Slave Prince and Beautiful Princes

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Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016



 Slave Prince and Beautiful Princess

Shining sun, one white eagle flying on the sky of new land. It is a country within colorful flowers surrounded with giant mountains. This mountains protected country from wars, enemies, dangers and all over the world. People in this country were friendly, happy and free. There were plenty of green gardens, nice homes, blue sky, colorful rainbow and all neighbors were friendly. This country was home for peace and friendship. In the middle of the country there was a castle for king’s family. It was not higher than people’s houses. The king was very justice and kind. All houses in country were similar; all people were happy, and friendly. King had two sons. They were cleaver, friendly and justice like their father. Elder son Kamal was very intelligent, kind and ambitious. Little boy was Jamal who was a bit naughty. He was persistent, he liked jokes, he loved enjoying and he was his mother’s lovely son. Time was running and both two sons becoming adult, young and intelligent princes. Day by day king was thinking about future of country and he wanted give his post one of princes who deserved it most. Old Guest to New land Old king liked to see, and know new people. He always visited new countries and accepted new guests from other countries.

Chapter 2. Mistrious guest 

One day one an old magician visited their country. Soon he became well known  within the country for his magic and fortune telling abilities. King also wanted to know this person and invited him to his palace. The man told plenty of adventures he had in different countries. King liked this old man and asked him to stay in his castle for some time. Old man agreed. Magician spent his time with king and his kind family but his aim was not as kind as king’s thoughts. One day while walking within the country old magician observed little prince looking to beautiful girls and talking with them intelligently. Young prince was handsome, intelligent and kind. His funny nature made him famous among the people. Jamal was playing with children, helping elders and dancing with beautiful girls. He frequently organized balls, and parties. Old magician smiled looking at young prince. He described one of country where he was guest. Country was reach with gold, but there was not enough water in this country. There was a great emerald palace inside of country. Emerald Palace surrounded with big garden where you can find all kind of fruits, vegetables. But magical silver snakes and golden eagles protect this land from everyone. Sometimes poor, hungry citizens come to still some food for eating and snakes killed them. Nobody can enter this garden. Though there was plenty of gold, emerald and other jewelries people were hungry as they had no enough food. Most of people left the country but some people still were living in their poor life. Magician took out some golden dust and through it to water then whispered some words and water shoved that magical land. Magic garden was wonderful with plenty of flowers, fruit trees, in the middle of garden was a golden willow tree with jingling golden leafs. Old magician continued “This is Magical Willow tree. If you can bring at least one leaf and put it to land you can grow golden tree in your country. It will make you reach and well known”. Young prince replied: “I am already reach old man” .Magician smiled but if you have had most beautiful princess in this world you could be the richest prince in this world. Prince attended to the water there was a wonderful young lady like dream. She was so beautiful nobody have seen, or heard till today .Non of stories described, nor painters painted. Girl’s beauty made him blind. Her smile, 4 her eyes, her long waving hairs took prince far from here. She was amazing. Prince has never seen such beautiful girl in his life. When the old magician finished his speech prince took his white charming horse and they returned to palace… Two days passed .Old man was talking with king and didn’t open this topic again. But young prince couldn’t sleep, every time when he closed his eyes he saw this beautiful girl. He was trembling he didn’t eat anything. He didn’t want to go to play with kids, talk to nice girls. Elder prince Kamal was cleaver and he knew his brother very well. He understood that something is wrong. Doctors can’t help his brother. He decided talk to little prince. Kamal invited his brother to walk within country. Tired and sad little prince hardly agreed to walk. While walking elder brother learned the situation. Little prince Jamal had already made his decision. Elder brother knew that his brother is persistent and will not change his decision, and he loved his little brother. Prince 5 Kamal decided to join his brother in order to support him in this dangerous journey. When king and queen learned the story they both got angry. King ordered to expel the old magician and he didn’t allow his sons to leave the country. King was cleaver, kind. He loved and protected his sons but he missed one small but important point. Little prince was persistent and in love with an unknown princess.

Chapter3. What to choose?

Three days passed. Young prince couldn’t stop thinking that lady. Finally reach, educated, handsome young gentleman had one goal, a real reason to fight for. Jamal was walking in palace. He entered the guest room where old magician was staying as a guest. He was thinking sadly, he didn’t know the way to mysterious country. Only person who could help him left the palace already. It was first time this young, strong prince felt himself week, hopeless and began to cry. His eyes noticed a small pocket Magician left near to wooden bed. Inside of pocket were golden dust and one small golden figure of Sparrow. It was small but very realistic. Jamal knew that old magician left it purposely for him. He took pocket with himself and left palace secretly. Mysterious Goal Young prince Jamal left his warm, calm and happy land for unknown, and hard dream. He had a hope, a dream and a strong voice inside which was showing the way, albeit the way was unknown. His white horse was running as fast as he can, and as long as he can. Jamal passed rivers, forests 6 and great mountains. His motherland was getting smaller as he was far from home. The sun rose again. Lights of sun enlightened inside of white large rooms, decorated corridors and marble stairs. Royal family was enjoying pleasant morning until servant revealed that prince Jamal is not in his room. King ordered to send knights to the four sides of country. Jamal knew that his father will search him but he had a goal and he wanted find his way. He decided to hide himself inside the forest. It was raining. Young prince was hungry and he didn’t know where to go. He was hopeless inside the dark, endless, cold and rainy forest. The pocket with golden miracle dust and gold sparrow was getting wet. Young lover tried to protect his last chance by holding the pocket with his trebling, chapped hands and his hopeless tears dropped into his hands. Rain and cold hurt his hands as it was getting bloody but he held pocket strongly. He closed his tired eyes and once he felt a warm breath in his hands. It was Golden Sparrow revived from tears of love and blood of hardship. Jamal unconsciously gave a life to small miracle. The small sparrow was shining like a light in darkness his eyes was a blue emerald lights.

 The bird stared to young prince for a while and flied inside the rainy dark forest. Slowly flying sparrow stopped in some trees and wanted Jamal to follow him. Finding the way to Dream. Little golden sparrow crossed the rivers, mountains and thorny ways and reached to the sea side. Water was black and inside the see was invisible. Little sparrow perched on stone near to sea side.Tired and wet horse of prince approchad to sea side. Horse looked to black scary water and neighed.Little sparrow approached to white horse, peched his head. Horse calmed down. Then little, golden bird approached to prince took a pocket within golden dust and slowly flied near to the sea. Sparrow slowly splashed the dust to the water. The wind stopped, silence hugged the nature and instantly great waves approached to the seaside.Three white horses came with wave, they neighed strongly and then the white horse of Prince Jamal jumped to the see and become miracle like them. Sparrow speched on one of horses and looked to young prince. He noticed that bird wants him to do same and jumped on his horse.The horses returned back into the black sea.

Chapter 4.Passing the long desert 

 Horses were running and running in the endless see Jamal was tired after a long sleepless journey.He closed his eyes slowly and felt asleep. Miracle land and Beautiful prince. The hot lights of sun awaked Prince Jamal. The horses were in endless desert walking slowly. Jamal had no idea where that great sea disappeared. The only thing he wanted now to eat and drink some water. After walking under sun at endless desert one of horses laid the ground helplessly and soon become dust. Sparrow was twittering and didn’t allow other horses to stop. The weather was very hot and horses were tired, hungry and thirsty. Soon one more horse became dust hill under the unbearable sun. Jamal was very tired and hopeless after such hard way. He afraid to lose his only friend white horse. He jumped to the sand and tried to go on. Sand was so hot that he felt it burns his foots. Sparrow was twittering and finally they reached to the miracle land. People met them and carried them into their huts. They gave them water and meal. Three day passed. Prince Jamal woke up after long sleep. The old man asked: ---What are you searching here young man? “I am searching my fate”. Replied Jamal. Old man looked to prince with smiling eyes: ---Do you know how many people came here for that goal? Most of them became a dust and disappeared within sand hills.

Chapter 5. The secret Garden

Next day Jamal decided to visit Secret garden in the middle of desert. He took some water, his horse and a small boy as a guide. He explained the way and accompanied him to the gate to Garden. Young boy informed him that snakes will kill him if he will touch any of fruits. The garden was fully decorated with colorful flowers and green trees. Little Sparrow slowly settled Jamal’s shelter. Garden was very quite. In the middle of garden was wonderful willow tree. The tree was shining under the sun. Plenty of snakes were gathered under the tree. Jamal was prepared to fight with his knife in his hand. Then he heard a cry. It was hope9less, helpless cry of human being. One of the snakes was injured and rounded within blood and tears in its eyes. This snake had blue eyes like a beautiful lady. These eyes remind him someone. Jamal realized a golden leaf stick in his body like a knife. All other snakes tried to extract sharp leaf out but injured snake was sweeping in the ground angrily. All snakes surrounded Jamal. Injured snake was staring him helplessly. Jamal calmly approached to snake and took the sharp leaf piece out of his body, but angry snake bites his hand. Jamal lost his power and felt down to the ground. Surprise meeting Jamal opened his eyes in a dark, wet and smelly place like a prison. He remembered the story he had lived in the garden. He was alive after snake bites. Then he noticed his wrapped arm. He was quite healthy no pain in his arm and skin was clear. Empty prison was calm and cold. Jamal asked help after some time his eyes stared out of fence and saw the beautiful lady who admired him, who brought him here. She was a reason of hard, tiring thirsty way. Jamal was smiling this beauty was real he forget all the difficulties he had. He felt himself in the heaven. This beautiful angel came to near to young prince with all her beauty her long yellow hear, her eyes. Lady was laming her eyes were like snakes eyes Jamal realized a hidden secret quickly but he was fully in love. He didn’t want to ask, to know anything. He calmly observed the lady for a long time. None of them talked..

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