american zoo bums a play in III acts

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I finished the body of this work American zoo bums in the fall of 2018 it was a labor of over 25 years.The play is about 4 main character folk singer, street singers and other alternate folk street singers in Chicago from 1990-1995.i still have work with re writes or additions to the play.One of the re writing projects would be since it was pointed out to me plays are mostly dialogue.I wrote the scenes with a mixture of narrative and dialogue.I'd have to work out the narratives..Since i have 3 big parts for a narrator. I'd have to turn the narratives with re writes into the narrators part,in order to have it in play form..Lotta work!

American Zoo Bums/A play in III Acts By James P. Bourke


Cast of Characters:
Ollie Wentword
Skid Martin:Two main characters
Two main alternate characters:
Dink Finn
Tom Keller

Ed Barnes
Arizona EZ
Aaron Dogg
Milty the club owner
Benny the the club owner
Attorney Don Wentword
Clem Fern
Old man Charlie and Sidekick
Red Keeper&Mother,Baby Fluers-Kitty Kale-Irene- Ollie's X

Bit Parts:
#1,#2#(3 bag man-Trader Dick)
Mr.50s.,Jay the wonder thinker
Bert and Ernie
Skids Mother
Tom Cash & Helmut (the 2 cabbies)
Male cook & female cook
Danny Horowitz,Freddy Martin-Skids brother

Liquor store owner,restraunt owners,waitresses

Inmates,Cell mates,

Judges-States attorneys, Cops, Public defenders, Drug counselor's

Narrator: Here we are living and breathing in this ever lasting expanding universe. Among billions of stars. Must be billions of stories here on earth.
Possibly up there in the sky there's an infinity of story of angels and glories.
For us humans it is impossible for us to see, among the billions of stars
& galaxies. As for us here, the story starts as we begin to get smaller inside of Einsteins theory of atoms and relativity,
Among billions of galaxy's.

We get even smaller inside a galaxy called the milky way, which is not in the center, but on the edge.
from the burst of energy from the beginning of time- from what they call
the big bang. So Let me take you to a place even smaller to what we call the milky way.

Now then we get even smaller going inside the solar system , inside the solar system is a star we call the sun & the little earth swings round and round on its gravitational pull .So we get even smaller to a place called earth, the only known blue planet go smaller To a place called, the continent of North America.

And inside North America is a country called the United states. Inside of these United States is the state Called IL. And inside of IL.Is the city. Sweet home Chicago, The windy city& Its called that not because of its wind,but because of its windy politics, The town of broad shoulders. The second city from the fire of1871 .
And inside of Chicago is a place called Lincoln park zoo.

This is where this little story begins. Inside a small period of time. 2 main small characters& 2other ones on the side.
Inside the Small decade of thee early1990s.

Act 1 Scene/1
Begin Scene with song,Small time things,play through out
whole scene:
Small time things by James Bourke
Let me tell you a little story
about a little boy and little man
they walked and talked on the
sea shore- they talked about the
little bitty grain of sand they walked on
the little bitty moon that shined above
the little bitty earth they revolved on
small time things are the best in the world
small time things are the best

Now we all come from a rinky dink town
living our rinky dink lives- engaging in are
small time conversations- now you may
have thought your were bigger than the man
you just walked on but just look to the sky
and remember you're smaller than this universe
so let me tell you another story bout a little
boy and little girl- bout a man who thought
he was so much bigger- well he got so big
and puffy that he popped exploding into the
tiniest matter -that's where he discovered his
great error that someday we are all going to feel
pretty small-  refrain

  Ollie Wentword: He walks through Lincoln park carrying his Guitar. steps on a empty can, than kicks it off the path.  A piece of paper blows in his face.As he heads off to his spot at the zoo.
Then we flash to

Skid Martin:He's got his guitar out sitting on the ground by the rhino exhibit. Its early in morning nobody is at the zoo yet. He takes a sip of his plastic zoo mug filled with brandy. Spits some of it out,strums his guitar,wipe's his fore head where hes wearing a red head bandanna.

Now we flash to Dink Finn:He walks down an alleyway on his way to the zoo carrying his Martin guitar.  Stops at a dumpster. Dives in sifts through the garbage, finds a shirt. A Hawaiian shirt. Gazes at it,shakes it in the air. Decides its a keeper rolls it up. put it in his coat pocket climbs out of dumpster ,continues on his way to zoo.

Now we flash to Tom Keller: the alarm clock rings. Tom is lying in his clothes on his bed. His clothes are dirty hardly ever washes them. Slams down the alarm with his hand. Waking up, heads to bath room. Throws water on his face. Grabs his guitar heads out the door. Throws his guitar in the trunk of his 1968 Blue Fire-bird ,gets in it and barrels down the Avenue, heading out toward the Zoo.

Act 1 scene 2: Ollie stops at zoo cafe to have his coffee to start his day,
Its now 11:00 people are starting to fill the zoo. Ollie heads to the the Fisher
Great ape house. Puts his case down in front of the ape house. Begins to sing "Early morning rain."

Out of the ape house pops old man Charlie
& his Side kick. HeThrows $30 in Ollie's case.

Old man Charlie exclaims:Look its Elvis. Side kick: Love that song your singing Ollie ends song. Ollie:Thanks! for the big tip. whats your name?
Old man Charlie:My name is Charlie.Then thumbs to his partner.,this is side kick.

Your reminding me of the king Elvis. Ollie:Thanks!for such a high compliment. Ollie starts with 2nd song City of New Orleans. A few dollars fall down from people passing by. Old man Charlie& Side kick take off chiming in Elvis the king..

Act 1 scene 3 Tom Keller sets up at the seals exhibit. Dink Finn is sitting there in a chair, smoking a cigarette. Bums from Tom a cup of coffee & cigarettes. Tom looks at Dink .Tom:You bum!

Dink then has a flash back to his boy hood at an orphanage when he's six years old in 1948.He is shoveling hay to the pony's at a place called Shiply's cottage. As he shovels he is making a mess. Mother Omalley Neese steps into the barn.

Mother Omalley: Dink, look at this mess your making. Now you listen young man. If you don't learn to do these things properly,you will grow up to be a mess. End up on the skids bumming for a living.

Dink: I'm sorry mother Omalley. I was trying my best, but wanted to have a little fun to go along with it. Mother Omalley:.Its OK to have a little fun without making a fine mess of things. Now get your pitch fork and clean this mess up. You don't want to grow up to be a bum on the skids.

Dink comes to, back at the seals. Tom:Dink! I think you bummed enough
from me. How bout plucking your guitar at your spot. Then Dink reaches in a bag where he put the Hawaiian shirt. pulls it out. Hands it to Tom.

Dink:Thanks I want to make up for being a messy bum..Tom:Where did you get this? Dink:I found it in a free box. Tom: Classic! As he holds it up. Then Dink picks his guitar up and heads to his spot on his way he passes Skid.

Dink: How are you doing Skid?Skid takes a drink from his zoo cup. Skid:Just started waiting round till when they start throwing. Dink salutes him as heads to his spot.

Act1 scene 4:Skid looks up at rhino has a few dollars in his case,picks up the dollars closes his case, picks up case and heads over to Tom Keller's spot at seals. Skid takes a seat&sits down Tom is playing,Where Have All The Flowers gone? ends the song.

Tom:Skid do you know what that song is about. Skid:About flowers dying?Tom:Its about how men go off to war&the women wait for them to return. Skid: Really?Tom: And the world keeps going round and round And it seems to keep repeating. Skid:Thanks Tom! for the insight. Then Skid hangs his head in thought. Skid:I wonder how Ollie's doing?

Act1 scene 5 Ollie At ape house almost end of day. A man approaches Ollie Man:You're new here, Aren't you?Isn't the zoo great?You should come here everyday you should make a bunch of money.

Ollie:yeah! I think I love this place. Now after he says this. The setting sun speed up in fast motion. Setting west coming up in east. Its a new day. Ollie is again standing in front of ape house. Old man Charlie & side kick come out of ape house.

Ollie: What do you guys live in there or something?Old man Charlie:Yeah! just about. Side kick. Hey! its Elvis. Ollie breaks into Hound dog. Old man Charlie:Why don't you play Early morning rain to Kondou in the ape house.

Ollie smiles picks his guitar case up goes into ape house with Charlie & side kick & begins playing Early morning rain. Then Ollie stops, starts laughing. Ollie: I get it charlie This song is about a man living like an Ape. Then he starts singing swinging  on a star.& they all watch the ape's seemingly swinging around in gorilla cage to the rhythm of the song.

Act1 scene 6: Dink is again at Seal exhibit. He's bumming cigarettes and asking Tom for coffee money. Tom:I'll buy you a cup of coffee. If you walk over to cafe and get us both cups of coffee. Tom gives some coins he scraps out of guitar case to Dink.

Dink walks over to cafe. As he stands in line he has a flash back to his child hood its 1956 he's getting released from the orphanage where his spent most of his life. He's meeting his mother who hasn't seen him since he was 4 years old. He runs to his mother's arm crying.

Mother:Oh! Dink I'm sorry you had to stay here. I promise things will be different from here on out. Now I got a job. They both head out of Orphanage to Newport Kentucky where her house is.

Dink: I love you mom. So do you really mean its going to be better as they are riding along in 1950 Chevy. Mother:Yes! its going to be better. Dink comes back to reality And is at the front of line.
The server asks Dink. Server:Hello! How can I make your day better?Dink:Oh! 2 coffee's please. 

Act1 scene 7:Back at the seals Dink Hands Tom coffee. Dink: Tom can I bum a quarter to make a call? Tom then stairs out at Dink. Tom flashes back to a time when he worked for Pacific Bell in San Francisco. He is on a telephone pole looking down on Dink.He's playing San Francisco Bay Blues.Tom comes back to reality- looks at Dink.Tom hands Dink a quarter Tom :When your done with your call,go to your spot.

Dink heads to public phoneto make a call, then flashes to when he was16..His mom is in kitchen she tells Dink to do the dishes. Dink:No!Its not my turn Its Carvelle's!Dink looks at Carvelle. Dink:Besides Carville ,your a Mama's boy. You and your little brother here,you both stayed the whole time with mama. When I was locked away in an orphanage..Carvelle Walks over to Dink and takes a swing at him with a belt. Dink ducks out of the way. He has a devilish look on his face,looks over to his mom.

Dink:I love you mom but I got to get out of here. As he starts to leave Carvelle stands up to him. Carvelle:You ain't going anywhere, Before you wash the dishes. Dink grabs Carvelle's face with his finger tips & scratches down on his cheeks. Dink:Now dammit
Carvelle stop lying on me.

Then Carvelle gets Frightened Runs under his bed hiding. Dink heads out of house to Sin city Newport, Kentucky meet with his gang. They all go out together burglarizing business's. Dink Come's back from his flash back. He is at his spot singing, she'll be coming round the mountain when she comes,people are throwing  tips into his case.

Act1 scene 8 Ollie standing outside Milty's bar gazing at the Christmas decorations around the window of club. Then he opens door stumbles into club carrying his guitar. Takes a place at the bar. Milty:What do you got for me tonight?Ollie reaches in his pocket and pours out a handful of change on the bar.

Ollie: Johnny Walker black on the rocks please. Milty: WOOHH! Ollie looks like you did good at the zoo today. Next one is on me. Ollie: thanks Milty!

Ollie looks up at the side of the bar at a sign that reads. The beatings will continue in till morale improves..Then turns and looks at all the zoo buskers sitting at bar Skid, Tom,Dink,Ed& A person he hasn't met yet.EZHe looks up at  EZ and asks,Ollie:Whats your name? EZ: EZ. Ollie Where are you from EZ?: Arizona. Ollie Well then! as he shakes his hand. its Arizona EZ.

I'm Ollie Wentword good to meet you. Skid at end of bar chuckles. Ollie:So EZ Where do you busk at zoo? EZ:At the rookery Ha Ha Ha Then Ed Barnes  steps up to bar next to Ollie.

Ed: Aren't you new here in these parts?Ollie:New! I was born and raised around here in these parts.But I been in NYC for the last few years. Ed: Did you learn any thing In NY?Ollie: I learned talking to people is cheap. Action speak louder then words.

Ed: Well then if you start talking to me. You might start feeling pretty cheap,as Ed laughs. Ollie then smiles gleams out into space turns and looks at the sign again.

Ollie:Milty whats the sign?Milty:I put that there for all you folk singer's who seem to never bring any customers in..Those are the beatings,at least you guys make money singing at zoo to spend on drinks that's where your going to receive your real beatings.

Then Milty looks over at Skid. Milty:I noticed how you folksingers sound like angels up on stage. But when you come off the stage your a bunch of horrible human beings. Then Ed Barnes stands between everyone. Ed : Did I ever tell all of you the times I spent with Dink & Tom in Greenwich village in the 60s..

Kitty Kale sitting at a sit near the bar. Kitty:I think I heard these tales before..Ed:We were all at the gaslight together Tom got fired from his job as a MC because he pissed off a lot of people I took his place.

Tom: Don't tell them that story. Tell them the time you lived in Austin TX. Well I was stranded there in the 70s all I did all day till the sun went down and came back up is play my guitar. Ed blurts a little snicker. It was funny all I had was my instrument with nothing  to do but to play all Day,just to past the time all day. I would have At least $100 every day in my case.

Ollie:Did I ever tell you about the time I was harpooning whales up in Anchorage. Ed:You were up there? I spent time hitch hiking through Anchorage. Ollie yeah! I was up there.Ed:Yeah! go on. Ollie: Yeah! I was harpooning and it was one whale of a story. Ollie laughs.

Ed:That's not that funny. Skid looks at Ollie. Skid: Ollie just like Commander Mc Bragg? Skid & Ollie chime in. And that's how I saved the day! Ollie starts clapping and the rest of bar starts clapping scene ends with everybody cheering and clapping,

Act1 scene 9The sun comes up over the lake Ollie is back in front of ape house. People are passing him by some are throwing tips as they enter ape house. Some mysterious looking guy throws an apple in Ollie's case& then disappears. Then as Ollie looks up Theirs this Native American standing over him. Ollie stops playing. Ollie: Why are you standing over me like that?

Raven:I like what your playing. Ollie: Whats your name? Raven:My name is Raven. Ollie:You look familiar. Raven:I think I use to see you street sing in the Bay area in Ca..Ollie:I think I remember you from there. Ollie starts packing his guitar picking out the money out of his case.

Ollie:I'm Going over to the rhinos to see my friend Skid. Raven:Is alright if I come along?Ollie:I don't mind.They both head across the zoo while they are walking,

A zoo cart crosses there path. One of the workers who is hispanic,riding in zoo cart laughing yells!Hey guitar man! Ollie wave's Raven & Ollie continue on,they run into Dink.

Ollie: Hey,Dink! I'm headed over to Skid. Dink:He should be there I saw him earlier. Dink:I'm headed the other way over to my spot.Ollie:well! see you.Ollie &Raven approach Skid.

Ollie:Hey, Skid would you like to go to a Sox game tonight.Skid: Yeah ! that would be great. Isn't this the last year of Comisky park. Ollie Yeah! the last year,

Skid:Whose the fellow with you?Ollie:Ohh !This is Raven. Raven shakes skids hand. Skid:Boy I'm all out of my Brandy Alexander.Ollie:Id like to have some.He looks At Raven.

Ollie:Hey Raven,could you go off to the liquor store & get some chocolate milk and 1/2 pint of brandy?Raven:Sure!Where's the money?Ollie hands him $6. Raven then heads out.Ollie& Skid talk about the arrangement for tonight's game.

Act1 scene 10 Skid meets Ollie at the bleacher gates at old Comisky park..Ollie buys 2 tickets at box office. He hands Skid a ticket. They both walk into the park. The game begins.The White Sox are playing the Oakland A's.

There is a man there leaning over rails of the upper deck bleachers, dressed in a A's jersey wearing a Cubs baseball cap,the man cheers when an A's player gets a hit. The bleacher fans boo the Cub A's fan.

A Sox fan sitting next to Skid says,Does this guy know where he's at?Ollie:Skid! What the hell!This Cub fan got a lot of nerve. A fan sitting next to Ollie and Skid yells! Hey sit the fuck down cub fan.Do you know what Ball park your at.Go back to the north side!Skid: Boy,Ollie I maybe a Cub fan but I wouldn't have the nerve of this guy.

Ollie:Yeah! imagine me going to Wrigley dressed up as a Sox fan with the opposing teams hat on. Ollie then yell's at Cub fan Jeezzz Cub fan. Do you got your mind right!Hey!cub fan the C on your ball teams Cubs hat,doesn't it stand for crime or criminals.You guys lose so much A lot of you guys turn to crime.:Skid starts laughing!Skid:Ollie! Now thats hilarous, Steve Goodman wrote something like that in a song called Dying Cub fans last request.The Cub fan stands the whole Game by the rails rooting for the A's.

Its the bottom of 9th inning the game is tied 2to2.theirs 2 outs.A Sox hitter hits a home run.The Sox win. All the fans cheer Then start exiting.

The Cub fan is harassed by Sox fans as he exits. Some one yell's at him Hey Cub fan! When was the last time the Cubs won a world series?Wasn't it 1908.&another Sox fan chimes in.& Didn't they dropped the atom bomb the last time they were even in the world series.So if they do win. It jus tmight be the end of the world.You guys will never Win the world series The Cub fan yells!Well your just as bad 1917.

Skid:Ollie He's lucky he doesn't get jumped. The fans begin to Chant Cubs suck! Cubs suck!Cubs Suck! cub sucks Cub suck! The Cub fan gleams sheepishly

Ollie:if I were him I'd make a run for it, towards the L.The cops nearbyare checking  the scene out ready to move in if theirs any violence. The scene fades out into the night with the Sox fans yelling! Cubs Suck! Cubs Suck! Cubs Suck! Cubs suck! Cubs Suck!Cubs suck!

Act1 scene11 Next day Raven is standing over Skid at the rhinos. Skid plays a couple of tunes,and Raven Is starring out at Skid with bad vibes.

Skid:Hey Raven! Why don't you go over to Tom Keller's spot. Raven drops his head feeling hurt,then starts over to Tom,Raven stands Over Tom.

Tom looks up at Raven then scraps up some change in his guitar case Tom:Raven! Why don't you go over to the concession stand buy us both some coffee.

Tom hands him the change then Raven walks over to the stand buys 2 cups of coffee then comes back to Tom. Tom: Raven why don't you go over to see Ollie? Raven then walks across zoo approaches Ollie.

Ollie:Hey Raven! how you doing?Raven:OKThen a man rides up on his bike and invites Ollie & Raven to a party.He hands Ollie an address. Ollie:Raven Do you want to go?Raven:Sure!

So Ollie grabs his tips & packs up his case. They both head out of zoo to his borrowed 1990 Escort. Ollie pulls up into thee edge of  the Logan square neighborhood. Ollie looks at address in his hand. & then looks up at house see's it matches.

Raven & Ollie go in.It turns out to be a cocaine party,guys keep pulling out coke bags Ollie & Raven sniff what is offered.

Ollie looksup at Raven. Ollie:These guys look like off duty Police man. Then Raven pulls out a knife And approaches one of them. Ollie gets in between them takes Raven by the arm. Ollie: Put the knife away. Lets get out of here.They both walk out of house get in car drive off into the night

Act1 scene 12 Ollie is standing in front of ape house Old man Charlie & side kick pop out of ape house. Ollie:I swear you guys live in side ape house. Charlie:No I live out on Irving park road near Harlem. I come here to the zoo for my health. Side kick:Charlie knows more about the gorillas then the zoo officials. He can name everyone ape by face. Charlie Yeah! I like sitting in the ape house studying them. Hey,Ollie play Early Morning Rain.

Ollie:you mean that song about a man living like an ape. Ollie begins to sing. Charlie throws $30 in Ollie's guitar case. They both walk away chiming in Elvis the king! Elvis the the king! Ollie stops singing.

Then this man approaches who is dressed up looking like Elvis. Ollie:Hey! Elvis 2 guys just left here calling me Elvis. Mr.50s:I'm Mr.50's! Grew up on the 50s I drive a 55 Chevy& I am 55.Ollie:Well Mr.50s I see you got a basis to impersonate Elvis. Mr.50s:Why are you here?You should be in Hollywood.

Ollie: Well! you should be in Vegas. Mr.50s: You don't sing here out of your own choice. You were pushed into being a singer.

Ollie:Yeah! I never thought about it. I think your right. Mr.50s:Play hound dog. So Ollie starts singing I ain't nothing but a hound dog. Mr.50s throws a dollar in his case then walks into the ape house.

Ollie is now standing there. A man & a 8 year old kid walks up to Ollie. The man says,to his kid. Would you like him to sing you a song

The Kid starts yelling out. I want hear a drinking song! I want hear a drinking song!I want Hear drinking song.

Act 1 Scene13 Later that night Ollie is sitting a Milty's bar Ollie looks up at the Sign, the beatings will continue in till morale improves. Then lifts his shot glass up. Ollie:Cheers Milty! then swallows it down. Milty:I got something special for you tonight. Milty pulls out A bottle of home made mix with peaches schnapps.

Milty:Let me pour you one Ollie. Ollie Nods. Ollie:Let me have it. Milty:Ha! Ha! I tell you. I tell you. Then Dink stands up to the bar. Dink:How are you tonight Ollie?Ollie:Well After Milty gets through with me.I will be drunk. Dink:I'm hungry. Ollie:Hungry?How bout me and you get something to eat down the street. Dink:I'd like that.

So Ollie Dink head out of bar and walk to the restaurant down the street,They walk in to restaurant and both sit up at the counter,both looking at the menu. Waitress asks, Can I help you 2. Ollie:I'll have a bowl of chili. Dink: I'll have the same thing. waitress serves them. Dink:So Ollie I read that NYC magazine article,Where it says, you stole a car when you were 13.

Ollie:Yeah!I wasn't an ideal youngster. Dink:Don't feel bad..I was in a gang when I was16. We went around breaking into stores. Ollie:Did you get caught?Dink:Yep! My Name appeared in Newport, Kentucky newspaper along with the other gang members. They said,I was the ring leader. They let the others go. Then the court gave me 2 years probation.Ollie:Did you straighten up after that? Dink:Yep! Ollie:So did I.

They finish up there chili then head back to Milty's. As they walk into the bar. Kitty Kale is on the stage banging on a tambourine singing. Kitty Kale:

I Feel Like A Lady by Elaine Rose Pennacamp

Refrain:D-GI feel like a lady Yeah!I feel like a lady

When I'm in your arms I feel like a lady when i'm in your arms

E-GVerse1You know my feelings

you understand me you respect me


Verse 2 I love you darling

I'd never stray i'm here to stay

 Cause Refrain:

Verse 3 Won't you love me

and forget the games

with the sweet little dames


Verse 4 Don't you ever leave me

I'd cry an ocean  So don't ever get the notion


Ollie and Dink sit at bar with all the other folk singers.Just then a pretty girl walks into  the bar carrying a guitar on her back. She's holding baby breath flowers. She stands next to Ollie.

Ollie:What kind of flowers are those?Baby Fluers:Baby breaths. Ollie:Whats your name?Baby:My name is Baby Fluers.Then thee MC blurts over the mic. Baby Fluers its your turn to sing,she gets up on the stage swings guitar around and begins to sing.

As she sings Ollie walks over to skid. Ollie: Skid !Boy its nice to hear a pretty girl up there instead of us ugly dudes.Skid:Why don't you date her?

Ollie:You right! I will. Then Milty looks over the bar. Milty:Ollie another shot of my peaches schnapps?Ollie:let me have another. Milty pours the shot. Milty: I love all you folk singers!I tell you! I tell you! I tell you!

Act I Scene 14 Another Day at the zoo,EZ is setting up at the rookery. Ollie approaches EZ. Ollie: Why set up here? There is no one here. Why don't you set up at the polar bears?

EZ: I would if I could. Then Dink shows up at the scene. Ollie:HeyDink! Don't you think EZ would be better off by the Polar bears. Dink: No! EZ doesn't have a street permit.EZ:That's why I'm here at the rookery.

Dink:EEEEEZZZZZ your here cause you're not to far from the street being a Bum loser!EZ:Your acting like the night before. Dink:What!When I told you to get in my kitchen and cook my dinner,EZ:And what did I tell you I'd pick you up and through you down the stairs, if you make me out to be your women.

Dink:EEEEZZZZ! EZ loses his temper throws his guitar to his side. Steps up to Dink. Ollie gets in between them and breaks it up.

Ollie:Now Cm on guys life's to short. We all are guilty of similar things. Lets get along and be brothers.EZ:Yeah! I guess.I shouldn't let Dink get to me. Even though he's needling me just because I'm living on his front room floor. I guess He is doing me a favor.

Dink Sulks his head.,looks over at Ollie. Dink:Well guys I'm going over to my spot.EZ:Lets all Get busking and make some money. Ollie:Now your talking. I still say, you should take yourself to the polar bears. You don't want to be left out in the cold. The rookery? No one come here.

EZ: Don' t mind me Ollie,Both of you just go off and busk up the day. Hey! Its Thursday. I will meet you later tonight at Bennie's Cabaret. Ollie &Dink walk off into the zoo. 

Act I scene 15Ollie walks out of his bedroom in his brothers apt,opens door of apt.,walks down the stairs from 4th floor. Meets Attorney Don Wentword half way down the stairs. Ollie:Can I get the Keys for the car?Don hands him the keys. Don:Drive carefully. Ollie:I will Thanks!Ollie walks to car in lot starts it up.Heads out to Bennie's Cabaret.

Pulls up to Bennie's walks in to the night club. Bert and Ernie are sitting at the bar. Ollie:Bert How"s Ernie Bert:Ask Ernie?Ernie:yeah! Elmo. Bert swigs down a draft. Bert:Ollie! let me buy you one?Looks up at Benny the bar tender Bert:Bennie pour him a drink Ernie:Elmo you can get anything you want from Bert and Ernie. Ollie:Hey Bert! Hey Ernie! Thanks!Bennie:What are you having?Ollie:The same as Bert and Ernie.

Then In walks Jay the wonder thinker. Jay:Anybody for a game of chess?Ollie:Yeah! I'll play you. Bert:Ollie Don't You know Jay's is a chess master?Ollie:So! Ollie sits down to play Jay. Jay:OK you go first.Jay jerks his head back and forth,Jay:Weird ain't it!Ollie:Jay!That one liner is as funny as Henny Youngman..Jay laughs Huh! Huh! huh! weird ain't it!
Jay then lets Ollie win. Ollie:Hey Jay!You let me win. Jay:Yeah! Weird ain't it!

Then in walks EZ into the bar,He has 2 girls on each side of him. Ollie:Look at EZ He's a chic magnet,EZ then looks at Ollie EZ: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ollie I won the lotto. Then proceeds to pull out a wad of cash.EZ:Its drinks on me for every one! Ollie and EZ then sit at the bar taking turn drinking shots. After the fourth round EZ looks at Ollie EZ:Lets scram out of here!Ollie:I got my wheels here.

So EZ And Ollie walk out of the bar EZ takes one of the girls with him. They get in the 1990 Escort pony. Ollie pulls out,EZ is sitting in the back sit with girl. He pulls out $700.EZ: Hey!Ollie Lets go to Nashville. Ollie:Nashville? Whats down there?EZ I got a couple of friends there,Ollie:OK if your paying the way, but before we go, Lets get a fifth of Jack Daniels EZ:OK Ha! Ha! HA! So Ollie pulls up to a liquor store walks in to the store and purchases a fifth.

They get on the highway and zoom down the interstate its12 midnight so the traffic is light. They pass the bottle around taking turns at swigs. Ollie somehow turns off the interstate in Indiana. And gets lost out in the country. He's going up and down country lanes at a100 mile and hour there is nobody driving at this time of night..EZ Ollie! Slow down. Ollie Race's faster down the country suddenly the lane comes to an Abrupt end. Ollie apply s the breaks to the car the girl starts to scream. As the car goes flying over a fence into a cow pasture. Ollie grabs the steering wheel and lands the four wheels of the car safely.

EZ. terrified and shaken looks at Ollie .EZ:Jezzz! Ollie! What did you think your car had wings. Ollie also a bit shaken looks at EZ Ollie:I think I just saved all 3 of our lives,EZ and Ollie get out of Car and push it from the pasture back to the road side.

Ollie looks at EZ. Ollie:I think We should all rest till the sun comes up. Then I'll see what the damage is. So they all sit in the car till the sun rises,EZ glares at the fifth and sees it's empty.

Act I scene 16 The sun comes up Ollie sitting driver sit gets out of car,EZ And girl are sleeping in back sit. Ollie looks at damage on right front end. The fender is bent in on the front wheel

Ollie:Shit!Ollie goes to trunk pulls out the spare tire,lug nut wrench and jack .He takes the lug nut wrench starts bending the fender from the wheel. He see's that the spare tire is smaller then the regular tire. Unloosens lug nuts,jacks the car up. Pulls off tire using the lug nut wrench to bend fender away from tire. With some struggle he succeeds. The he puts the spare on, which fits and is small enough so it won't rub against bent fender.

Ollie:EEEZZZ! EZ awakens with girl. Ollie: EZ I fixed the wheel while you were sleeping!EZ:So we should probably forget about going to Nashville and get back to Chicago. Ollie:You got to be kidding, I can't go back to Chicago. My brother will kill me. Were going on to Nashville. My brother owes me $1000 for work I have done passing fliers. I'll call him in Nashville and have him wire it, and find an auto body shop in Nashville.

EZ:Shit! Ollie you can go back to Chicago and do that. Ollie:I might of gone back to Chicago if we didn't have this accident,Now that the car is fucked up,Were headed to Nashville.

So Ollie gets in car starts it up and heads down the road looking for the interstate 65 entrance. He gets there and they drive on down.

Ollie gets in to Kentucky and he's observing the hills on the side of roads he pulls over stops car turns off ignition..EZ:What are you doing? Ollie:Do you see that hill up there?EZ:Yeah!Ollie:Well! I want you and I to climb it, then when we get to the top play king of the hill.

EZ:Your crazy! Ollie:Oh! cm on it would be fun.EZ:Well I ain't going up there. Lets get on to Nashville. Ollie then turns on ignition. Ollie:EZ You ain't no fun!EZ looks at girl EZ:Do you believe that.The girl:Well! all is I know,is that you both have kidnapped me!EZ: nah!

They roll into Nashville & find a motel next to the highway close to down town Nashville EZ goes into hotel with Ollie.

Ollie:A room for 2?The motel attendant:How many nights?Ollie looks at EZ.EZ:Lets get it for the night and play it by ear. I'll Call a friend and see if he can put us up.

Ollie:one night.Motel attendant:That will be $60.Ez hands Ollie $60.motel attendant
rings him up and hands them 2 keys. Motel attendant:Check out is at12 noon tomorrow.

Ollie:You 2 hang here.He looks at motel attendant. Ollie: Do you got a phone book?Motel attendant Hands him phone book.Ollie searches for auto body shop finds address Ollie points to address and asks motel attendant is this close by. Motel attendant:Yes! its about a mile from here .EZ and girl check into room.

Then Ollie goes to lot gets in car drives off looking for auto body shop its about 4:00 PM.Ollie finds this Body shop gets out of car. He goes into body shop. Body shop worker:Can I help you?

Ollie Yeah! I got an Escort the right front end is damaged. Auto body worker:Let me see it?The auto body worker looks at car.

Auto body worker: Well I can fix it .but it will be $700.Ollie:OK! When will it be ready?Auto body worker:It will take 2 days I will have it ready in the aftenoon on Monday.

Ollie looks up at clock its 5:00pm Friday. Ollie OK! Ollie walks out of shop and starts walking back to hotel. Following the trail he came in on. As he is walking he see's a hat on the ground. He picks it up it says Nashville Tenn... Ollie:Might be a lucky omen.

Gets to motel,opens door to room EZ is laying on floor. The girl is in bathroom EZ:How did it go?Ollie:well this auto body shop will fix it, but it won't be ready till monday afternoon. EZ:Well! Will book room for 2 more days.

Ollie:I'm gonna Call my brother tomorrow and get him  to wire money tomorrow EZ: I'll call my friend tomorrow to see if he'll put us up for a night. Ollie:OK! Lets chill out in are room tonight.

Later in the night the girl is laying on one of the beds Ollie is on the other bed EZ is laying on floor. Ollie looks at EZ. Ollie:Instead of sleeping on the floor you can lay on one of the beds!EZ: No! I only sleep on the floor that's what I'm Use to, from the time I spent in prison.Ollie:You were in Prison?EZ:Yeah! years ago I did time in Yuma state prison AZ. for dealing pot.Ollie:Alright shoot yourself.They all fall asleep.

Act I scene 17 Ollie awakens looks at clock it says 8:30.He picks up motel room phone dials out to his brother. His brother answers. Don:Hello!

 Ollie: Hi! this is Ollie, I know your not going to believe this but I took the car last night and drove it to Nashville. Don:What!Ollie:Yeah! and I was in an accident. And damaged the front end. Don:You little asshole!Ollie:I got it in auto body shop down here. Don:What Am I to do about it. he says angrily.

Ollie:Do you remember you owed me a $1000 in back pay. Don:fuck you Ollie!Ollie:Its going to cost $700 to fix car. Don:Hell know! Ollie:Cm on I'm stuck in rock and a hard place. Don:OK I will send it to western union Nashville,but after this episode your paying the rest of the car notes.

The Car belong to you now. Ollie:I'm sorry I did this. Don:Bye! Ollie hangs phone up.

EZ and girl fully now awaken EZ:I over heard conversation. So whats up?Ollie:Well were stuck down here till Monday afternoon. My brother is wiring me a grand.EZ:Well lets book another night here and I'll try to get a hold of my friend.

Ollie:Lets go out & find a place to busk in Nashville. So the 3 head out. And they wind up on 4th ave near Broadway standing in front of a vacant store front next to a restaurant.EZ and Ollie take turns singing. A few dollars fall into case,while Ez is Buskin.

Ollie looks over at girl.Ollie:I'm sorry about all this,by the way I never got your name.The girl:My name is Sara. Ollie:OK I'm not good with names.EZ stops singing Ollie then grabs guitar.EZ:Ollie! I'm going off to find a public phone to see if I can get a hold of my friend. Ez wanders off to look for a phone. Ollie Then breaks into song Nashville whim-min. run scene with sound track

Nashville whim min- Levon Helm

If it wasn't for the powder and the fine tooth comb
If it wasn't for the powder and the fine tooth comb
You know the Nashville whim min  might as well stay home, yeah.

If the blues was booze I'd stay drunk all the time
If the blues was booze you know I'd stay drunk all the time
Hangin' round bars and takin' you off of my mind.

Going down the alley to see what I can find
Goin' down the Printer's Alley gonna look around and see what I can find
Let some Nashville whim min  take me home and blow my mind.

You long tall woman you sure don't have to talk
A long legged good lookin' thing you don't have to talk
I can tell that you're from Nashville
I can tell by the way you walk.

You long tall woman you sure don't have to talk
A long legged good lookin' thing you don't have to talk
I can tell that you're from Nashville
You do boogie woogie, wiggle when you walk

Ollie ends song,EZ shows up.EZ:I got a hold of my friend. he said, he can meet with us tomorrow around lunch time. Ollie:Well ! We got plenty of time to kill. Ollie hands EZ guitar. Ollie I'm going run off now and look for a western union.Just hang here.

Ollie walks off..Then he finds western union& walks in He asks,teller.Ollie:I got a money order coming from Chicago Teller:Name of sender? Ollie:Don Wentword,Teller:Yeah I got it,your ID please?

Ollie hands him driver license. Teller: I need your signature. Ollie signs Teller counts out a $1000 puts it envelope&hands him envelope.

Ollie walks out of western union heads back to 4th and Broadway. Ollie:EZ I got the money. lets go to lunch. So they walk down 4th till they come to a BBQ they walk in an order, EZ,Ollie and girl are all shown, one at a time biting into BBQ sandwich.

Act I scene18 Its the next day Sunday.EZ,Ollie and Sara are on a public bus.The bus stops EZ:OK guys I think this is are stop,they all get off of bus and walk to a restaurant. EZ Is holding the address and name in his hand ,looks up finding it matches EZ:I guess this is the place. They walk in to restaurant.

EZ see's his friend EZ:HA!HA!HA! hello Bob! all 4 sit at table an order lunch.They all finish eating

Bob: OK guys follow me I live round the corner..They walk outside and follow him to an apt,building. Bob opens door invites them all in. They all sit down in the front room.

Bob:Well! this is where you all can crash tonight.Ollie:Do they got any open mics around town. Bob:Yeah! since you asked Theirs is an open beer garden open mic that we can all go to tonight Ollie:Good! As for tomorrow my car will be ready early afternoon.

I''ll hike to get it.Bob:I can ride you there in my car. Ollie:Then off to Chicago we go and will all be out of your hair. Bob:Good! But as for today we got time to kill.

Its night time they all pile into Bobs car they pull up to The beer garden,the place is packed,they sign up on list to play open mic.

They find a table an order drinks.As the night progresses.,the MC calls Ollie's name.Ollie gets his guitar&gets up on the stage.He then starts singing, Pancho& Lefty by Townes Van Zandt.

Living on the road my friend,
Was gonna keep you free and clean
Now you wear your skin like iron,
And your breath's as hard as kerosene.
You weren't your mama's only boy,
But her favorite one it seems
She began to cry when you said goodbye,
Sank into your dreams.

Pancho was a bandit, boys
His horse was fast as polished steel
Wore his gun outside his pants
For all the honest world to feel.
Pancho met his match you know
On the deserts down in Mexico
Nobody heard his dying words,
Ah but that's the way it goes.

And all the Federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him hang around
Out of kindness, I suppose.

Lefty, he can't sing the blues
All night long like he used to.
The dust that Pancho bit down south
Ended up in Lefty's mouth
The day they laid poor Pancho low,
Lefty split for Ohio
Where he got the bread to go,
There ain't nobody knows.

And all the Federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him slip away

Now the poets tell how Pancho fell,
And Lefty's living in cheap hotel
The desert's quiet, and Cleveland's cold,
And so the story ends we're told
Pancho needs your prayers it's true,
But save a few for Lefty too
He just did what he had to do,
And now he's growing old.1

And a few grey Federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him go so wrong
Out of kindness, I suppose.

A few grey Federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him go so wrong
Out of kindness, I suppose Ollie ends song.The crowd gives a good applause ,The night fades away with everyone clapping.

The next day:Bob drops EZ,Sara and Ollie off at auto body shop.All 3 get out of car,EZ and Ollie get guitars out of trunk. Ollie:Thanks for the good time,EZ:Bob! thanks for putting up with us. Bob:No problem. Next time you come to Nashville try avoiding an accident.They all wave as Bob pulls out..

Ollie goes into shop &pays for the work. They give him his car. He pulls out of shop. They load the 2 guitars in trunk. All 3 get in. Ollie pulls out to the road heads to the interstate. Steers on to the entrance heading back to Chicago.

Act I scene19 Next week at Miltys. All the folk singers are sitting at bar. In walks EZ.EZ shouts across the bar.EZ:Ollie here, last week thought he had wings and was going to fly us to heaven. Everyone looks at Ollie.Ollie:Yeah! EZ We almost went to heaven. But almost don't count only in hang grenades& horseshoe's EZ: HA!HA! HA! Ollie's brother sent him a grand. Ollie told me, he owed him from passing fliers.

Tom:Do you pass fliers?Ollie:Yeah in the morning. Tom:Does your brother need passers?Ollie:yeah! I heard him say he wants to expand his operation..I got some cards in my guitar case. Tom:Give me one.

Then Ollie walks over to guitar case opens it and hands One to Tom. Clem Fern:Hey let me have one!Ollie hands one to Clem Skid:Give me one my mother looking for part time work.

Ollie:Well here's what the job is guys. You get to the social security office 15 minutes before it opens at 9:00 pass fliers to people waiting in line. When the office opens pass for about 45 minutes.The pay is $20.Tom: I'll give your brother a call.I need some extra money.The zoo money is off and on and hard to get. Clem:count me in.

Skid: My mother will appreciate some work. Milty behind bar wipes his hand with towel. Milty: Well! Ollie tell me more about Nashville. Ollie looks at EZ.

Ollie:You tell him! by the way what happened to that girl Sara.EZ: OHH!Sara told her boy friend that we kidnapped her. He approached me at my spot & wanted to kick my ass Milty:What did you do?I talked him out of it by telling him, she came on her own free will. She could of got out of car before we left Chicago.

Milty:OK you 2.How bout a shot of my peaches Schnapps.The 2 go.Shit yeah!Milty Then Fred Barnes gets up on the stage & starts singing Fred Neil's/ That's the bag I'm in. All the folksingers look up at Ed. The night fades as ED sings.

Act I scene 20 Ollie following week is walking through the zoo. The man on the zoo cart rolls by again. He shouts. Hey, guitar man! Ollie:Oye Amigo!

Ollie approaches Tom Keller at seals finds a seat &sits down. Dink is sitting there smoking a cigarette drinking coffee. Tom:So your brother hired me. Ollie:I know,He told me my new job is to check on the passers. Since its the honor system. Dink:Oh! Its straw boss Ollie!Ollie looks at Dink & snaps. Ollie:No! its Zoo bum Dink.

Dink coughs&spits into his empty coffee cup. Ollie gets up. Ollie:I'm going to see if Skids here. Tom:By the way I got an advance from your brother,so I could buy new recording equipment. I told him It was for you to make you sound better. Ollie:Really! My brothers a nice guy. Tom:He's the man with the bread.

Ollie then proceeds to walk over to the rhinos. As he approaches theirs 2 guys  standing around Skid. Ollie:Whose your 2 friends?Skid:Meet Helmet& Tom Cash there 2 cab drivers. Ollie shakes their hands.

Helmet: I know a spot on the west side that's got some good dope. Ollie looks at Skid. Ollie:Skid your doing dope?Tom Cash:Yeah!Your buddy is a dope fiend. Ollie:Well I'm not a saint. I've done drugs before. Skid No! I thought you were just a drinker. Ollie:Well! mostly drink.

Helmet:You guys want to go to the west side. Skid:Yeah! I made $20.Lets split. Ollie:Count me in. I like to try what your doing. Tom Cash:Hey Skid! You owe me one. Skid: I'll one up you,when I get good and ready. Tom Cash:Mighty white of you. I'll be waiting.

Tom Cash takes off. Tom:I'm going to Welles st. to the Chinese take out and do some gambling on there gambling machine. Skid looks at Helmet. Skid:Poor Tom's got all all the addictions working on him.

Helmet:OK Skid & Ollie you ready. Skid packs his guitar& all 3 walk off to Helmets cab. They climb in. Helmet drives off heading to Chicago's west side. He pulls up to the dope spot,the dealer approaches car.

Dealer:What you want. Helmet:5 doubles. Dealer hold on,dealer goes to stash and gets 5 doubles. Dealer hands helmet doubles. While Skid & Ollie nervously wait in the back sit of the cab. Helmet hands Dealer $100.Helmet thanks!At that very moment the dicks grab the dealer,helmets car is parked in between a post office truck and a van. Helmet starts panicking .

Helmet: Oh no! Skid were going to get busted!Ollie:Look! the van is rolling off. Helmet:Oh! God I don't believe this! Helmet rolls out of parking space. Helmet whines:What a situation. Ollie & Skid breathe a sigh of relief. Skid:Whats knew in the life of dope fiends. Ollie:I don't know if I want this in my life. Helmet:I know its hell being a junkie. I'm thinking of going on the methadone program. As they speed off down Chicago Ave.


Act II Scene1 Ollie,Skid,Aaron Dog& Raven,are all sitting around the William Shakespeare statue. There's 2 cooks taking a break sitting on the ground one female one male. Ollie points at statue. Ollie: Do you know this statue is a fraud. Skid: really?Ollie my friend in Yonkers is a member of the Shakespeare society. He has an argument,that this guy was an egotistic publisher& financier bent on concealing Shakespeare's identity. Red Says,the real Shakespeare was Barlow or Marlowe,But history accounts this guy is what Shakespeare looked like.

The sky starts to cloud up with rain clouds and it thunders. Skid: Raven could you go the Walgreen's and pick up a jug of wine. Raven:That will be $10.Ollie reaches in his pocket & hands Raven $10.raven takes off as it thunders again.

Ollie:The world is a stage and all of us are its actors. Skid:Didn't Shakespeare say that?Then the male cook begins quoting Macbeth. Male cook:When shall we 3 meet again in thunder& lightning or in rain? Where the hurley burly dove,where the babble is lost& won that will be ere the set of sun. Where the place upon the heath,there to meet with Macbeth.I come Graimollin Paddock called,Amore fair is foul & foul is fair hover through the fog and filthy air.

 Ollie:Yeah!that fits the other day on the west side,the fog& filthy air
 That was appropriate.Male cook:I'm in acting school with my female friend here. Then Aaron Dog breaks in to quoting Hamlet.

Aaron:To be or not to be-that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And, by opposing, end them. To die, to sleep-
No more-and by a sleep to say we end
The heartache and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to-'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep-
To sleep, perchance to dream. Aye, there's the rub,
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause. There's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life.
For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
Th' oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
The pangs of despised love, the law’s delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns
That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With a bare bodkin? Who would fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscovered country from whose bourn
No traveler returns, puzzles the will
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pitch and moment,
With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action.-Soft you now,
The fair Ophelia.-Nymph, in thy orisons Be all my Sins remembered.

A crowd gathered while Aaron Dogg quoted Shakespeare.They began clapping & cheering as he finished.Ollie:Where did that come from?Aaron:I did Shakespeare in high school.Then the female cook stood up& began reciting Romeo & Juliet.

Female cook:

Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds,

Toward Phoebus' lodging. Such a wagoner

As Phaeton would whip you to the west

And bring in cloudy night immediately.

Spread thy close curtain, love-performing night,

That runaways' eyes may wink, and Romeo

Leap to these arms, untalked of and unseen.

Lovers can see to do their amorous rites

By their own beauties, or, if love be blind,

It best agrees with night. Come, civil night,

Thou sober-suited matron, all in black,

And learn me how to lose a winning match

Played for a pair of stainless maidenhoods.

Hood my unmanned blood bating in my cheeks,

With thy black mantle, till strange love, grow bold,

Think true love acted simple modesty.

Come, night. Come, Romeo. Come, thou day in night,

For thou wilt lie upon the wings of night

Whiter than new snow upon a raven’s back.

Come, gentle night, come, loving, black-browed night,

Give me my Romeo. And when I shall die,

Take him and cut him out in little stars,

And he will make the face of heaven so fine

That all the world will be in love with night

And pay no worship to the garish sun.

Oh, I have bought the mansion of a love,

But not possessed it, and though I am sold,

Not yet enjoyed. So tedious is this day

As is the night before some festival

To an impatient child that hath new robes

And may not wear them. Then O! hire

comes my nurse and she brings news in every

tongue that speaks but Romeo name speaks heavenly eloquence.Then the crowd claps at females performance.

Ollie:So you&him are in acting school together.
female cook.Yeah!That's are hobby.
Crowd disperses, Raven comes back with a jug of wine.Skid,Ollie,Raven & Aaron dogg all take turns drinking the wine.

till its gone and there all drunk. Skid: Lets all go to the Webster Restaurant. Raven points at Shakespeare statue. Raven:He's a phony.
as they all start walking to restaurant.

Play soundtrack: Don't Let The Sunshine Fool Ya'
by Townes Van Zandt

Don't Let The Sunshine Fool Ya'

Now, me and this friend named, Street life Brown
We got a bottle of red and walked downtown
One hand on the jug and one on time
He said, "I bet you a dollar against this next line"

I said, "don't let the sunshine fool ya
Don't let the bluebirds tool ya
Don't let the women do ya
Put your hand in mine"

Oh, advice is fine if you've got a mind
To listen to the end that's got the time
But the muse?ll get ya if you don't watch out
He's equipped to know what it?s all about

don't let the sunshine fool ya
Don't let the bluebirds tool ya
Don't let the women do ya
Put your hand in mine

Oh, Fanon street in the afternoon is
An easy way to get out of tune
But the hard soap salesman, he said, "No dice"
When I asked politely for a better price

He said,don't let the sunshine fool ya.

Act II scene 2 As they get to the Webster restaurant the song fades out & Raven departs. Raven: I will see you guys. Then waves as he walks away.

Aaron,Skid & Ollie walk into restaurant sit at table. Waitress:Can I help you?Ollie:I'll have a cheeseburger. Skid:I'll have the same.

Ollie:You know Aaron! A woman's need is that a man she knows,needs her more then she needs him That's all Juliet dilemma was. Aaron:You know Ollie you are more or less then a clown. You need a woman needing you. Who's buying by the way?

Skid & Ollie At same time both say,You got it Aaron hand it out. Then Aaron goes into a tirade. Aaron:You know you 2 guys don't have much of a brain, going around strumming on git fiddles for Nichols& dimes. Then Skid & Aaron begin yelling. Skid:You moose head! Aaron:Your name is Skid for a reason,A bum guitar player waiting to end up on skid row. Skid throws a glass of  water across the room.

The Manager comes over to the table taping his finger on his forehand. Restaurant Manager :OK the 3 of you go now & never come back. So the 3 get up & exit. Ollie:You know Aaron your irate temper just got us tossed from are favorite restaurant. Look Skid! his moose antlers are showing, he drank to much wine. Aaron walks away steaming.

Act II scene 3 Ollie is sitting at the bar at Bennie's Cabaret,its late at night. Dink,Clem Fern,Skid &Tom are sitting at the table. Bennie:OK everyone last call. Then In walks Navee. Navee:Hey guys,Would you like to go to china town to have a late night meal I'm buying. Bennie:I'm in, let me close up shop. So Bennie breaks down the cash register counts his money. Then all seven of them roll out of the bar.

Bennie:Anyone of you want to ride with me. Clem:I will. Tom: I guess I'll ride with you guys. Navee:OK Dink,Ollie& Skid ride with me. Bennie just follow me to china town. I'm going to my favorite place moon palace. So they all climb in and head out.

All seven are sitting at the table in china town. Navee gives an order to the waiter. Navee: We'd like the dinner special for six. Navee looks at the others. Navee:Is that OK guys?They all nod. Then Clem motions to the waiter an orders a separate order. Ollie:I hope you share it. Clem ignores Ollie.

Waiter comes back with special its placed on the rotating table in the middle of the table. They all start chowing down. Then the waitress comes out and place's beef fried rice at Clem's spot. Ollie looks at Clem Ollie:Now We are all gonna share the fried rice right Clem. Clem: No!I'm taking that home to my dog. Ollie whose a bit drunk Exclaims. Ollie:No Clem We are all out here tonight together Sharing this food. Why can't you get with the program and give up the rice?

Clem insists,Clem:No! I'm taking it home to my dog. So Ollie gets Irate. Ollie:Oh its for your dog You selfish lot. Then Ollie picks up the plate,And pours the food on Clem's lap. Ollie:Their take the food home to your dog.

Navee:Ollie You've drank to much tonight. You'll get me thrown out of here. Bennie looks over at Clem. Bennie:Cm on Clem I'll take you home. The rest of the guys all look at each other in amazement of what just transpired. Navee:The last time I take you anywhere Ollie. Bennie and Clem Exit restaurant. Skid starts laughing,the waiter come back to the table. Waiter:Everything OK? Let me get mop. Navy:My apology!Waiter: Its OK you #1 customer.

Act II Scene 4 The bag man #1 is walking through the zoo pushing a cart filled with cans,bottles & junk. Skid is playing at the rhino's. The bag man approaches Skid Skid:Hey dude,Whats happening!Bag man #1:Just a routine day scavenging junk. Skid:How do you guys make out every day?Bag man#1:I make more money in a day probably more then you buskers, I make at least$150 a day collecting trash. Skid looks into his case some change & a couple of bills are lying there. Skid:You don't say!

Bag man#1:It's kind of a shame the way the public treats you guys like bums. I'm the bum. Do you see that guy sitting over on the bench?Skid looks over at the man. Skid: I have seen that guy all over the zoo. Then Skid imagines in his head all the place's he's seen him. The entrance of the zoo. Sitting by the lion house,Sitting by Tom at the seals,sitting at the monkey house,sitting by Ollie at the ape house,by the zebras,by the elephants,by the polar bears & by the giraffe.

Skid: Now he's the biggest bum at the zoo. Bag man#1:Watch out for him..He might be under cover. Skid:Nah! he's got to be a bum. Us buskers are turning every one we see into bums. The Bag man then starts pushing his cart away from Skid. The Bag man#1:I got to get back to my day. A dollar a day. Skid:Hey,thanks bag man for pointing some things out for me here. Skid starts playing again,as bag man walks off into the day.Ollie steps up to Skid as he's playing.Skid: Ollie I had an interesting conversation with the bag man,Ollie:Yeah! What?Skid:Hey,The other day I saw  two kids wrestling with each other.I think they trying to imitate us.Ollie:I don't want any kids trying to be like me.I got a date tommorow.Skid: With who?Ollie:Baby Fluers.Skid:Good! Ollie walks off as Skid continues to busk.

Act II scene 5 Ollie appears at his dates Apt. holding flowers in his hand. He is taking out Baby Fluers,who he finally got her phone# and asked her out. He rings door bell. Baby Answers,Baby:Oh Hi! Ollie. Ollie hands her the flowers. Baby:Oh! thanks that's sweet.

Ollie:I'd like to take you to my favorite restaurant. They both get into the car. Ollie turns on the radio the White Sox game is playing. Baby: Do you have to listen to baseball,I find it boring. Ollie: Baseball is my favorite sport,I grew up in my house in the 60s.My Grand pa would listen on the radio all summer to Sox games. It gave me a passion for baseball on the radio. Baby:I grew up in the country in Washington state. There was no baseball. Could I listen to something else? Ollie turns the channel to a music station.

Ollie:You look good tonight. I really like woman dressed up. Baby:So do I! Especially there breast big ones. Ollie gets startled,And turns up radio. They arrive at restaurant called,Vietnam little home. They walk in restaurant and are seated by the waitress. They both sit viewing there menus. Waitress: Are you ready to order? Ollie Yes! I will have the stuffed squid. Baby:I will have your special. The waitress takes both of there menus. Baby:Are you a Vietnam Vet? Ollie:No! I just like this restaurant.

They finish there meals. Both leave restaurant walking back to Ollie's car.They get in car and head off to a night club called Beats. Beats Has a Saturday open mic.

As they both come in Skid is there at the bar,She sits down at a table. Skid:Hey Ollie,So you finally took her out?How did it go?Ollie:I took her to my favorite restaurant. Skid:What,Vietnam little home?Ollie:Yeah! where else.

Ollie gets a couple of drinks & heads over to table. The Bar tender is laughing. Skid:What so funny?Ollie thinks that girl is straight ,She's a lesbian I seen her in her making out with other woman. Skid:Your kidding me. I got to tell Ollie.

Skid heads over to the table. Skid: Come over here Ollie I got tell you something. Ollie gets up walks with Skid to the bar. Skid:I just been told the girl you're with is a lesbian. Ollie No! Oh!That explains why She said,She likes woman's breast. Ollie gets upset,grabs his guitar. Ollie looks at Baby. Ollie:I'm leaving! The bar tender:Poor Ollie! as he laughs.

He gets in his car heads over to Greek town to get gyro. While he is parking He bumps into somebody's bumper. The Owner comes out of restaurant yelling. Owner:Hey you asshole you just hit my car. Ollie:Jeez! what an asshole this guy is. Ollie yells across the street,Ollie sorry! Ollie gets out of car goes across the street to buy a gyro.

He comes back to car. He turns the ignition Ollie not feeling great!Ollie:All right you asshole. He purposely backs into the guys car & takes off. The guy comes out of restaurant, yelling! Owner:Alright asshole I seen you!The guy gets into his car and a chase scene begins. Ollie is going back and forth across the freeway trying to shake the guy. Ollie is flooring it towards the freeway entrance. Finally guy catches up riding on Ollie's side. He flashes a law badge. Ollie:Ohh!Shit a law man. I don't want a police chase on the freeway. So he pulls over,As around 5 cop cars with there sirens going pull up behind his car.

The guy is talking to police while Ollie sits and waits,after the guy gets done talking to police,He takes off leaving Ollie to deal with Chicago police. An officer walks up to Ollie's window. Officer:OK! your license please. Ollie hands him his license. He starts writing a ticket. He hands Ollie ticket Ollie:Negligent driving?Officer:Your lucky we don't take you to jail. Now !I'd get your equilibrium together and take your ass down the highway.Ollie starts car with a sigh of relief. Ollie:ShhhhZz! Could of been worse,what a rotten night! He Zooms back home.

Act II scene 6 Ollie& Skid are riding in the car on the north side. They come to a street named Raven st. Ollie see's Raven standing there hitch hiking. Ollie:Skid isn't that rave?Skid:Yeah!Ollie Yells out of his car. Ollie: Hey Raven! Raven looks over to car, then walks up to it. Ollie:Get in. Skid opens door & lets Raven in the back seat.

The car drives off making a turn. Ollie:What are you doing up here?Raven:I like hanging in places that bear my name. Ollie:That's why you were standing on Raven st.?Raven:look out the car window now!Ollie is passing Ravenswood.Ave.Skid:That's a street that has your first name. Raven:I hang in this neighborhood too. Raven:Why?Because Raven would.

Now Ollie turns & Starts driving down Lake Shore Drive. They pass the totem pole standing in the park. Raven:Do you see that totem pole?Ollie: Yeah! its Native American like you. Skid:Aren't you a full blooded Apache? Raven:Yeah!Now that I've seen it,its real one. Raven waves his hand back and forth blessing the totem pole.

The car pulls off at Fullerton. They pull into the zoo parking lot. Skid & Ollie get there guitars out of the trunk & head over to the rhino's. They start taking turns singing songs as people are walking by. Ollie puts his guitar in his case. Ollie:You 2 guys can finish off the day. I'm going home. Ollie walks back to his car& takes off.

Raven:So I guess it me and you. Raven pulls out a wad of cash& shows Skid. Skid:Raven! you mean you been holding heavy?Raven:Lets go to that bar that bears my name. Skid:You mean Ravens tavern?Raven:Yeah!So they both head out of zoo over to the tavern. Raven starts buying rounds

Way into the night taking turns cheering each other. Raven&Skid both get smashed. They both head out of  the bar at midnight.

Raven:Where you going Skid? Skid:Over to the gazebo there's a homeless population that sleep there. They both arrive at gazebo& there's about 10 homeless people sleeping inside gazebo. Skid falls down from being drunk,

holding his guitar on his breast& starts sleeping. While he sleeps Raven pulls out a knife,turns Skid over on his stomach & proceeds to cut out his wallet. Raven then walks off into the night holding Skids wallet.

Act II scene 7 Skid awakens in the morning holding his guitar. Gets up Starts walking to zoo. He reaches to his back pocket. And feels his pocket and wallet are gone. Skid:Damn it Raven has ripped my wallet off. As he heads to the rhino Exhibit.

Skid is sitting by the rhinos he starts playing. Bag man# 2 is pushing his shopping cart filled with bottles and cans walks towards Skid.

Bag Man#2:How you doing this morning?Skid:Awful I got rolled last night sleeping out in the park..Bag man#2:Yeah! Well whoever it was he left you with your guitar. Skid:Go figure! He got my wallet ,but the thing is I didn't have any money in it just my ID. Bag man#2 That is a bitch! Its hard getting all that back. Skid:Yeah! And he took my Street performers permit.

Bag man#2:Well here's a couple bucks to get you started,hopefully the zoo security will let you be. He throws $2 into Skids case. Skid:You guys do good at trash picking. Bag man#2:Yeah! sometimes I collect $200 worth of junk in a day. Skid:I should be more like you guys. I was talking to one of your buddy's a few weeks ago.

Bag man # 2:You guys sing joy in to the world out here,to bad the public treats you like bums. Skid:Well maybe we are!Maybe we all really are bums. Bag man#2:I like that attitude! Hope you make a$100 today. Skid:You guys got it right. Bag man#2 starts walking away. Bag man#2:Good luck!Skid:I'll need it. Skid starts singing again.The rhino charges& stops.He shakes back and forth.

Act II scene 8 Don Wentword knocks on Ollie's bedroom door. Don:Ollie get up & go pass. Ollie looks at alarm clock its 8:20.Ollie:OK in a minute!Ollie rolls out of bed dresses,picks up his cards heads out of Apt.walks to his car in parking lot. Then drives to Social Security office. Its now 8:45.He passes to the line waiting for office to open. Office opens the line walks into office. Ollie begins conversing to the other passer,who passes for another Law office.

Ollie:Do you know if the right wing Republicans had there way,they'd close all these offices. The passer:Yep! There idea of privatizing social security is a cover to put them out of business.

Ollie:If we ever have an economic melt down,millions out of work. Have you noticed the Chicago stock yards have become vacant. I could foresee people like me & a lot of others being round up & the stock yards becoming a convenient place to build a concentration camp to put all the undesirables.

Passer:The Republicans turning into Nazi's Nah! It will never happen There's to many people that believe in freedom &democracy. Ollie:I guess maybe even for Republicans it might be going to far. But I wouldn't put it pass them. Passer:Yeah! they suck!

Ollie:Well! I'm taking off now to go check on the passers. So Ollie walks off to his car & heads towards Canary ville by the stockyards where Clem Fern is suppose to pass. He pulls into lot& parks,goes into office. He see's cards on table and window sill.

Ollie gets into his car. Ollie talks to his self. Ollie:Well! Clem Fern is doing his job. He drives & goes to 2 other offices & finds the same thing. Then he comes to Tom Kellers passing spot & finds no cards. Ollie:Tom! I bet he is at the zoo again.

Ollie is now walking through the zoo. The guy on the zoo cart passes.& yells out again. Hey! guitar man where's the guitar?Ollie:Left it home today!Ollie then comes to the seals & see's Tom there. Ollie mumbles under his breath. Ollie:Fucking lying Tom.

Ollie then walks over to the rhino's Skid is there. Walks up to Skid. Ollie:Skid I keep checking on Tom to see if he is passing& keep finding him busking near the same time he should be passing. Skid laughs! Skid:Tom's hustling your brother. How's my mother doing?Ollie: I always find the evidence of cards at her office. Tom is the only one. Skid:I need to talk to your brother about something. Ollie:Well go to his office on the south side. Here's his address. Ollie pulls a card out of his pocket & hands it to Skid.

Skid:Boy! I'm dope sick. Ollie:I'd like to go to the west side and get some. Skid:There is an easier way of making money you know then buskin. Ollie:Yeah!What? Skid:Boosting. Ollie:Whats that? Skid:Shop lifting! Ollie:Ohh! I've done that before so I could eat.

Skid:I have this criminal friend who does it all the time. The thing is when you get caught,there not that hard on shop lifting,You get out an I bond & you're out doing it again. The thing you have to stay away from is getting caught to many time's getting convictions. That's what happened to him finally. He is doing a sentence at the county now, for what they call a petty and a prior a class 4 felony. Ollie:Lets go try it. So both of them split the zoo.

Act:Scene 9 Ollie & Skid pull into a Handy Andy. Skid:A couple of years ago I tried boosting here and  I got caught. I stole a carpenters belt, I started crying, In the back of the squad car. The officer said,Oh cm on! you didn't do anything so bad. He looks at the other officer& says. Isn't Handy Andy the place all the junkies hit. He made feel better& I thought Hey thee employees& cops are all in on the returns. Its a racket.

Ollie & Skid go into the store. Ollie spots an item that cost $79.99. Its called ,a Burnz O Matic a welding tool. Ollie points & looks at Skid. Then lifts it under his shirt and pants. Then both of them walk out of store.

There in the car and Ollie pulls it out,and Laughs.Ollie:Boy that was easy. Look it says, Burnz O Matic that means its an automatic burn. Skid laughs.Skid:An automatic burn! Lets get Aaron Dogg & ask him if he'll return it.Ollie:Why can't you return it?Skid: I got rolled by Raven the other night,he took my ID.Ollie:You need an ID to return items?Skid:Yeah! So they both head to Aaron Doggs.

They pull up to Aaron apartment. Ollie Knocks on his door. Aaron answers. Ollie:Hey! Why don't come out with Skid and me for a ride. Aaron: OK! Aaron walks out to the car with Ollie & both get in He pulls out. Skid holds up the item. Skid Aaron,We need you to do us a favor. We shopped lifted this at Handy Andy's we need you to return this for $80 will give you some of the money.

Aaron:Hell No! You guys are no good,that's wrong. Ollie:Cm on forget about being a saint. Aaron:Stop the car &let me out. Ollie stops car Aaron gets out. Aaron:You guys are going to get caught!

So Skid and Ollie drive off & go back to the Handy Andy. Ollie Gets the nerve up and goes into store to the return department. Handy Andy employee:Do you have a receipt. Ollie No!Employee:That's alright!Ollie return it. Then walks out with $82 gets into the car. Ollie:Well !that was easy. Lets got to the west side. Skid:4 doubles it is. They roll off, on into the day.

Act II scene 10 Skid is standing at Attorney Don Wentword's door,He knocks. Don:Come on in. Skid walk's into office. Skid:Hi! you know I'm one your brothers friends. I was asking him for legal advice. He told me go see you. Don:OH! my brother,Ollie he's an asshole,he doesn't know anything. He never put his self through law school.He didn't even finish high school. I'm glad you had sense enough to come ask me.Skid: Yeah! But he is good singer songwriter.People give him a hard time you should see how poorly they treat him& basicly all of us Street singers.Don: Well! he will always be my liittle brother that can't do nothing.i'm not giving him no breaks..

Skid: You might be mistaken about that. Any way I wanted to thank you for hiring my mother to pass fliers. Don:Sure! Did you see outside of my office down the hall. Skid Yeah! You mean the Peoples Daily Worker. I saw there door. Isn't that a communist newspaper?What are you a communist?

Don:No!They asked me for some help& I'm a believer in freedom of the press,I do like their positions on fighting for workers.And You know what I learned from the communist?Skid:What?Don:Their Great organizers.My office is shared with the Democratic party's State Rep.Do you know where they get people to canvas?

Skid:Down the Hall?Don:Exactly!The Democratic rhetoric is for capitalist on one side of their mouth & the other speaks for working people.Their hypocrites! Their sayers & the Communist are doers,Its their history that come's out of the 30's before the red scare.They use people like them.

As far as supporting the Soviet Union I'm not into that. I don't think there even true communism their totalitarianism.

Skid:I see you gave Ollie the Escort after he stole it. Don:I didn't give it to him. I turned over the car notes to him. He wrecked it! It's his now, out of his own pocket. I don't give things away. Skid:So your really a capitalist? Don:Yeah! I like to make money. Who doesn't!Even  Communist have a system of making money.

Skid:Well! anyway,The question I wanted to ask,I had my ID stolen,Could you help me get it replaced?Don:Where were you born?Skid:Maryland. Don:Well! You'll have to mail a request to vital statistics in the state of Maryland to the town you were born in. When you get that,You go to social security to get a Social security card,Then bring both items to the state of Illinois office to replace your ID.

Skid:OK! thanks!Don:Anything else?Skid:No!Then Skid gets up & starts to leave. Don:By the way I think Ollie's got it right. He doesn't got much to worry about.No kids,no responsibility's,just himself to worry about.Skid:Sure! Me myself I'd like to steal a car then inherit it.

Don:Yeah! You guys, me myself. What me worry!

Act II scene11 Tom Keller is playing at the seals. A child about 5 years of age,reaches into his case &pulls up some coins. Tom Yells! Tom: Hey kid! get your paws out of my case. The child's father come to his defense,Father:Hey! he's just a kid you big fat oaf! Then pushes Tom.

Tom puts his guitar to the side Tom:I don't care, he is old enough to know not to steal. He Gets up and punches the dad the dad falls to the ground. Father:I'm going to the zoo security! Tom:Go ahead you started it. The dad walks away with his kid.

A crowd of people are standing around witnessing the event. Tom starts to play again. The scene shifts to the lion house as the lion growls a few times.

Kitty Kale stands by the childrens zoo banging on the tambourine singing:

I Feel Like A Lady by Elaine Rose Pennacamp

Refrain:D-GI feel like a lady Yeah!I feel like a lady

When I'm in your arms I feell like a lady when i'm in your arms

E-GVerse1You know my feelings

you undersatand me you respect me


Verse 2 I love you darling

I'd never stray i'm here to stay

 Cause Refrain:

Verse 3 Won't you love me

and forget the games

with the sweet little dames


Verse 4 Don't you ever leave me

I'd cry an ocean  So don't ever get the notion


 When shes done a child speaks.Child Thats a nice song singing here with all the animals.

Act II scene12 Ollie the next day is standing in front of the ape house playing .A security guard pulls up in a zoo cart. Wearing a yellow shirt. The Guard:I've been ordered to chase all you singers out of the zoo. Ollie:Why? we ain't harming anyone.

Hey! by the way,I've seen you before sitting around all over the zoo in plain clothes, like a tramp. Guard:Yeah! but the zoo offered me a job to kick you street singers out of here. Ollie Yeah! I ain't moving Guard: Well! I'll just run off and get police officer. Ollie:Go ahead!I'll call the civil liberty's union on you guys.

A couple hrs later a policeman shows up. Cop:The security told you to move& go over yonder. Ollie why ? I have a permit that gives me permission to play. Cop:I don't care, I'm going in to the ape house & if I come out and find you still here. I will arrest you. The cop walks into the ape house & Ollie continues playing. While the zoo starts to fill up with lots of people.

The cop comes out 10 minutes later. Ollie is still singing. Cop:What did I say?Ollie:I have the right to be here. Cop: Yes! & I have the right to arrest you. The cop then slaps handcuffs on him. The crowd standing around turns on him woman sticks up for Ollie. Woman: Why are you arresting him?he's doing nothing but making the zoo pleasant with his music. Then 3 to 4 others join in to rebuke the cop. Yeah! Why are you doing this.

Then the cop marches Ollie off the the snake house. He brings him to a basement office. He takes the handcuffs off. Cop: Why did you embarrass me like that?Ollie:Me! You guys with authority don't get it, the zoo is bringing this on themselves, besides its what the public wants anyway. You guys afraid of freedom. Cop:Your a wise guy!there no such thing as freedom,There's only the promise of freedom on piece of paper.

Ollie:Well! you see the public out there there demanding freedom,so you guys need to loosen up. Cop:Even though I don't like you guitar bums. You're right the people have the power. But next time a cop tells you to move,make it easier,just move. Now get out of here. Ollie picks his guitar up,motions to the cop. Ollie:Thank you! officer.

Ollie goes home to his brothers apartment on the south side. In the apartment he dials information &asks operator for the civil liberties union. He write down the number. Then calls,the civil liberties union.

A Lawyer answers Lawyer: Hello!Ollie I'm a street singer at the zoo & the officials there have seem to ordered all street singers out of the zoo,Lawyer:Do you have permits?Ollie:Yes! lawyer: Well there not suppose to do that. I'll tell you what!I'll get on the phone with the zoo officials& straighten this out. Ollie:OK thanks!Lawyer: Sure thing! Ollie:Bye! then hangs up phone

Act II Scene13 Attorney Wentword is in the downtown social security office hearing office waiting on a client to do social security case.4 other lawyers converge in the hearing office.

One of the lawyers strikes up a conversation With Don, He looks at Don. Lawyer: So rumor has it you got the folksingers army working for you passing flyer s.

Don: Yeah! My street singing brother brought me all these street singers to me for the job. Lawyer: I wish I had that going on. Then one of the other lawyers chimes in. Wentwords  Folk  singing  army. Talk about everything coming up roses.

Don: Yeah I bought this $1000 Chevy for him for helping my law practice. A lady on the freeway totals the front end. I went to the hospital with a neck brace. My dumb brother refused the neck brace. The case was settled for $5,000. I more than tripled my investment.I took the money and bought a ford escort.He totaled the front end.I made him buy it How’s that for a grand investment.

Lawyer: Grand? It will be grand when I win this case for my client. Don: Yes!: The rich get richer& the poor get poorer. But With a little help from us the poor will get a little something.

One of the other lawyers: Wentword! You seem to be on a hot streak. I wish i had a dumb brother like yours. Don: No! He's not dumb, but he is a hard case. Had a lot of trouble as a teenager and then took the trouble into adult hood.

Then Don's client arrives. Don consoles his client. The front Desk calls, Attorney Don Wentword! The Judge  &Court are ready to review your case. He picks up his briefcase walks into the court with his client

.Act II scene14 Ollie is driving in his car down South Lake Shore drive. He's headed to Aaron Dogg's in the Ukrainian village for a get together. He arrives & most of the zoo singers are there.

Tom Keller,Dink Finn,Skid Martin& EZ. Aaron has turned his apartment into a flop house. Where he has built separate sleeping compartments with two by fours and plywood has brought a couple of guys into the household that he knows from the street.

Ollie:Aaron!you've turned your apt into a dog house. Aaron: I'm helping EZ in his friends out temporarily. Then Aaron opens his bedroom door &walks in closing the door. Ollie then takes a magic marker & writes on piece of paper. Aaron Doggs/ Dog house & post's it on Aaron bedroom door.

Skid starts laughing. Skid:Aaron's not going to appreciate your mean sense a humor. Ollie:So!Now his last name fits.

EZ is in the kitchen sweeping and moping. Ollie looks at EZ. Ollie: Hey,Taken it off here boss. Skid laughs,Skid:That's from cool hand luck. Ollie:That right!EZ has got his mind right. He learned sweeping and moping when he was locked up in Yuma state prison. Because that's what they do in prison,Right EZ,sometimes nothing is a mighty cool hand.

EZ:Fuck you! Ollie. You got know idea what prisons like. You drunk! Ollie points at the floor. Ollie:look He's got the floors nice He's Janitor in the drum. Skid laughs,Skid Yeah! take it off here boss. Ollie:take it off here!

Tom Keller starts playing his 12 string &Dink starts singing. Aaron comes out of bedroom to listen. They both end song.

Skid:Tom you sure have done us street singers in at the zoo. Tom:I know it was a mistake punching that guy,they been trying to move me off to. Ollie:Yeah!a cop handcuffed me the other day. I went home and talked to the A.C.L.U..They said,They would try to straighten this thing out. Tom:You all have street permits, they shouldn't be drawing you into what I did. Skid:They are though.Tom:I'll to go apologize at the zoo office. See if that helps. Dink:You big oaf! Now we all have to trouble shoot this.

Ollie:Aaron! Skid and me are going to NYC in a couple of days. Would you like to come?Aaron:Yeah count me in. I need to get away from this environment I've created.

Ollie:I'm going up to Montreal first Cause Before we get to NYC. I wanted to visit my X girl friend who lives in Maine. She's throwing a birthday party I wanted to crash it..Aaron:I will be ready.

Ollie:Skid You staying here?Skid:Yeah!Ollie:Well! I'll be by back in 2 days to pick you guys up. Ollie then looks over to EZ and turns on the kitchen light. Ollie:Keep the lights on for EZ. That's how they live in prison. Right EZ! 24/7.EZ:Your a wise ass.Ollie:All you guys now. Are you getting your minds right!Taken it off here boss!I'll see you guys.He walks out the into the night.

Aaron then turns and see's Aaron Doggs/ dog house on his door. He rips it of the door. Aaron:EZ your right! he is a wise ass.

Act II scene 15 Two days later Ollie,Skid& Aaron are heading down the highway towards Detroit Michigan. Ollie:Aren't you guys glad to get on the road away from that dog house you live in?

Skid on the passengers side. Skid:Yeah! When are we going to stop for some food? Ollie:Next time I load up on gas. Ollie looks at fuel needle it say's 3/4 full.

Aaron: Cm on I'm hungry now. Ollie:Hold on until We get across the border. Ollie turns to Skid. Ollie:Some where down the road its going to be Aaron Dogg's turn. Skid coughs. Then the sound track rolls /Vince Martin & Fred Neil's Tear down the walls. They all pantomime the tune in the car till they roll into the border crossing.

Tear down the walls
Listen to freedom singin’ out
Tear down the walls
Can’t you hear
The church bells ringin’ out
Give every man
The chance to take his brother’s hand
Tear down the walls
Tear down the walls

The music's In the air
Where every man is free
The music’s everywhere
That lights the torch of liberty
Tear down the walls
Can’t you hear the melody
Tear down the walls
Hear every man
Singin’ over the land
Tear down the walls
Tear down the walls 

At the border crossing the Customs man checks out the car. Customs man: Let me see your Driver license?And you 2 your ID's please. Custom man: Do you have any perishables or anything that's illegal. Ollie:No! Custom man: Let me have your keys,So I can check your trunk. Ollie hands him the keys.

The customs man looks into the car trunk. He finds a syringe ,he holds it up and says, to the other customs man. These guys must be doing drugs. Customs man looks at Ollie holding needle.Customs man:What is this? Ollie:Oh! I have a friend who's a diabetic,he must of dropped in the trunk.

Customs man :OK all 3 of you get out of car. All 3 get out& the customs man frisks them & finds nothing. Customs man: OK! the 3 of you get into the car and down the highway you go.Ollie gets in steps on the gas heading out of Windsor, Ontario towards Toronto.

Act II scene15 About a 100 miles from Toronto,Ontario,Ollie pulls off highway to gas up at a country diner.Ollie,Skid&Aaron enter the diner.Ollie:Sorry guys for waiting so long to eat,but just remember I'm in charge.Skid:Man I'm hungrier then a pig in a pig stye.

They all sit at a table the waitress brings them to. They sit looking at the menu.Then the waitress come's to the table to take order.Ollie; I'll have coffee & the special.

Waitress:What kinda of dressing on the salad?Ollie:Ranch!Skid:I'll have coffee & the smothered pork chops.Aaron:I'll have coffee &the roast beef.Waitress: What salad dressings would you both like?Aaron:Italian Skid:The same.

Ollie looks across at Aaron.Ollie:Your turn is gonna come! Skid starts laughing.Aaron:what are you talking about?

Skid:That's Ollie's experience when he was a teenager locked up in a crazy house.There was a fight going on every night& eventually you got hit & had to defend yourself.Ollie:Yeah!My turn came 5 times& once I was beaten to a pulp by the whole ward, I think they took turns beating on me.Then there was three times I beat my attackers off.

Then there was the Chief bully,who was 3 times bigger then me.I punched him in the stomach,then he picked me up by my arm swirled me around & threw me on my ass.Actually i said,5 times its was 7 times.2 times I was the bully & gave 2 of the patients there turn.I didn't mean to.I was hallucinating and thought they were out to get me. 

Aaron:Jesus Ollie! Please don't taunt me.Ollie:Watch out! your turn might just come up on this trip.Skid chuckles.Ollie:I'm just kidding with you.Any way here's an old joke.How do you know your in a crazy house? Aaron: How?When their playing musical chairs,theirs always one chair missing.

Aaron:I don't get it?Ollie laughs!Ollie The chair that's missing.Someone got violent & hit some one over the head with it breaking it..Aaron OK! Ollie your scaring me..You better not get violent with me..Ollie:Nah! I'm a peace loving fool.wouldn't hurt a fly.They finish eating exit diner& climb into the car.Ollie:Next stop!Montreal!

Act II Scene 16 The three arrive in Montreal at around 11:00 PM. They drive around the city looking for a motel. Finally they settle on a motel outside of downtown Montreal. They check into the room finding it a bit sleazy.

Aaron walks out of the room looking around the neighborhood. He finds a liquor store goes in & buys a 1/5 of Johnny Walker Black.

Brings it back to the motel room holding it behind his back. Pulls it out and shows Ollie & Skid Resting on the beds. Ollie:Ohh! a man after my own heart.

Aaron breaks it open & finds 3 cups pours a shot into each of the  cups. Aaron:Lets all have a toast. All three hold make a toast. Ollie:All for one& one for all. Aaron:I'm saving this for the birthday party tomorrow. Aaron puts it away. 

Ollie Turns on the TV set.he's flipping channels with remote.He comes to the porno Chanel.Skid:Hey leave that on.Ollie:No! Are you kidding me, I'm Sleeping here tonight in this hotel room with 2 other guys.

I don't want nobody getting a hard on.If you want to jack off! get a porn mag &jack off in the bath room.

Skid:Ooh! CmonI Like I'm a cock sucker.Ollie:Yeah! Skid you cocksucker, Being Celibate is a good thing. Ollie changes channel.

its a documentary on Nixon.Ollie:I'm gonna watch this.Aaron,Skid& Ollie Focus on the TV set.Spiro Agnew Comes on a clip from 1970 he's talking about the media &the Vietnam  demonstrators..

Spiro Agnew says,the whole lot of em the liberals, the crazy's,The media news,should all be thrown into a zoo.

Skid:Hey Ollie! He's talking about us.Ollie:Nixon The !Biggest asshole to ever to walk the planet.Skid:I know I hate Republicans too.

Ollie:They Should take all these asshole Republican politicians Ship em all to an Island in the pacific with all there supporters. Have them governing there ass's see how'd they'd feel about each other then.

Republicans got money to buy there freedom. People like us struggle to survive

Ollie then flicks the TV off.Ollie: Lets get some sleep lot a traveling to do tomorrow.All 3 of them fall asleep.

 They awake the next morning& check out of the motel. They all head to the old part of Montreal. They walk around the old town.

Ollie gets his guitar wanders off by himself. It starts drizzling outside. So he ducks under a business awning.

He begins to play Bob Dylan's Just like tom thumb blues.

Soundtrack rolls

When you're lost in the rain in Juarez when it's Easter time, too And your gravity fails and negativity don't pull you through Don't put on any airs when you're down on Rue Morgue Avenue
They got some hungry women there and they really make a mess outta you

Now, if you see Saint Annie, please tell her thanks a lot
I cannot move, my fingers are all in a knot
I don't have the strength to get up and take another shot
And my best friend, my doctor, won't even say what it is I've got

Sweet Melinda, the peasants call her the goddess of gloom
She speaks good English and she invites you up into her room
And you're so kind and careful not to go to her too soon
And she takes your voice and leaves you howling at the moon

Up on Housing Project Hill, it's either fortune or fame
You must pick one or the other, though neither of them are to be what they claim
If you're lookin' to get silly, you better go back to from where you came
Because the cops don't need you, and man, they expect the same

Now, all the authorities, they just stand around and boast
How they blackmailed the sergeant-at-arms into leaving his post
And picking up Angel, who just arrived here from the coast
Who looked so fine at first but left looking just like a ghost

I started out on burgundy but soon hit the harder stuff
Everybody said they'd stand behind me when the game got rough
But the joke was on me, there was nobody even there to bluff
I'm going back to New York City, I do believe I've had enough

Skid & Aaron show up at the end of  the song. Skid:Lets get on down the road. So they all return to the car& roll out of Montreal. Ollie gets lost in the countryside. He keeps turning down roads leading him to other country roads. Aaron sitting in the back gets mad.

Aaron: Do you have any idea where were going .Ollie:No! But we are moving south east. So we should eventually hit the US border.

Finally after swerving down Quebec country roads. They arrive at the US border. They cross over into Vermont.

They then head down a US highway crossing over into Maine. Ollie looks at a map sees he's on the right road to get him to Waterville,Maine.So down the highway they go

Act II scene 17 They arrive in Waterville At about 7:30 PM. Ollie looks at address he's holding in his hand. He pulls up in a drive way that matches the address in his hand. There are cars parked all around .Ollie:I guess this must be the party. All three get out of the car & go into the house.

There's about 60 people at the party. As they walk in there's a banner that states Happy 30th Irene. Ollie looks at a fountain that's spewing champagne. Next to it on a table is a birthday cake& orderves.

Ollie asks someone. Ollie:Where's Irene?A girl says,She's in the back yard. Ollie goes out to the back yard &see's Irene. Ollie:Irene Happy birthday! Irene:Ollie! I never thought that you'd show up. They both hug Ollie:Why wouldn't I,I'm here with two of my friends. Come and meet them. So Irene & Ollie walk into the front room. Ollie:Skid,Aaron! This is Irene. Skid:Nice to meet you. He shakes her hand. Aaron does the same. Aaron:I'm going out to your car to get something. Ollie:Bring in my guitar,here's the keys. He tosses them to him.

Aaron goes to the car opens the trunk finds the Johnie Walker Black. Picks Ollie's guitar up heads back into the house. Aaron holds the bottle up, Irene show a look of disgust. Aaron:Skid,Ollie,Irene! How bout a toast. Irene looks at Ollie. Irene:Now you know what I think of drugs& drink. It has no place in my life anymore. Ollie:Then whats with the champagne?Irene:That's my friends display its mostly for show. Ollie then takes the bottle from Aaron& takes a a swig& then picks up his guitar.

Ollie:Irene!Here's a song I wrote for you. He begins to sing.

What can I do to change your mind- is there anything at all I can do or say- that would make you stay.

Irene gets flustered & walks out of the room. Skid:Look! Your girl doesn't appreciate the effort. Ollie:Oh well! Let me get another swig. All 3 of them then get drunk as they proceed to polish off the bottle.

At the end of the night Irene sees Ollie to drunk to drive. She takes the keys out of his pocket & gets all 3 of them to his car. She drives them to her apartment.& brings them all in. Irene:Well! you guys can make yourself comfortable here. Ollie in a drunk slur asks,Ollie Where are you going?Irene I'm spending the night at a friend she leaves his keys on the table,then departs. They all fall out. Aaron on the couch,Skid on the floor & Ollie on Irene's Bed.

The Next morning all 3 awake. Ollie:Hey guys!Lets get some breakfast. As he speaks,Irene walks into the apt. Irene:OK Ollie what's your plan?You can't stay here another night. Ollie:Cm on Irene. Irene:No! you get this now. Our relationship is over,I don't want you ever to see you again. Don't write me anymore,because I'm not going to respond anymore. Ollie sulks. Ollie:I'm sorry for getting drunk last night. Irene:That's not it. What we had when you lived in NYC is the past. Get it out of your head,if you think we both have a future. So just leave at that. Irene then walks out of apt.

Ollie looks at his two friends. Ollie:Women! I don't quite get them. Lets get out of this one horse town& on are way to NYC,All three walk outside get into the car. Ollie:Lets get to Boston. Skid:I'd like to stop in Boston to do some buskin. Ollie:What! Cambridge?Skid:Yeah! I'd like to sing where Bob Dylan sang. Ollie:I already have sang there,its no big thing.

They ride down the highway & as they cross the border into New Hampshire. Ollie Begins to sing. Irene good night Irene-Irene goodnight Irene- I'll see you in my dreams. Then Skid & Aaron join in all 3 are singing it together as they speed on to Boston.

Act II scene 18 They pull into Boston about 3:30.Ollie looks at the signs pointing there way to Cambridge. He pulls up to a parking spot near Cambridge University.
They all get out of car,&go into the trunk and pull out their guitars.

Skid: I'm going on the campus to busk. Aaron:I'm gonna find a restaurant to eat..Ollie:You can go to the campus Skid ,but my experience of making a bit of money,was downtown in front of the shops. So all three split up Ollie:Lets all meet back at the car in 2 hours.

Skid finds a spot on campus & begins to sing. The Man that never returned/
Roll/ sound track:

These are the times that try men's souls. In the course of our nation's history, the people of Boston have rallied
Bravely whenever the rights of men have been threatened. Today, a new crisis has arisen. The Metropolitan
Transit Authority, better known as the M. T. A., is attempting to levy a burdensome tax on the population in the
Form of a subway fare increase. Citizens, hear me out! This could happen to you!

Well, let me tell you of the story of a man named Charley on a tragic and fateful day.
He put ten cents in his pocket, kissed his wife and family, went to ride on the M. T. A.

Well, did he ever return? No, he never returned and his fate is still unknown.
(What a pity! Poor ole Charlie. Shame and scandal. He may ride forever. Just like Paul Revere.)
He may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston. He's the man who never returned.

Charlie handed in his dime at the Kendall Square Station and he changed for Jamaica Plain.
When he got there the conductor told him, "One more nickel."
Charlie couldn't get off of that train

Some one throws a dollar in Skids case as he sings that one song. But that's all he makes after 2 hours Ollie sings in front of a shop near the MTA. After 2 hours he has made $8.He packs up his guitar heads to the car. Aaron& Skid are waiting there. Ollie:How much did you make?Skid:A dollar. Ollie:Well! I didn't do much better $8, I sang here before in the 80s& didn't make much back then either. Lets get on to NYC. They pile into the car & head to interstate 95.Down the freeway they go.

Its about midnight there at the bottom of Connecticut nearing NYC. Ollie:I'd like to pull over at the next rest stop & rest till sunrise. What do you guys think? Aaron:Yeah! Its probably to late to hit up your friend. Ollie: I haven't slept since Montreal,I'm burnt. So Ollie pulls into a rest stop& all three rest in the car till the sunrises.

Act II scene19 As the sun begins to rise Ollie turns the ignition. Ollie:OK fellows Down to NYC we go. Aaron& Skid open there eye's. Skid:How long to NYC. Ollie:About an hour&a1/2.

They come to the George Washington bridge &cross over. Ollie:Now I got to remember how to get to Red Keeper's. He turns off interstate & gets on the Cross Bronx Parkway see's a road-sign saying,Hutchinson River Parkway, gets on parkway.

Ollie: I think I'm lost,turns off highway ends up in East Harlem. Wanders through NYC finds freeway again. Gets on and does the same thing 4 times ending up in east Harlem over & over again. Each time Ollie turns on Hutchinson River Parkway,Skid blurts out. Skid:Ollie must be thinking he's Woody Guthrie.

Ollie:I'm sorry guys I'm burnt out from no sleep. On the 5th time. Aaron blows up! Aaron:Stop the Car & let me out!Ollie:No!Skid chuckles Skid:Watch out Aaron Its your turn. Ollie:Yeah! your turn has come Aaron:Both of you guys are nuts! Let me out of the car!Ollie stops car. Ollie:I'm not letting you out,Then Aaron climbs out of the window &run off. Ollie Goes following him in the car. Ollie looks at Skid. Ollie I'm not going to be responsible if something happens to him. Do you see the neighborhood were in?

Ollie pulls up on a corner where Aaron's at. Yells out the window! I'm sorry Aaron we've come to far to depart like this,Aaron stops. Ollie:I'll find a public phone and call Red Keeper for directions. So Aaron Gets back in the car. Ollie Gets out of car and finds public phone and calls Red.

Ollie comes back to the car. Ollie: Red told me I need to get on interstate 87.So Ollie finds the interstate gets on it going north. Ollie:I can't remember what exit to get off. Aaron:Oh shit! not again. So he turns off at the Tuckahoe Rd exit &finds a small shopping mall with a restaurant. Turns in and parks. Lets eat some breakfast & all call him to come meet us here.

They all pile into the restaurant. Ollie goes to a public phone in the mall. He returns with the news.

Ollie:He 's coming out to meet us here. Will follow him to his home. Their finishing up their breakfast. Red walks into restaurant. Ollie see's him gets up. Ollie:Red over here! Red comes over to the table. Ollie hugs him,

Ollie:Great to see you!This is Aaron & Skid. Red shakes their hands. Skid:Great to meet you,Ollie told me you're a great poet. They all get up & follow Red out. Aaron:I got to go to the bath room. Aaron goes back in. Red:Who's the kid?Ollie:He's been helping me with the gas. Red:Your friend Skid can stay but the kid has got to go.

Aaron comes out of the restaurant. All 3 climb into the pony escort. They begin to follow Red driving 1988 nova. Ollie:Aaron! I got some bad news. Red is only willing to put up Skid. So you have to go.

Aaron:That's OK.I had fun. Drive me to the NYC Greyhound I'll buy a ticket back to Chicago. Skid: Well! so much for going to the top Aaron, I guess your not ready for the top. Aaron:I had a good voyage NYC s big top can wait for another time.

They pull into Reds driveway. The3 get out of car. Ollie:Red!Aaron wants to go to the NYC bus station&get back to Chicago. Red:OK! Let me drive with you down to NY. I"ll give you directions. So all four get into Ollie's car & head back to NYC.

When they get to the Port Authority Ollie double parks car. Skid & Ollie Get out of car leaving Red to watch the car. They escort Aaron into station.

Ollie:Maybe someday Aaron Dogg you'll make it to the top. Aaron cheerfully plays along with the gag. Aaron:I guess I didn't have it this time round. Skid: Me& Ollie will hit the big apple&put on a show. Will send you a post card. Skid &Ollie hug Aaron. Both return to the escort &head back to Yonkers with Red directing the way.

Act II scene 20 With Ollie driving down The Deegan Expressway Approaching Palmer road.Red in the back seat directs Ollie.Red:Turn at the 2nd exit on to Palmer Rd Ollie turns off highway going down Palmer rd.

Red:Try to remember the directions getting to my house, when you both head to the city during your stay.Ollie continues down Palmer.Red:OK Turn here,this is Bryn Mahr knolls.Ollie turns then continues till he pulls into Reds drive way.All 3 get out & head into Reds house.His mothers there to greet them.

Mother:How was your trip?Ollie:Rough but nice.Skid:Were glad to be here in Yonkers.Mother: I'll make you some lunch.

Red points at an art work of Andrew Poe on the mantel of the fire place.Red:Andrew is a superior poet to Shakespeare.Skid:Ollie tells me your a member of the Shakespeare society?Red:Yeah! I posed an argument that Kit Marlowe is the real Shakespeare.

His mother comes from the kitchen dangling her cane& hits the art work with the cane.Mother:Andrew is a bum!Red yells! Red:There she wipes the floor & there she lie's forevermore.She takes the cane hits the art&then Red.Mother:That bum & this bum.Red:She's has Shakespeare for a son& calls him a bum!Ollie:You shouldn't say, mean stuff to your mother.

Mother then hits Ollie lightly in the stomach.Mother:Whats that Beer?Then she proceeds to go to his guitar on the floor & is going to hit guitar with her cane.Ollie rushes over picks his guitar up.

Ollie: You can hit me but not my guitar.Skid laughs!Mother points her cane at Andrew.Mother:Take that bum off the mantle! Then points Cane @ Ollie.Mother:That bum & this bum.hits the mantle with cane..Mother:Andrew is a bum! Red: OK fellows I'm bout ready for bed..

Ollie:Can you show Me and Skid are beds..Red takes them up in the attic takes 2mattresses out of the storage space.lays it on floor.Red: There you go boys.Ollie:Thanks! Skid:So were up here dormitory style.Red: I'm gonna call this dorm Leadbelly hall.Ollie:well good night..ThenThey all go to bed..

Act II scene 21 Ollie awakens,looks over to where Skid was sleeping see's Skid is gone.Skid is in kitchen conversing with Reds mother,Mother pours Skid coffee.
Mother:So what are you and Ollie's plans today?Skid:I guess were going into the city.Ollie has a friend there we nmay spend the night. Mother:Hope you both have a good time while your here.

Ollie walks into the kitchen.Skid:Ollie you sleep alright?Ollie:Yeah! Hey Skid lets get on the move to Manhattan.Skid gets out of his chair.Skid:Lets go!They both Go outside and jump into the car& head out to NYC.
Red comes down stairs.Red:Mom Where are they?Mother:They went into the city.They said,there going to spend the night there.
Ollie&Skid pull into Manhattan.Ollie:I'd like to park on Riverside Drive.Its a place I use to park all the time.Its easier to find spaces by the park.Then we can catch the subway on 72nd Take it down into the village.
Skid:Lets take the car into the village?Ollie:Its harder to find spaces there.
Skid:Cmon.Ollie:OK.So they both head into the village.Ollie finds a parking space near Washington square park.
They both get out of the car go into the trunk and pull both of there guitars out.Ollie:I'd like to go up to Sheridan square.I use to busk there in front of the bank.
So they both head up to the spot set up and start busking.Ollie:Skid I'm going to the liquor store to get some booze.Ollie walks into the liquor  store.Liquor store worker:Can I help you?Ollie:A bottle of Jim Beam.
Liquor store worker hands Ollie a pint.Ollie:What? do you think I'm some kinda drunken bum.Give me the fifth.So the worker gives Ollie a fifth puts it into a bag Hands it to Ollie.Ollie pays and walks out of liquor store back to where Skid is buskin.
Then they both take turns singing taking swigs from the fifth.They finish it off. Then Ollie Takes the bottle smashes it on the curb.Gives a yell!.
Ollie:I got a friend whose throwing a party up on the West side.So they both walk back to the car.Then Ollie drives drunk through Manhattan shouting out the car windows New York New York!
He finds a parking space near river side park.Walks with Skid Both carrying there guitars to an apartment on 72nd street,A door man is there to greet them.
Door man:Can I help you?Ollie:I'm here to see Danny Howitzer.Door Man: sure 4tht floor.He takes them both to 4th floor.they both get out of elevator.
Ollie walks to the door and rings door bell.
Danny Opens door.Danny:Ollie! I been expecting you please come in.
They both come in putting there guitars down.Ollie: Danny this is Skid.they both shake hands.
As party begins Ollie&Skid are conversing with Danny's brother sitting in living room.every one is drinking mixed drinks.
Ollie laughs! As talks with Danny's brother's girl friend.Ollie:Do you know who I'd like to emulate?Girl friend:Who? Ollie:Tony Bennet Ollie laughs
Yeah! That's guy who'd I'd like to be.

Skid:Tony Bennet? Now he's a nice guy.But Sorry,Olllie starkist don't want tuna'a with good taste,that want tuna's that taste good.Ollie chuckles Ollie:Yeah! They want madona she taste good Who are you trying to be Skid?Skid:Frank Sinatra.They all laugh and joke with each other as the night
progresses on.
At the end of the night everyone leaves.Danny:So both of you take the pads off the sofa lay them on the floor for your bed.Ollie & Skid do that.Danny:I'll see you in the morning.
Skid&Ollie fall on the floor Skid dozes off.Ollie laying there eyes open
Sees Skid get up.Skid rolls down his zipper and is about to pee on the floor.Ollie immediately confronts Skid and grabs him.
Ollie: What are doing? A loud exchange of words breaks out.Which wakes Danny He comes running out of the bedroom.Danny:Hey! break it up.
Ollie:I stopped him.he was about to pee on your floor.Danny:Both of you guys better go.
Ollie:Sorry Dan.So Skid & Ollie both grab their guitars head out the door
walk back to the escort..They both get in car heading back to Yonkers.
They pull into Reds drive way.Ollie knocks on door Red answers.Red:Hey guys! its kinda late.thought you were staying in the city.Ollie no! We had a little scene at my friends house.Red Ok guys! Its upstairs in the attic with you.They both go into house and upstairs & crash.

Act II Scene 22 Next morning Ollie & Skid sitting in kitchen with mother.Mother: whats your plans for today?Ollie:Go to the city in the afternoon.

Red comes down the stairs. Red:Good morning fellas. Ollie:Me and Skid plan to go back into the city this afternoon to do some buskin.

Red:Good! You can both be scouts for me tell me what clubs are still going. Those were days of roses back in 80s.When you'd busk all day & I'd meet you at the clubs. I'd be down in the village Commune-zing  the country.

Skid:Commune-zing?Ollie's brother supports the communist newspaper.

Red:No!I told Ollie You Can't Commune-ize  the country from the left you got to do it from the right. What we want is communism inside a democracy.

Red then pulls out a picture of Ollie playing in Washington square park in the newspaper showing it to Skid.

Skid:That's you Ollie?Ollie:Yeah! Reds mother comes into room.

She points her cane at the Andrew Poe art then at the newspaper then her son exclaiming. Mother:That bum this bum& that bum! she looks at Skid pointing her caine at the article.If I had a daughter,I'd never have her marry a bum like that.

Red:There she goes again calling Shakespeare a bum. Red then yells at her mother.Is this what you wanted your son to be a donkey worker Down in Tarry town. He then scoffs her. Red:There On your grave it'll read,There she wiped the floor& here she lies forever more.

 Reds mother mocks him. Mother:Oh! its Einstein. Red looks at Skid and Ollie. Red:She has Shakespeare for a son and calls him a bum.

Ollie:Well! me and Skid are going to head into the city now. Cm on Skid!they both drag there guitars out of the house load them in car get in and set out for New York.

Standing on Sheridan Square again. Ollie takes a sip from a bag holding a fifth. Ollie:Skid I don't think the cops will let us stay here another night sipping whiskey. Skid:How do you know?Ollie:Just got a feeling.

Ollie & Skid Commence street singing Taking turns on the bottle as they both get drunk again. A NYC Cop Approaches. Cop:Hey! You two guys have to move on. The officer Grabs the paper bag holding the bottle pouring it into the street. No drinking in public! I'm giving you a warning. Next time We see you out here you will be arrested.

Ollie:Were just passing through Were both from Chicago. Cop:OK boys Just move on. Ollie & Skid pack their guitars up & head over to Washington square.

Ollie: Told you the cops were going to move us on. Lets walk over to the spot where my picture was in the daily news.

They both walk over Ollie sits down. Skid: So this is where you were in the newspaper Skid Slurs. Ollie:Yeah! Skid then lunges at Ollie hitting Ollie in his face with his fist.

Ollie screams out:Why you ass hole! They both wrestle each other to the ground. Ollie maneuvers away from Skid. Picks up his guitar takes off yelling. Fuck off Skid ! Can't hold your liquor! Then He runs off leaving Skid lying there.

Ollie rambles through the streets filled with New Yorkers drunk and confused. The night turns into a circus atmosphere. Showing Ollie playing his guitar in a clown suit. Circus music plays as Ollie strums his guitar while a chant goes over and over again. Einstein world! Einstein world! Einstein world! Einstein world!Scene ends with Ollie Knocking on Red s door..Red Answers:Ollie Wheres Skid? Ollie:Bad scene Left him in the city.Goes up stairs to sleep.

Act II scene 23Skid awakes with his guitar plopped on his stomach in central park  gets up throws his guitar over his shoulder. Murmurs. Skid: I'm Woody not Ollie.Skid Walks out of the park into a restaurant. Sits at the counter looks up notices a sign that says,We reserve the right to refuse serve anyone.

A man sitting next to him says,I see your a guitar player. Skid looks up at him Skid:Yeah! a street singer. The Man:I seen 100s of you guys coming through this city. You may have talent but you ain't got a bit of business sense. You don't know how to promote yourselves all you losers wind up in the Bowery at the mission.

Skid:No! Not those guys picking my pockets. The Man:You might need some help in direction. When your walking down the streets of NYC always look up like you know where your going. Or you may get mugged.The server looks at Skid. Server:Can I take your order. Skid:Yeah! bacon & eggs,eggs scrambled. The man:You may have an attitude problem. Skid slinks in his stool thinking to himself. Hmm! I got an attitude.

The mans mouth starts moving up and down with no words coming out. As  Skid looks at him He starts to day dream picturing an angel &A devil arguing. The devil Says,Yeah! You might have an attitude problem. But look at this guy your conversing with An attitude problem child wise guy. Then the angel Blurts in Skids face..

You'll never make it your just a loser you know that. So why even try. Skid gives in&says your right. The angel continues you want to do all the wrong things not the right things. Then the devil points at angel and says,No!Do the right things.

Why should he win this argument. The angel gleams at Skid And says,Never mind. Skid out loud wonders why is the angel telling me to be bad? The devil says,You'll eventually will get it. Then they both disappear.

Then Skid says to the man. Skid: What did you say?The man: Weren't you listening?Skid turns and smiles, Don't know. The man shakes his head. Pays his bill then gets up &says Good luck! The server pours Skid some more coffee. Skid looks up  the clock dazed  it says 9:00 am.Ollie awakens at Reds. Looks up at the ceiling.soundtrack rolls.

Blues on the ceiling by Fred Neil

Blues on the ceiling
Over my head
Running down the walls
Across the floor
And over my bed
Blue lights across the street
Blinkin' off and on
It's so lonely now she's gone

I'll never get out of these blues alive
I'll never get out of this crazy blues alive

Love had been a dirty
Five letter word to me
I was into the blues over my head
Blue was all that I could see
Up to my neck in misery

I'll never get out of these blues alive
I'll never get out of this crazy blues alive

Blues keep on fooling
With my weary head
Cocaine couldn't numb the pain
I'd be better off dead
Blue lights gone out at last I sleep
The bitter the blues the better they keep

I'll never get out of these blues alive
I'll never get out of these blues alive

Through the first verse Ollie looks up at ceiling flashing Psychedelically with his bed turning over and over suspended in space.Through the second verse Ollie Is driving down freeway in the car. Then the 3rd verse Ollie Is walking down the street next to central park.When the song ends he is sitting at the imagine circle in Central park. Skid comes walking through the park with his guitar tossed around his shoulder.

Ollie:Hey Skid! Where you sleep last night? Skid:In Central park. I don't know how I got from Washington square park to here. Ollie:Well! I think I had enough of the top NYC. Lets get back to Yonkers Say good bye to Red& head back to Chicago.

They pull into Reds drive way. Red comes out on the porch. Red:So you boys found each other. Ollie & Skid get out of car. Ollie:Were both headed out today let us get are bags. So they both go in house and get there bags. Red:Love you guys when you come to town. Ollie & Skid pile bags into trunk.& both Get into car.

Red looks over at Ollie. Red:Before you guys go one thing Ollie. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a democracy its a monarch. So on that that note wish you guys a safe trip.They roll off. Skid:Hey Ollie We can stop off in Pittsburgh to see my brother. Ollie:Sounds like a plan.

Act II scene 24 Skid and Ollie Are standing on Skids brothers front porch. Ollie rings bell. Frank Martin answers the door. Frank:What are you guys doing here? Ollie: Were coming from NYC  your brother  gave me the idea to stop by. Freddy:I can't put both of you guys up. By the way its a straight line from NYC to Chicago. Ollie looks at Skid. Ollie:Cm-on Skid we can find a salvation army to stay at some brother.

Skids brother gets flustered. Freddy:OK guys I'm sorry You don't have to leave. I was just shocked you appeared at my door with out notice. C-mon in!Ollie:Now that's more like it. They both prop there selves into the living room.

Freddy: Can I get you something to drink? tea, coffee Ollie I'll have some coffee. Frank theirs a couple of mats up in the attic you can flop on tonight. So hows the buskin scene in Chicago?Ollie:Great!though the zoo officials have been harassing us lately. Freddy:Even with your permit?

Skid:To the cops the permit doesn't keep them from moving off street singers. Its Tom Keller Had a scene at the seals with a dad he punched him in his face. After that scene they been on all street singers. Ollie Yeah!Tom that big Oaf. Ruins it for all of us. Freddy: That doesn't make sense to pic on every one just because of one incident. Ollie:I guess are society takes that saying,It takes one bad apple to destroy the batch to heart.

Freddy:Why don't you guys get your git fiddles. Ollie and Skid race out the door to the car pulling out there guitars. They climb back up the stairs into the house. Ollie Opens his guitar up begins playing Keep it clean.

 You want to get frisky don't want to pay the price/Just feel it up with whiskey pack it down with ice/Roller over give a coca cola a dish of Ice cream/ Make soap and water with lemon soda/ for to keep it clean

Freddy laughs. Freddy:Where you get that song from?Ollie:Oh! it was written in the thirty's by a blues artist named Charley Jordan.

Hey Joe,Your friend here knows something about music. Ollie:Joe?He's name is Skid. Freddy:Oh! he calls himself Skid. That's a nick name I gave him when he was a teenager his real name is Joseph. I gave him the name Skid as in Skid row Joe. Our parents had a break up that left my brother homeless. I was grown and out of the house he was in the Audi home. I sprung him out to live with me& started calling him Skid it stuck.

Skid:Yeah!That's the story. Only I liked the name. And started telling everyone that's my name cause it sounded cool. Ollie:Really?A bum?

Freddy:You guys hungry?They both chime. Yeah! lets go out and get something. How bout pizza? Skid Yeah! they all pile out of house into franks car. Freddy: I know this place for slices. They make this Pittsburgh style pizza where movie stars fly in just to have it. Ollie: I'd like to try it.

They arrive at the pizza place order up and eat.

After their done. Freddy: Its near my bed time,when we all get back you guys can climb into the attic And we all can call it a night Ollie: Will be out of your hair early in the morning. Me and your brother got a 10 hour drive to Chicago. I'd like to get a start before the sun rises. So you may find us both gone before you get up. Freddy:Oke Doke!

Sure enough Skid And Ollie both get up before sunrise &Head out from Pittsburgh.

Act II Scene 25 Ollie Has an appointment with Tom Keller to finish recording his album,Ollie! Tom's recording studio is set up in a basement in a house.

Ollie rings door bell Tom answers. Tom: Welcome back to Chicago. How was NYC?Ollie:Had a great time. They both go down in Basement. Ollie begins recording. After their done Tom offers mac and cheese and 3 hot dogs. Ollie:Skid told me that's the pay for recording on your label.

Tom: Hey,Ollie Would you like to go to Woodstock IL. With me tonight?Every1st Saturday The whole town come out to this guys house,for an open mic. They bring food. A part of his house is turned into an auditorium Pete Seeger has played there.

Ollie:Really?Pete Seeger. I'd love to play the same stage he's played. Sure!

They both load their guitars into Toms Fire bird heading out on the high way. as their riding down high way Ollie:Hey,Tom I''d like to purchase 50 tapes of my new release for a gig I set up for next Saturday at Benny's Cabaret.

Tom:Sure! I'll be there with the tapes. Ollie:Well here's a hundred. Ollie hands it to him. As there riding down high way the fire bird has a blow out. Tom pulls over to the side of the road. Tom Shit!My tires a worn on this thing. He goes into trunk pulls a spare out. They both help each other changing tire.

After changing tire the fire bird speeds down high way. They both pull up to the Woodstock House. Theirs all kinds of cars parked around the block of the house. Tom finds a spot. Both of them pull their guitars out of car and head in to the house. Ollie finds the open mic sign up sheet signs his name to a #hands pen to Tom. Ollie:Boy this is a very nice place. Tom:Ain't it!

One Week Later:Ollie is sitting at Bennie's bar. Bert is sitting next to him. Ollie:Bert! Where's Ernie?Bert:AAAHH! I offed him. Ollie:Really?I hope Tom shows tonight with my new release. Bert:Well that's right its your show tonight.

As he's speaking Tom comes into bar. Tom: I'm sorry!Ollie I had to spend your doe on new tires. Ollie:What!You knew this was a special occasion. A release party for my new album. Tom:Sorry! it was an emergency. But thanks Ollie for the new tires. He then Hands him one tape. Tom:Well! here's the album. Ollie Stairs at the cover's name. Ollie!Ollie:Last time I order a big amount from you. Tom: Don't worry! I''ll have the 50 next week for you. Ollie:Lot a good that will do! my gig is this week. Tom:Well you got one to sell. Ollie:Well it always looks better for business to have several in stock. God awful of you Tom to do this to me.Tom:Bye! I got to go.

Skid is sitting at table playing chess with the wonder thinker. Skid:Your move. Wonder thinker:My move weird ain't it.He Makes his move. Wonder thinker:Check Mate. Skid: Can't beat you. Your a master! Wonder thinker: HA! Ha! Ha! Weird ain't it.

Act II Scene 26 Ollie setting up in front of the ape house,Starts to strum,out pops Sidekick from the ape house. Ollie:Hey Sidekick Where's Charlie?Sidekick: oh! I got some bad news Charlie was in a automobile accident he's in Northwestern in critical condition. Ollie:Oh! man I hope he pulls through. Sidekick:I'm going to see him now. Ollie:I'll say a prayer.

Skid Is sitting at the rhinos strumming his guitar. As he's strums a kid standing at the rhino's throws a firecracker at the rhino and it hits near his foot. The Rhino freaked takes off running and collides into the wall.,skid gets up Skid:Hey Kid! what are you doing?The kid runs off taunting Skid. The zoo keeper comes out. Skid: Hey zoo keeper. A kid Just threw a fire cracker at the rhinoceros the rhino might be hurt, he ran into the wall.

Zoo keeper:Really! Thanks for telling me that. Do you know how much it cost to keep these animals at the zoo?Skid No? Zookeeper:A fortune. Hey! I see the officials here at the zoo give you street singers are hard time. Skid:Yeah! Your telling me. Zoo keeper:Since you told me what happened here. I'll tell you what I'll have a talk with the officials to leave you guys alone. Skid:Thanks!Zoo keeper: Let me know if any thing else pops up.

Meanwhile Ollie at the other end of the zoo at the ape house stops playing, Starts to pack up. He counts about $19 in his case,puts it in his pockets picks his guitar up starts walking. The Hispanic guy in cart comes rolling by. Hey! guitar man how much today. Ollie:Not a good day Amiga. Well always tomorrow guitar man. Ollie:They'll be better days. The cart man takes off Se! senor.

Ollie approaches Skid at the rhinos. Skid:Hey Ollie! their was a kid here earlier threw a fire cracker at the rhino. I told the zoo keeper.& he's gonna put a word in for us with the officials to leave us alone. Ollie:Good!You know its hard a enough getting here to play, Dealing with the public,and on top of it having the zoo people give you hard time.

Skid: You don't look happy. Ollie:I made crap for three hours of playing. You know Skid you mys well dig a hole in ground and bury yourself. cause that's what all life is preparing are selves for the inevitable. Death!Skid:Your right. Life is hell then we die. Ollie:My friend old man Charlie is on death door step. Skid:You mean the guy that slams you $30 for one song. Ollie Yeah! He was in a auto accident.

As there both speaking bag man#3 approaches. Skid:Hey! Dick Long time know see. Ollie: You know this bum?Skid bum? This guy use to own one of hottest night clubs in Chicago. Bag man#3 He he he. Skid! a ghost from the past. Ollie :Skid says you once own a hot spot here in the city. Bag man#3:Yes! those were the days Trader Dicks!Ollie What Happened!Bag man #3:Well! the music industry changed and I didn't like where it was going. So I pulled out. lost every thing. You know I'm was better off.

Ollie:How so?Bag man#3:Well you see that shopping cart. Ollie:Yeah!Bag man#3:I walk the city streets and you'd be surprised what I find sometimes. Besides I got know clock to keep I come and go as I please. Huh!Huh! Ha! let me sing you a song I wrote. You 2 are in the song biz. Ollie:Go a head.

Dick Starts singing acapella

Its only one life they give you- So lets make the best of what they give you-

You could be down on your luck not even a buck / the sun's  gonna

shine those dark clouds away /So lets make the best of what life

gives you - No matter how hard it hits Y uh! So give me a shot of that

Whiskey sour maybe we sober tomorrow/ So what do you think we take one

drink till the day is over/ As I told you before one look at the bar room floor

and it out the door out on the street with your stinking feet/ What did you

Think its only one life/ So what if you lose just give them a wink/ As throw

you out the door out on the street/You can't ask for anything more the

skids and the whores/Cause its only one life they give ! So lets live

and let live/ see what they give /Its only this one life to live and you don't

get anymore...A crowd gathers while he sings And when he's done every one claps.

Bag man#3:Well guys must be on my way. Ollie& Skid:See you Dick He scampers off with his shopping cart.

Ollie looks into Skids case and see a couple of dollars. Ollie: Skid We both haven't made much today. Let's go boosting!


ACT III scene 1 The opening of the scene,the zoo officials are loading Kondau the low land gorilla into a crate at the zoo out of his cage. The crate is then loaded on a truck in the zoo parking lot. The zoo official hands the truck driver's papers. The truck driver looks at the papers stamped Destination:Denver zoo Via O Hare to Denver airport, truck driver then slaps a tag on the freight that reads,Destination:Denver Zoo. While this is being done the sound track rolls the song Early morning rain turned down low volume played in the back ground. The narrator comes in as the crate is being loaded.

 Now here we are in are little story we've been to NYC,Montreal, Nashville,Pittsburgh and back. But things are about to change in are little story and change they do for the worst. Kondau the great ape is just the beginning of these changes as the seasons change and the days & months turn to years.
  These  two characters will soon see as they turn their lives over to the world of petty crime.They'll soon see,that all the monkeys are not in the zoo.Where one is to many and a 1000 is never enough,crime does pay until you get caught. Then crime doesn't pay or If you can't do the time then don't do the crime. Are two characters will learn life's lessons the hard way,the wrong way then be offered the correct way in the halls of  justice in the,Department of corrections hanging with Cops,convicts,lawyers& Judges.

  So what comes around goes around.And what goes up must come down,surely the curtain must come down.So here we are folks,Let us get back to are little story about these 1990s Chicago Street singers hell's bells & all.

  End scene; with Kondau Being loaded on to a cargo plane with the early morning rain turned up in volume.

Act III Scene 2 Ollie is buskin in front of an Italian restaurant out on Welles street. Skid is on the other side of street.2 customers sit at the tables set up on the street. The customers begin to mock Ollie.

Customers:You know you're a low life scum bag .Why don't you move on with your street music. Ollie:What did you say?Customers:You heard us scum bag. Ollie:I always play here. Customers:You don't have a welcome from us to play here you low life sum bag. Ollie:That's it! fuck you!Ollie then picks up the table  that their sitting at and turns it over.

Two restaurant workers come running out of the restaurant. Workers:Hey! You can't treat the customers that way. Ollie:They were rude to me calling me names,Ollie starts packing up his guitar and then takes off as the workers follow him down the street. Workers:You are now barred from this spot. We have called the police their on there way. Ollie runs across the street to where Skid is.

Ollie:Skid ! Lets get out of here the police are coming. Skid:I was watching what was going on from here. Ollie:Those Two guys started it They were calling me names. Skid:Now you might have got us kicked off Welles. Ollie: To hell with street singing. Let go get some bottles and go the west side.

Both of them walk to Ollie's car get in and take off. Ollie:Lets go to treasure island theirs a treasure waiting for us. Skid laughs. Ollie pulls into parking lot. They both get out walk into store heading to the liquor store. They both shop lift 2 bottles a piece of Vodka walk out of store get in  to the car. They head to Western ave to a fence called Leshkas Bar.They both come in to bar and negotiate with bar tender to get the bottles sold at have price,they walk out with forty dollars. Ollie Now that's much easier then singing for 3 hours. They both get in the car and head out to west side.On the west side at the dope spot. Ollie and Skid walk up to a dealer handing him $40 for 2 $20 bags. The dealer passes  the 2 bags to Ollie they both head to the car. Driving off to find a place to do the dope.

Act III Scene 3 Skid is performing at his spot the rhinos. Ollie walks up to Skid. Skid:Where's your guitar?Ollie:I'm tired of street singing to the public at the zoo. Lets go gets some bottles and go to the west side. Skid OK !So they both walk over to Ollie's' car get in take off hitting every store around the city. (Speed up the time sequence them going into stores boosting the booze riding to the next store boosting the booze & the next. Then going to the fence&showing the bar owner the display of 20 or more bottles. Bar owner handing them the money&.then them handing the dope dealer the money.

They get the dope ride in the car go to a secluded spot & do the dope.Have the sunset & rise 3 times sped up &Them doing this same scene over and over.On the third sunset they meet on Welles st high,with their pockets bulged with money.Ollie: Hey Skid! Lets go to the peep shows.Skid:The Welle's adult book store.Olllie:Yeah!

So they walk over to the store walk in to the store( the radio in store is blasting Tom Petty/ You Got Lucky).

Ollie hands the guy $10 for video coins Skid does the sameThey both view the features of whats playing.Ollie chooses a video walks into booth.Skid Follows into another booth he puts the coin in.Tom Petty/ You got Lucky ends.The sun sets sunrises a fourth time. Kitty Kale is standing on Welles street singing her song again.

Kitty Kale:

I Feel Like A Lady by Elaine Rose Pennacamp

Refrain:D-GI feel like a lady Yeah!I feel like a lady

When I'm in your arms I feel like a lady when i'm in your arms

E-GVerse1You know my feelings

you understand me you respect me


Verse 2 I love you darling

I'd never stray i'm here to stay

 Cause Refrain:

Verse 3 Won't you love me

and forget the games

with the sweet little dames


Verse 4 Don't you ever leave me

I'd cry an ocean  So don't ever get the notion


After shes through A guy on the street says,Guy: Hey do you purposely sing that song out of tune..

Kitty Kale:Yeah! I do.

On the fourth day near the sunset.Ollie gets caught boosting..Ollie is in the Isle boosting,the store manager approaches and grabs him from behind. Store manager:What do you got under your shirt?Ollie:Nothing! Store manager pulls the 2 bottles out of his pants. Store manger:Nothing!Huh!

Ollie makes a get away. The store manager catches him. Put's him in a head lock starts punching him in the head. Ollie breaks free runs out of store. Skid is in the car see's Ollie running towards him,he turns on the car.The store manager & detective come out of the store  running after Ollie.Ollie is reaches the car standing by the car as the two men come running. Ollie holds up his fist and yells. Ollie: If you two come any closer I'll whack you one. They both come to a stand still looking off at Ollie puzzled.

That gives Ollie enough time to get in to the car.Ollie:Quick Skid lets get the hell out of here!Skid in haste bumps the fender of another car,The two men come running,they peel out of the store parking lot. The two men look on staring off bewildered as they escape.

Act III scene 4 Ollie arrives at his home on the fifth day of the escapade,wanders upstairs to the living room..( Sound track The Doors/Waiting for the sun) plays through the scene. As song ends,Ollie turns on TV. The CBS News reports,Dan Rather is reporting a story on CBS .CBS reports through sources that there has been  a huge influx of heroin coming into American cites from Afghanistan& Mexico. Which could bring on an epidemic of heroin addiction in the states.

As Ollie watches,the phone rings. Ollie answers. Its Skid. Skid:Ollie some rich guy dropped $300 on me to purchase my recordings out on Welles. Ollie:Good for you! Skid: Why don't you get in your car& come out to old town& will go to the west side. Ollie Nah!Skid: Aren't you dope sick?Ollie:Yeah! But this dope thing is wrong. I'm just gonna sit home here and kick. Skid:Shoot your self! He hangs up.

Just after he hangs up. Ollie's brother comes home. His brother looks at Ollie. Don: Hey Ollie where have you been these few days? I got a call from a Chicago police detective. He said,"Were gonna catch your little brother,He's been shoplifting all over the Chicago area. Your little brothers a clown. What do you have to say for yourself?

Ollie:Its true! I'm stealing to get dope. Don begins to scold Ollie. Don:Oh! a drug addict!My whole life! that's one line I never crossed. I'm living with a thief and a dope fiend. You need to get help!Ollie:Maybe!Don:Maybe!Get your things! As of now your out of this house. Ollie goes in room packs his clothes guitar & grabs a fishing pole. As he walks out of apt. His brother gives him an ultimatum. Don:You are no longer working for me. Either get in a drug program or stay homeless.Ollie gets in his car & heads up to Wisconsin.

Act III Scene 5 Ollie heads into the town of Lake Geneva Its 8:00 he stops at a liquor store and buys a fifth of Lairds Apple Jack along with fishing bait. Drives northwest looking for a place to camp. See's a sign White Water Lake camp grounds inside Kettle Moraine State Forest.

He finds the camp grounds pays the entrance fee. He drives around looking for a spot to park. He finds a site next to the lake that's away and out of sight from other campers. Gets out of car with his fishing pole Begins fishing in rice lake. Taking swigs from his apple jack getting drunker and drunker. Ollie: I ain't getting any bites their must not be any fish in this lake. Takes another gulp then collapses on the ground passed out.

The sun is rising over lake Ollie awakes. Ollie:Good morning world! He then commences to fish all day. About noon he see's he's not catching anything. Ollie:I'm splitting! He gets in car heads around to the bigger sized lake called,Whitewater lake He finds a wooded area  with picnic benches positioned next to the lake.

Begins to to fish catching croupy And blue gill one after the other. Ollie: Now this is more like it! He catches about 20 of em  throwing them in a bucket of water. He gets a knife out & one by one cuts their heads off on the picnic benches throwing them back in a bucket of water.

He loads the bucket into the car then heads off down the high way back to the town of Lake Geneva. Where he buys a steak and Bar B Que coals at a grocery store. Then goes to big foot beach state park and has a Bar B Que cooking up the fish with the steak. Puts the left over food in foil inside his cooler in his car gets in his car &heads back to the camping ground.& lives off that for the following few days.

Every morning gets up goes fishing goes to sleep awakes with sun rising living in the woods..One week later: He awaken one morning,Throws his head back in forth and exclaims!Ollie:Jezz! I've turned into a bear! I got get back to civilization. He gets into his car heads back to Chicago. In Chicago he finds a cheap hotel books himself into a room. He gets into room opens up the window,Then crashes.

He has a dream where there's this rock as big as a baseball that keeps flying at him. At the same time Into the room fly's a bat while hes dreaming.The rock in his dream is standing right in front of him. He awakens with the bat sitting on his belly. He let out a scream. Ollie: Eh h ah ah! The bat terrified fly's off his belly and make its way out of the room through the open window.Ollie:That was a bat!Don't leave windows open in Fuc-in Cheap hotels!My life and what its become.

Act III scene 6 Ollie& Skid are riding in the car after almost getting caught boosting. Ollie:I think that store detective got a good look at are plates. Skid:Yeah that was close! As they speak a police siren approaches.

Ollie: Oh Jeez looks like their coming after us. Do you see that little alley way it leads to a motel parking lot. Lets see if we can duct out of this situation. So they pull into the alley. Skid:This is the part where my boosting friends told me If you can't do the time then don't do the crime. They lock us up for16 hours you wait to your finger prints clear.then release us on a I Bond.Ollie:16 hours? I guess i can do the time.

Skid:Ollie! Were gonna get busted. Ollie:You know what this reminds of?That cartoon Yogi bear. Your Boo Boo,I'm Yogi. The cops are the Rangers the sheets we boosted are the pick a nick baskets .Skid:Yeah! Yogi The ranger is coming to get us.

The cop car pulls into the motel parking lot& broadcast over the cop mega phone,OK You two stay in your car your  both under arrest. One of the cops comes over to the window side looks in .Cop:OK Hand me your drivers license. Carson pirie Scott's gave us a description of this car.

Ollie: What did we do?Cops:Alright both of you out of the car. They both get out of the car and the two cops place cuffs on both of them and march them over to the squad car placing them in the back of car.

Then the cops go into the car and pull out the two stolen article cops hold the 2 sheets up .Cops Yes! fellows this is the evidence. Then walk over to the police car and place it into the police cars trunk. They get in car take off with the siren on headed to the Nile's police station.

At the police station the cops are running a criminal check. Cop starts laughing as Ollie's rap shot comes out and falls on the floor. Cop looks over at Skid. Cop:Hey!It looks like your buddy been all over the states touring the country's county jails. He got one in Tennessee, New Orleans. It looks like several arrest In Berkeley Ca.

The cop looks at Ollie. Cop:What? You must of had a cop on the force in Berkeley with a hair up his ass against you. Skid:Yeah! He's bad! Cop:No he's not. Their all misdemeanors. Your buddy just likes to have a good time. And you don't even have much of record. One prior arrest cop jokes at Skid. What are you Mr. Clean!So they both get taken back to their cells. Cop: You should both be out of here after your finger prints clear.

After 2 hours the Sgt. Comes by an older veteran of the force, He takes 2 cheese burgers & fries puts it into the hole in the bars. Sgt.:I want to talk to you 2 guys. You know your both young men. Why are you throwing your life away doing dope and stealing?Do you know your both going to kill yourselves?I'd like to see you guys get out of here and get some help.You know,1 out of ever 10 times your going to get caught stealing.With those odds, Do You think its realy worth it?That's all  I got to say to you's.I hope you reckon to my voice. Ollie& Skid both remain quite.

After 14 hours the cops come in open the cells. Cop: OK!Skid Martin your being I bonded out. Here's your papers telling your court date. Looks like your buddy here is not so lucky. He's going for a vacation to Ca.Ollie:Ca.?Cop:Don't you know? That's what the criminals call the cook county jail. Ollie:Oh Shit! Cop:You have a warrant from the city for assault and retail theft. The cop leads him out to a squad car where they head to the county.

One Week Later:Ollie is standing before the Judge. The Public defender addresses the judge. Public defender:Your honor the states attorney has agreed to drop the assault charge for a plea of guilty to the retail theft charge The judge looks at Ollie. Ollie:Do you agree to this?Ollie:Yes! your honor.

The bangs his gavel looks at the public defender. Judge:Your client is free to go with a conviction on his record and time served. Ollie shows a look of relief as he heads back to the lock up.

Act III scene 7 Skid is playing at the rhino's Ollie shows up .Skid: So they released you! Ollie:Yeah! the assault charge was dropped,liars! Those guys assaulted me. Anyway I convinced my brother lending me money to get a place. So I got a 3 room apt in the east village. Do you want to room with me?

Skid:Yeah! How much is the rent?Ollie:Just $350 a month,split it in half $175 a piece. Skid: OK!I'm meeting this guy later who wants to buy my recordings from Tom. Ollie:Shouldn't Tom Get in on this?Skid:No!Ollie:What you going to stiff this guy, take the money with no product?

Skid:This is my business. Ollie :Business?Wouldn't it make more business sense to give him a product,so he keep coming back for more. Skid:Never mind. I 'll meet you at 6:00 at your new place with the rent. Ollie writes his address down on a piece of paper gives it to Skid. Then Ollie walks over to the seals where Tom is playing. Tom looks up at Ollie and stops playing. Tom:Whats up?Ollie:Skid is getting fronted some money to purchase albums from you. Do you want to meet up later at 6:00 at my new apartment to get in on this?Tom:How much? Ollie:Don't know. Tom:Give me your address,I'll be there. So Ollie writes his address down and hands it to Tom. Ollie: I'll see you at 6:00.Tom:OK!

5 hours later:Tom pulls up to Ollie's apartment,he is smoking a joint. He carelessly places the joint in ash tray as still burning. Theirs all kinds of  paper waste on the floor of the passenger side. Tom gets out of car slams door. The joint falls on the floor to start a a fire.

Skid is in Ollie's apartment. Skid: Here's $175 for the rent he hands Ollie the money. Ollie:So you got the living room. Skid: I also spent the rest on some coke and heroin. We can do a speed ball. Ollie:I told Tom about your dealings. Skid:I told you to mind your own business. They both do the speed ball. The door bell rings.

Ollie:I bet you that's Tom. Ollie answers door looking high. Tom:Hey guys!Tom looks at Skid. Tom:Ollie told me your buying some recordings. Skid:Sorry I'm not! theirs been a misunderstanding. Tom:Ollie! You got me to come here for nothing. Ollie:Well I thought he'd buy some albums I guess not.

Tom leaves the apartment with Ollie walking at his side apologizing. Ollie: Sorry Tom! Tom looks over at his fire bird and see's the passenger side of his car is up in flames. Tom:Ollie!Find some water. Ollie runs over to his apartment finds a hose on the side of the apt. turns it on.runs it over to Toms car.& starts hosing the fire down.After the fires put out. Tom looks at Ollie. Tom:What ever could go wrong went wrong ,with this day. Tom hops in his car and drives off.

Act III scene 8 One month Later:Skid is laying on the living room couch. Ollie is laying on his bed in the other room. Ollie:Hey! I can hear you thinking out there! Skid:What?Ollie:Quiet it down. Skid looks up at ceiling wondering. Skid How Can you hear me thinking?You can read my mind?Ollie Yeah! its a lot of noise.

Ollie comes in to the room. Ollie:Skid!Turn are theme show on,Story's of the high way patrol. Skid flicks the the TV on. They both begin watching. Ollie:After are show,lets go get some bottles. You need to steal enough for rent.

Both of them get into the Escort. Ollie:I've been caught 3 times so far since I started this escapade. I got 2 cases pending. Skid:Yeah!Their is one thing I dread more then anything,is when your walking out of  the store & a hand comes on your shoulder. Busted! Hey!Do you know who started out stealing booze?Ollie: Who?Skid:Al Capone.Ollie:Capone!So like him we start out petty then become a crime boss.Skid:Yeah Hoodlums!They get to store go in and boost 6 bottles of vodka,3 each. They get into the car drive off. Skid:Lets head to Western ave. All those bars there buy stolen booze.

They get to one of the bars Ollie and skid go in and show the bar maid the 6 bottles. The bar maid gives Ollie a intriguing look like he is some sailor that's come off a ship for shore leave. Bar maid:Fellows!Here's $60.We always need the half price booze. She gives Ollie a wink. They both head out of bar.

They get into the car. Skid:That bar maid was checking you out. Ollie:Women are strange! Their always attracted to men who are not any good for them. It turns them on,they just want your body not your mind. Skid:Yeah! Your right.They get to the dope spot. Get there dope& head home. At home they do the dope. Ollie:Lets go out and get some more. So they head out this time to the suburbs. Ollie pulls into a Walgreen's at a shopping center in the town of Westchester.

They go into the store. The store manger catches Ollie boosting. Store manager:Hey! You guys are stealing! Ollie and Skid both run out of store. They both get into the car throwing the stolen booze in the back seat.The store manger runs outside with a pen& paper. He writes down the color make and license # .As he views the car driving off. Goes back into the store,calls the police.

The Westchester police happen to be in the shopping center parking lot. As Ollie & Skid are driving out onto the high way they both here the siren go off. Ollie:Oh shit! I think they got us again. They continue to drive to a traffic light where Ollie makes a turn. Mean while the cop has caught up to them and is behind their car. Ollie pulls over.

The Cop walks up the side of car. Ollie rolls the window down. The Cop:Your license please?Ollie:What! We didn't do any traffic violation. The Cop:You guys know they caught you back there stealing& they gave us your license plate #. The Cop: OK! Both of you out of the car. They get out and the cop frisks them up against the car. Then the cop goes in the car finds the 4 bottles of liquor.

The cop places hand cuffs on them puts them both in the squad car. Ollie: what are you going to do to the car?The cop is sitting up front doing paper work. The Cop:Your car will be impounded. Ollie:Fuck ! Just for stealing a couple bottles a booze,Fuck you cop! the cop looks back at Ollie. The Cop: Just for that attitude your jail time is gonna be worse. Ollie:Sure! you ass hole.

Now their both lying in the lock up. Ollie starts yelling at Skid. Ollie: Because of you introducing me to boosting. You dope fiend. I'm lying here,you a scum bag. Skid in the other cell yells back. Skid:OH! sure I'm the scum bag! Take a good look at your self! Who has the the criminal record. I'm not the reason your here. Your a dope fiend your self! Your in more trouble then me!

After exchange of anger between the two. A cop comes back opens the cell doors. They both go into mug shot room get prints. Then the Cops begin to interrogate them. The Cop:Now if You both confess to the shoplifting crime will go easier on you. Ollie:You mean If we confess you'll release us?

The Cop:Yeah! will release you. So they both sign a signed confession. After their done their both locked back in there cells. Ollie:I thought you were going to release us. The cop laughs. Ollie:You lied to us and coerced us to confess. The cop: Thanks! for cooperating. You guys will get your say in court tomorrow. Ollie & Skid lay in there cell till about 7:00 in morning. They open the cell doors and both are taken to a squad car in cuffs. Then they hall them both to the county court where the cook county correction officers take over.

Act III scene 9 Ollie& Skid Are sitting a holding cell with 30 other prisoners. A correction officer comes over to holding cell reads off from his paper work & calls out. Correction officer:Martin & Wentworth. Ollie and Skid respond Here! The officer opens cell ,leads them both to another cell holding 3 other prisoners.

One of the prisoners ask. Prisoner:What do they got you for?Ollie:Shoplifting bottles of booze. Prisoner:That ain't nothing. All three of us are here for armed robbery facing 10 to 20 years. Ollie:Shit!

A Public defender walks up to the holding cell. Public Defender:Wentword& Martin! They both answer. Yes!Public Defender:Looks like your charges here were coerced under duress. You both signed confessions. I may be able to beat this case. But you both will have to plead not guilty. Skid:What does that involve?

Public Defender:Well! Your Martin? Skid:Yes! Public Defender:They have linked you&Wentworth's cases together. Wentworth has prior retail theft conviction. So the states attorney  wants to put a petty with a prior on him which is a felony&you just a misdemeanor conviction.

Skid: Well! If we both plea not guilty can we get out of here?Public defender:No! You both may have to spend a week in county to beat the case. Skid:Shit!What if We plea guilty. Public Defender: I don't advise you both to do that. If you want to beat the case. Ollie:Well !What if we do?

Public Defender:Their is a chance your friend here may be let out by the judge on a I bond or he may be sent back to the county with you with a conviction pending. But for Wentworth your looking at 90 days and 2 1/2 years of probation. So I advice you both hold out and beat the case.

Then Skid looks at Ollie. Skid:Do you want to take a chance? Ollie:It doesn't make sense that were both linked. Maybe you can get out I'll take the fall. He looks at the Public Defender. Ollie:Will both plea guilty. The one of the other prisoners chimes in. Prisoner:God! Both of your charges are ridiculous compared to mine. I'm looking at 10 years. He looks at the Public defender. Prisoner:Why you taking so much time with these to petty prisoners?

Public Defender:Your? Prisoner:Brown! Ollie and Skid step away. The Public Defender begins discussing his case with him.10 minutes later:The officer calls,Martin&Wentword! They both come forward he opens cell leads them both to the courtroom. On the way there. Ollie looks over at Skid. Ollie:I'm gone try to humor the judge maybe he let us both out.

They both stand in the court room with hands behind their back. Judge looks over to the States attorney. Judge:What do you have on them?States attorney:Wentword has a prior retail theft conviction& Martin no convictions. Judge looks at Public Defender:What do they plea?Before the public defender could say anything. Ollie opens his mouth. Ollie:We both plea guilty of being Robin Hood Taking from the rich & giving to the poor us.

Judge looks at Ollie. Judge: Well it sounds like you have quite an imagination. You should be a writer. Ollie:Thank your honor. Judge:However with your plea, your going to get the full amount of justice. So you can go back to the county&get enough experience to write about it. The judge smiles at Ollie. Ollie looks up at judge bewildered. Skid looks at public defender make a motion with his body at him.

Public Defender:As for Martin I ask the court to issue an Ibond,since there are no prior convictions. Judge:Denied! Then slams his gavel down. Their both issued out of the court room. Skid looks at Ollie as their walking back to the holding cell. Skid:That was a bone headed move, the judge wasn't buying your humor. Ollie Well! Were both screwed now!Skid:We Should of listened to the lawyer.

At the end of the day all the inmates are led out of court house wearing chains around there ankles into Dept. Of Correction buses. Ollie and Skid sit next to each other on the bus. As they pull into Cook county Jail. The officer standing next to the driver, yells out!Officer:OK everyone out!The prisoners file out of the bus. A correction officer begins removing the chains off there ankles. As an officer holding a rifle directs the prisoners back to a Bull Pen.

While this is going on Ollie dope sick looks at a correction officer. Officer looks at Ollie. Officer:The dopes got a hold on you!Ollie dismayed looks at officer,Ollie:Yeah! Its got me doing things I never have done. Officer: Welcome to the penal system!As Ollie and Skid are led with the other inmates to the bull pen. Begin Playing Sound track: Fred Neil: Singing Shake Sugaree .

I've got a secret
I ain't gonna tell
I'm goin' to heaven in a split pea shell

Oh, Lordy me, didn't we shake sugaree
Everything I have is down in pawn

I pawned my watch, an' I pawned my chain
[Even I don't deserve myself, so ?] ashamed
Oh, Lordy me, didn't we shake sugaree
Everything I have is down in pawn

I've got a song to sing
Ain't very long
I'm gonna sing it right if it take me all night long
Oh, Lordy me, didn't we shake sugaree
Everything I have is down in pawn

I've got a secret
I ain't gonna tell
I'm goin' to heaven in a split pea shell
Oh, Lordy me, didn't we shake sugaree
Everything I have is down in pawn

Act III Scene10 Ollie &Skid 6hours of sitting in bull pen with all the inmates. A Correction officer comes over reads off a list. Correction Officer: Wentword & Martin. Ollie&Skid jump up to the fence. He opens gate Skid & Ollie step out.Correction Officer: OK you two come with me. He leads them both to the clothes room.A prisoner working there hands them both Jumper suits,they strip and put them on.Correction Officer:OK Martin Your going to division 2 Wentword division 6.Their both split up & led  to their divisions.

 As Ollie gets to his division He's led to a room. A prisoner hands him a mattress & blanket. Then the officer takes him to the lock up opens the door. Ollie steps on day room floor. He looks around at all the inmates they all look like harden gang banger's,an inmate confronts him.

Inmate:Come with me I'll show you what cell your in. He leads him up the stairs to the 2nd tier to a cell in the corner. Ollie steps in throws his mat& blanket on the floor.Its yard time an inmate yells. The officers opens up the lock up the prisoners line up to go out side. Ollie joins them. Ollie is out in the yard sitting down pulling up dandelions. His cell mates walks up to him.

Cellmate:So your are new cell mate. Your a neutron. Ollie:Whats that?Cellmate:Do you see every one in here?Ollie Yeah! Cellmate:There all gang members& the ones who are not we call Neutrons. Ollie:Oh!Yard time ends. There all called back in,its dinner time all the prisoners are giving trays to eat.

Later into the night. Every ones ordered to there cell for the night.3 to a cell,Ollie walks into his cell with his 2 inmates. The doors lock. Ollie lying down on his mat starts conversing.Ollie: So what you guys in here for?Cell mate1:I'm In for armed robbery. What you in for?Ollie:Shoplifting booze. Cellmate 2:You mean they've locked you up with the worse criminals in the county for petty theft. You've been railroaded. I'm in here on murder case. Ollie:Murder! shit!

Ollie:Today's my birthday! Cellmate 2: Really I got a hostess cup cake here. He hands Ollie one of the cup cakes. Cellmate 2:Happy Birthday!Ollie: Thanks! What a place to be in on your birthday. This place is depressing I feel like killing myself.Cellmate 2:Suicide!Don't do it here,I got one murder case to fight they'd try to pin another one on me. If they found you dead. They all get silent,then fall off to sleep.

Next day:Ollie is out on the day floor. His cell mate,the murderer starts to get unnerved on how Ollie doesn't fit in with the rest of the gang banger's.The gang bangers gang up around Ollie. Ollie starts getting nervous. The murderer cellmate 2 throws a punch at Ollie's fore head. Ollie steps back and stares at him.

Cellmate 2:Now! You better go up to that correction officer in the booth,and tell him you want to kill your self.Ollie walks up to the booth knocks on the door with all the gang banger's looking at him. The Officer opens the door.Ollie:I want to kill my self. Correction Officer:Come in here. Ollie steps in. Correction Officer:I can see out on the floor. Are they picking on you?Ollie:Yeah! Officer:Well I'm gonna get you out of here.

He leads Ollie to a room,sits him there. Ollie:I don't belong with a bunch of Hardin criminal's. I've been locked up in state hospitals when I was younger.Officer:You have two choices,where to be moved to. The Psychiatric unit,Where you'd be placed in a dormitory unit with 15 other men. Or you can go back into the general population. Ollie sits and ponders. Ollie:I'd rather go back into the general population.

So a correction officer comes & moves him out to division 5.Correction officer:Your lucky you got out of there, the place your going is the general population medical lock up. Theirs only 2 prisoners to a cell. They approach the lock up. An officer inside opens the lock up. Ollie steps in,looks up at the officer with indignation.

Ollie:My whole criminal record has been nothing but misdemeanors,this is the first felony I've ever had. Officer:Welcome to the big time! Ollie loosens up.As Ollie steps on to the day floor. The prisoners are watching on the TVs over the day floor the OJ Simpson Car chase going on live. Ollie looks up and joins in with the rest of the inmates.

Inmate:The boy must be guilty,You don't run away like that unless you did it. Another inmate:I had a car chase like that once couldn't get away. There going to get him. Ollie sits down at the table looking up at the TV. End the scene running the chase on the TV.

Act III scene11 Skid stands before the Judge. Public Defender:Mr. Martin Has spent 10 days in the county jail,I motion he'd be granted time severedJudge looks at the States Attorney Judge:What is his offense? States attorney looks at his papers. States attorney:Retail theft.Judge:Has he any prior convictions?States Attorney looks at the file. States Attorney:He has none. Judge bangs his gavel. Judge:Motion granted time served.

Skid is led out of court room. Proceeds to be hand cuffed to what appears to Skid a white supremacist. Skids Thoughts:Oh no! I'm going back to the county handcuffed to this guy.Everybody is loaded into the county bus. The White supremacist begins to yell racial slurs.

His pants start falling down as he's loaded into the county bus. All the inmates start taunting him pull up your fuckin pants everybody chimes in pull up your pants.White Supremacist:I don't belong here on this bus with all you N! word. You N Word. Your all real criminals. I just have a traffic warrant. One of the Black inmates turns around looks at Skid.

Inmate:Don't worry! The guy your chained to is an Idiot. Skid looks at him with disbelief. The inmate looks at the guy. Inmate:Do you got your mind screwed on right do you see whose all on this bus? Then everybody on bus turns there heads in unsion looking at the guy.White Supremacist:I don't care I'll kill all ya all's. An Inmate spouts out Inmate::Boy's gonna get it in the bathroom in the county.

Skid starts thinking out loud again:That's where they must get the racists, child molesters,rapist,the worst. Jeez! Why did they hand cuff me to this guy out of all people,I hope I'm not jumped together.As they pull up to the county jail the prisoners are loaded out of bus. The white supremacist is harassed by the all the other prisoners.

As He's kicked Skid's chains go up and down as the white supremacist try's defending himself.Skid thinks out loud again:Holy shit! I'll be glad when they release me from this dumb ass. A correction officer comes over & takes off their cuffs. Skid thinks out loud:Finally!

A Correction officer calls,Martin Skid:Yes!Correction Officer:Come with me. Then leads him to a holding cell. Officer opens the cell leads Skid in. Officer:You'll wait here till your name is called for release. Skid thinks out loud:Jeez!Then this nightmare will be over.

Act III scene 12 On the deck that Ollie is confined to, there's two prisoners to a cell. Ollie looks around the tiers at the inmates. He notices three transgender inmates..He thinks to himself I'm locked up on a medical deck where the county puts the queer population.

The correction officer opens the locked door comes on the deck and yells!Correction Officer:Lock down! every one go to there cell. So everyone goes into there assigned cells. Correction Officer looks at Ollie. Correction officer:Your new here? Ollie:Yes! correction officer looks at hi s clip board.

Correction Officer:OK! Your assigned  to the cell over in the corner of the deck. Ollie walks over opens cell door. His cell mate is laying on the bottom bunk. Cell mate: you got the top bunk.The doors lock. Ollie stands by the cell door looking out on to the deck. The officer brings some  inmate whose on work detail from another part of the jail. He's sweeps & mops

Officer comes on the floor & asks inmate. Officer:How you coming along. Inmate:I'm all good!As he mops floor. Ollie looking out on the floor laughs. Ollie:All good! You must be reading all these signs that say,Dept.of corrections. Were here to correct our selves. Quit making the mistake of breaking the law.

Inmate:What are you in for?Ollie:Shoplifting. Inmate:Mine is pick pocketing. Ollie:So when you leave here, are you going to correct your self?Inmate:Hell no!Ollie:What do you mean?Inmate:Pick pocketing is my trade its all I know how to do.Ollie:What?Inmate:From time to time I get caught,I turn the jail time into a resort. Ollie:That doesn't sound right. Inmate: Don't do the crime and less you can do the time.

Ollie:Well for me when I got out of here I ain't stealing anymore & I ain't coming back cause I don't like doing the time.Inmate:That's what everbody in jail says,they call it the revolving door of crime. Correction officer calls the inmate. Officer:You done! Inmate:Yes sir!

Three weeks later:The doors open at 2:00 Every prisoner comes out of his cell. A prisoner from the another part of the jail comes on the deck. He's carrying with him a bag. He pulls out of the bag 4 packs of cigarettes,A bag of chips candy and a deck of cards places them on the table.Inmate:I got together with the officers & asked them If I could put on a talent contest as part of my work detail. They all agreed it was a good idea. So if any one want to join sign up on this piece of paper Five inmates sign up including Ollie.

Inmate announces: First prize will be 4 pack of cigarettes, second prize a bag of chips and candy's, third prize a deck of cards. A few more inmates sign up.The first contestant does a rap. The Second one sings a dusty- Acapulco Then the inmate Says Ollie as he read it off the sign up list.

Ollie Does a back flip and starts singing jail house rock/roll soundtrack Elvis Presley's jail house rock. All the prisoner dance together to the song. (Choreographed) When Ollie ends song The prisoners throw all three prizes on Ollie and cheer him as Ollie sits there on the deck looking up gleefully.

 One months later:Ollie is a standing before the court. The judge pronounces his sentencing.90 days in jail & 2 and a half years of probation the court rests its case The state of IL against the defendant.Ollie: looks up! thank you! Your honor. He's led back to the holding cell,then loaded to county bus back to the county jail. Ollie thinks to himself. Well now I only go 7 days to go.

He's back on his cell block Officer with a clip board:Yells out Onto the deck! Officer:Ollie Wentword: Ollie looks up..Ollie:Yeah! Officer: Get your things and come with me. Ollie Where I'm a going.?Officer:You've' been sentenced. So your going to division 7 where they'll assign you to work detail.

Ollie Gets to 7 its room is has dormitory filled with 20 other prisoners. An in mate says,Inmate:The kitchen is the best place to gets assigned to you can get all you can eat.Ollie signs up for the kitchen. Next day: He's in the kitchen An is assigned to rolling saran wrap plastic around the carts that carry the food to the prisoners. He notices division 6 has the majority of the carts. Ollie looks at the other prisoner helping him &says

Ollie:Why so many?Inmate:division 6 is where all  the worse prisoners go. Now a days We have a lot of criminals for them crime pays. Ollie: Fuck division 6 they had me in there for 3 days complete hell. As they continues to work wrapping the carts.

6 days later:Ollie Is released from jail. He's calling his brother Don. Ollie:So Don I'm out of the jail can I come back to work for you?Don:No!You got a drug problem!A person with a drug problem needs to go into treatment. If you go to treatment then you can work for me again. He hangs!

Act III scene13 Ollie is sitting in a methadone rehab center. In take Counselor:Mr. Wentword come with me. Ollie gets up. The counselor leads him to a room.Intake Counselor:This will be your Methadone counselor. Its a woman Ollie shakes her hand then sits down.Counselor: So how long have you been addicted to heroin?Ollie: About 3 years. Do you drink alcohol?Ollie looks up at her puzzled. Ollie: No! but I've drank a bit in the past,haven't been drinking since i been on heroin.

Ollie thinks out loud. Boy! is this girl pretty. I'd like to take her out. Lets get the nerve up to ask her out.The counselor continues to ask questions about alcohol and drug history. Counselor:Is there any other drugs you do?Ollie: Well sometimes I'd mix cocaine with heroin speed balls they call em.

Counselor:do you smoke pot? Ollie No! I don't like marijuana. Have smoked it though.Counselor: So it says here,Your on probation from the court?Ollie:Yeah! 2 and a half years.Counselor:Now in are program we have meetings you probably should attend. Such as coping skills,group therapy's. She hands him a list.

Ollie thinks out loud:Yeah!shes pretty, OK ask her now. Ollie:Can i take you out?The Counselor gets cross. Counselor: Now that's unethical! I can't be your counselor i 'll have to direct you to someone else.Ollie: I'm sorry I won't do it again. Counselor: Were taught in  school you addicts got thinking disorders. Ollie thinks out loud: So that's why i have gotten into so much trouble. My mind just doesn't think right.

Counselor: I'll let it slide, just don't hit on me again. Ollie:OK! Counselor:That's all the time we got. Go Make an appointment for next week.Ollie gets up heads to the nurse's station to get his first dose of methadone. Makes an appointment,Leaves clinic.

Act III scene14 Tom Keller walks away from his fire bird delivering a pizza. He leaves the car running with his keys dangling in the ignition.As he walks up a stair way on a the apt. to deliver the pizza. He turns his head looks at his car. A teenager has opened the door of his car looking to steal the car.

Tom sees this, he drops the pizza all exited begins to run toward the fire bird. Yelling!Tom:Hey! You kid get out of my car!As he's running he drops down on the ground suffering from a heart attack.As he lies there a crowd of people gather. Somebody yells! Someone call an ambulance. The teenager gets scared opens the car door and runs off. the paramedics arrive rushing to where Tom lies CPR is administered. Tom does not revive. They cover his head load him in the ambulance.

Next day:Ollie arrives at his brothers office. Skids mother is there to greet him. Mother:Sorry Ollie,I have some bad news for you. Tom Keller passed away yesterday. Ollie looking perplexed Ollie: What! No! You got to be kidding. Mother:No!He had a massive heart attack. Ollie shakes his head. Ollie:Poor Tom. he turns around and walks out of the office.

Act III scene 15 Ollie is standing in front of the ape house. Side kick Walks up to Ollie,throws a $5 dollar bill in Ollie's case. Side Kick:That's in memory of Charlie. Ollie:So Charlie went to heaven?Side Kick:Yeah!He's up in the zoo in heaven.

Skid Pops up at the ape house. Skid: Ollie! Do you remember the cab driver Helmet?Ollie:Yeah!Skid: He passed way also. Ollie: What a a week,We had all these people passing away. Tom,Charlie& now Helmet. Hey!The cubs are playing the cards lets go see them to get this off are minds. Skid: Good idea.

The zoo security drives up in a zoo cart. Speaks out to Skid and Ollie. Security: I Been ordered to leave you street singers alone. Ollie: Well! Now that's a little to little to late. Security: Watch it you smart ass,I can still speak to my superiors. Ollie  strums on his guitar the security drives off.Skid: Lets get to that cub game? Ollie Packs his guitar up. They both start walking across the Zoo. Play soundtrack as they walk.

Wild Child sung by Guitar Jim

  Wild child by Fred Neil

Wild Child in a world of trouble -Wild child in a world of trouble now-lost in the city Searching children in a world of pain- Wild child lost in the city searching for the savior in a world of pain- searching children in a world of shame Wild child in a world of pain searching children in a world of shame wild child in a world of pain searching children in a world of shame searching in a world of pain searching children in a world of shame searching children in a world of shame- searching in a world of shame-Theirs been a world full of trouble before i was born they'll be a world full of trouble after I'm gone cause its a world full of trouble -wild child searching in a world of shame- wild child in trouble now wild child in a whole lot of trouble- wild child in a whole lot of trouble now

As they come to the seals the song ends. Ollie is looking at a wreath that's been placed there by the zoo where Tom use to play. Ollie looks at Skid. Ollie:That's nice of the zoo to place a memorial wreath where Tom use to play. Skid: That's unexpected of them after all the trouble they been giving us.

Ollie: So lets get to the cub game! They both hop a bus heading to wriggly field. They buy 2 tickets enter the ball park..They watch the cubs play the cards. As gets into the ninth the cubs are leading by 1 run. The cards are at bat with a man on. The card batter hits a home run to go ahead by one run. Ollie beings to cheer for the cards. Skid: How can you? A fan throws a peanut at Ollie and yells! Go back to the south side! the Cubs come to bat in the ninth and don't score..Ollie cheers. The cub fans boo at Ollie.

They exit the park. Skid: Remember that Sox game we went to the last year of Commisky When the Sox fans were all over that guy who wore an A's jersey and a cub hat. Ollie:Yeah! I'm getting some revenge. At least the cub fans aren't ganging up on me out here. Skid:We Cub fans have more class.Ollie:Go! Cards

Act III scene 16 Its pouring rain out side. All the folk singers are sitting in Milty's Pub. Ollie sitting at the bar. Ollie:Milty! its raining cats and dogs outside. Milty:Ho Ho he Is it meowing and barking outside,Sure is fitting for Toms memorial.

Skid looks over and see's the sign gone. Skid: Milty What happened to the sign? the beating will continue till morale improves. Milty: Oh!I took it down it seemed inappropriate to the current sad events of Tom Keller's passing. He was a good guy,He helped the folk scene here in Chicago by recording all you folk singers.Ezy:He was an Oaf.(Ezy laughs) but glad I knew him were all just passing through.Ed Barnes:It seems just like yesterday,when we were in Greenwich village singing at the cafe Wha.

Milty pulls out a bottle of peppermint schnapps. Milty: OK! let pour everyone a drink. He pours all the singers a drink. Milty holds up his drink and announces. Milty:Here's to Tom Keller. Everyone holds there drink up and they say cheers! Here's to Tom.

Dink Finn up on stage breaks in to Tell Ol Bill half way through song tears begin to roll down his cheek. Then the scene switches outside the club into the pouring rain showing rain falling on the streets. As the narrator recites the end of the play.

Play soundtrack:

Tell Ol Bill recorded and Sung by Dwain Story

Tell ol Bill when he comes home this morning
Tell ol Bill when he comes home this evening
Tell ol Bill when he comes home to leave them
down town women alone this morning this evening so soon
Sal was home baking bread this morning Sal was home baking bread this evening
Sal was home baking bread told her that her Bill was dead this morning This evening so soon
Oh! No Can't be so this morning Oh! no can't be so this evening Oh! No can't be so- bill left here and hour ago
this morning this evening so soon -Brought bill home in a hurry up wagon this morning
brought Bill home in a hurry up wagon this evening
brought bill home in a hurry up wagon his hat was off and his feet were dragging this morning this evening so soon
Tell ol Bill when he comes home this morning  tell ol Bill when he comes home this evening
Tell ol Bill when he comes home to leave them down town woman alone
This morning this evening so soon -morning-evening

Narrator:So That's our little story,thee end of the show.

Thee end of the days& nights-The story reached its heights

No Broadway lights-The story ends as every story ends

No more highways byways blvd ave or neon lights

The clubs the zoo,the city's,the four street singers

We all grew to knew & all the characters that filled up the story

Just like all the stories many stories that fill up the nights

The billions of stories like billions and billions of stars

in the night sky's bright. This was just one of many

may yea all do relate-cause your story is our story the human race

No matter how trite-The sound of the thunder the storm in the night

life & fright go hand and hand the good & the bad with all our mistakes

As we turn the pages of our lives-See now look!

upwards into the night sky. Past the moonlight the stars

in the heavens- that bring us so much of that curios delight.

Somewhere past this time very short time

Past this universe starry nights of time.

A story that happened in thee early 90s.

A play a story as Shakespeare said,

All is a stage& All of it are players.

You know I could still see Tom Keller riding that Fire Bird

Some where Some How somewhere galaxy's far far away

Just look up there in that starry night sky and see- Try to imagine

Tom Keller- That fire bird of his riding- through the nights galaxy's

Where the stars above hide- And all there lights-starry nights

shining bright.

Then Show/ Tom riding the fire bird in motion- traveling through the stars.

The End

Play sound track: Ford v8 sung by Frenchy Burrito

Afterward: All the main characters created in this play are based on actual events the names were changed to protect the guilty. Everyone in their real lives have moved on to do other things with there lives.Some are still street singing, some have passed on to the other world. Perhaps to a better place prepared for us by our creator. We stopped using alcohol and drugs to do more positive things with our lives.All who are still living are believers in the love,forgiveness and the mercy of the mystery's of faith and God.

Note:Addiction continues in our soceity to be a public health crisis and their are many forms of addiction.My message in this play is not necessarily a cure for this complex problem.But it is addressing that the criminalization of a disease does not really work that well for such a complex problem.The one size fits all approach of criminalization can go back to the temperance movements at begining of the 20th century under moonshine and prohibition era it did not work then in the 1920s ,so it most likely does't work now.














































Submitted: July 11, 2016

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