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life scene

what lives behind the scene may be sin
righteousness may play its part too
scene with sin is a sin
righeous in a scene is righteousness

pray without play
gain once not again
council without cancel
tell to retell

let's be in a scene
let's have no sin
let's agree in agreement
because together we can

no man is island
no man has no sin
no man has no scene
everyone is in a scene of life

one day this scene will end
we will need a place to rest
then a place to celebrate
while others to cry

sin in a scene is so sweet
righteousness in a scene pains a litte
it seems to be hard though simple
to live godly in this scene of life

let's be godly
let's have no sin in a scene
let's say no to evil
let's prepare place to live when this scene ends


sometimes we feel like we won't die but know that hell is there waiting for un-righteous one, so this poem remains us what we are supposed to behave. it expresses life is a part in a play which can't take much longer before it ends.

i love you guys. let's join our hands and praise the only living god.

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Submitted: July 11, 2016