Letting Go

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For every human being who never had to sit idle drinking his black coffee out in his sit out when its was raining hard, but had the company of pages of memories from the old book of past.

Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016



"When you sit alone you sit with your past" - A random quote

Its funny how day to day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different. Past is a 'flying spider' (or whatever creeps the hell out of you) in everyone's life; at least one episode that can dissolve you into a puddle of tears or turn you into a horrifying 'Hulk' (maybe the one in The Avengers; he seems more destructive). Wait a minute, do u really believe thats the defenition? Come on! Doesn't past deserve more? I really wanna survey how many of us would have thought of an incident that made us smile, when u read that 'quote of the day'. And I mean "us"; I'm not trying to explore u guys from an end of a telescope here. I'm just placing me in front of the convex lens, hoping that its convex, so that I can examine myself. Most of us want our past to be a notorious villian, at times so hard that even the past resists. But if u could just stop reading this and think of the times you have smiled your heart out, I bet u will find urself as a freaking Laughing Budha. I'm not talking about the time you won the lottery or the lucky moment when your dad surprised u with a Royal Enfield; I'm talking about those little things, that smile on your moms face, that laugh with your loved ones that left your pants wet, that pencil or soap or hairband b-day gift from your friends (Yeaahh! My friends are real jerks, lets not go there), That innumerable times when u thought you were in the right moment with the right people. Isn't the little things that matter the most?! I'm not creating this up or trying to give u a cool inspirational speech here. All I want is you to look back any savour those moments. Maybe its time we stopped dwelling on those dark times. No one wants to be sad; so stop trying to be. I used to tell that to a friend of mine. "Memories Never Die". But clinging on to them and living in our past would be the stupidest mistake of our life. Every tree lets go of its fully ripened leaf no matter how hard it can be. That's what I have in my mind right now - "Maybe its okay to let some things go".... The only line I wished to say I guess, or you could just put it at the end of a two page essay. Both works. Learning To Let Go- Chapter 1.

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