The Sea of Death

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Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016




It was a grey and cloudy day as I walked along the deserted beach. I could hear the waves pounding against the rocks and the sea spray was flung into the air like a dog shaking his wet fur. As I continued walking the waves got higher and rougher reminding me of anangry thunder storm rumbling across the sky. Lost in my thoughts I did not realise how far I had wandered until I decided to turn and make my way home. The sea had closed inbehind me and I was stranded in a small cove. I started to panic and franticly look around knowing that before too long the sea would be covering the sand that I was now standing upon. My eye caught sight of something covered in netting, I hurried over to see what it was. A small rowing boat containing oars and a couple of broken lobster pots lay anchored to a ring buried deep in the sand. Knowing this was my only chance of getting  round the headland and back to safety I quickly untied the rope and pushed the boat out into the pounding waves. Jumping into the boat and positioning the oars I started rowing towards the headland but no matter how hard I rowed the boat seemed to have a mind of its own.

With most of my strength now gone I lay in the bottom of the boat and let it carry me along. Soon before me I could see an opening in the cliffs, a cave hidden by the rocks. I knew that the boat would surly be broken to pieces if I tried to steer it towards theopening so gathering my strength and taking a deep breath I jumped into the raging sea and swum for the opening to the cave.

The water just inside the cave seemed to be calmer allowing me to swim to a sandy ledge and drag myself out. My whole body was shaking as if my phone was vibrating in mypocket. I lay exhausted dragging air into my lungs, I closed my eyes and slept.

“So you have come at last, we have been waiting for you”. The voice whispered into my ear, I turned trying to see where it had come from. It was as if I was looking into a thick fog, I could see shapes but not make out what they were. “Who are you, can you help me get out of here?”. The fog seemed to swirl around me and my skin tingled as if beingtickled by feathers. “ You are one of us now, come join us beneath the deep”, whispered the voice. “I don’t want to join you whoever you are, I want to go home” I cried, still searching the fog trying to see who was tormenting me. Suddenly the fog seemed to form into strange and ugly faces, the tingling on my skin became tight bands of gripping fingers pulling me towards the waters edge. I struggled as I felt the cold water on my back and then slowly covering my face. “No! let me go, let me go home”, I shouted as the salt water began to fill my mouth. Through the pounding of my heart I heard the voice say “but you are home, you are now one of us, the sea claimed you when you jumped from the boat and what the sea claims it never lets go”.


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