

no not yet
Delia says
but I am hoping to

Chrissie sighs
well make it now
and don't forget
to put on the casserole
before you go

Delia nods and walks
back into the kitchen
with Chrissie
and closes the door

(she wanted to explore
the garden girl
and make love
perhaps or more.

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