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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hi, guys! This is my first piece of writing, hope you enjoy! xx

Its a lickle bit long so.. Please dont exit it! xx

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Airport Mania

Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016



“Hurry, Kat!” My mum shouted across the airport- my full names Katrina but everyone calls me Kat and I prefer it as well, “He knows we’re here! He’ll kill us in seconds. Board the plane so we can leave- he doesn’t know where we’re going,” She whispered her plan know that I was standing in the line waiting for our passports to be checked- impatiently. The person in front of us had a family of 10 with him and it took a while. I was about to drift off to sleep when a piecing scream jolted me awake. My mum gave me a look between Oh my God and Run now. I turned to where the scream came from but all I could see was the blue fabric of the Airport Security and the Australian police.

“Mum?” I sobbed, trying to calm down,” Will it really be goodbye this time?” I choked on my own words and when I saw my mum with tears streaming down her cheeks I nestled my head into her chest.

“Ma’am?” The passport checker called my mum. ”I have to get you on the plane, ma’am!” Me and my um were so caught up on how this day went from Utterly Terrifying - knowing that he has found us- to I Need To Pee My Pants- because that’s how bad the situation  is. ”MA’AM!” The passport checker brought me and my mum back into reality.

“Yes?” My mum managed to croak. Her voice was hoarse from crying and you could tell she was still holding back the tears.

“I’ve got to get you onto the plane ma’am- NOW,” He rushed as the couple behind us were both afraid and annoyed at us.

“Yes, sorry,” My mother apologised and gave him our passports, “Here you go,” my mum whispered because the police were still wrestling him and the gang of gangsters he brought with him

He checked our passports quickly muttering the words, ”Yes, yes, yes,” as he checked our passports. He smiled a coward’s smile as he as nervous about what was happening across the airport- right in our view. “Everything’s good,” He handed us our passports, “Right through this way ma’am,” He pointed the way through a hollow semi-circle. “Ask an attendant for help finding your seats.” He smiled and said the sentence I’ve heard 23 times before, ”Enjoy your flight!”

Me and my mum practically ran through to the plane but we were trained at the police centre 2 ½ years ago to stay calm when he finds us.

“Hi, welcome to Aussie Airlines! Would you like me to help you find your seats?” The flight attendant- who was at the door of the airplane- smiled at us and said the sentence so quickly I barely understood what she said.

“No, thank you,” My mum said and turned and walked as fast as she could in her Stilettos to seat G7 and G8, “Sit.” She commanded me to sit next to the window in her seat because she gets travel sick. I sat down and realised that my throat was really dry. I also realised that I had been holding my breath since the last time I spoke and I was feeling quite light-headed. I took a deep breath and that feeling evaporated.

“Good evening ladies and gentleman,” A voice came from the speakers around the airplane, “My name is Colin Davis and I will be your pilot for today. Firstly, I would like to say that the man leading the group of gangsters has fled and many of the gangsters were injured badly. Luckily, none of the gangsters got away and now they are all going to jail,” Me and my mum gave each other looks but we didn’t say anything- just listened, “Secondly, thank you for choosing Aussie Airlines, we hope you enjoy this flight.” 

“Mum, will we have to leave America, just like Australia, because I really liked it here,” My voice was hoarse and I was croaking my words.

My mum smiled and said, ”Hopefully not, dear.” I settled with that and prepared myself for the journey ahead by strapping myself in and chewing gum. The journey ahead was 14 ½ hours long.
“Can I have a drink, please?” I asked in a polite manner even though I’ve just had the worst couple of days in my life- not including the New Zealand tragedy- and I was really stressed out.

“Of course, any in particular?” She asked- smiling the same cheesy smile every flight attendant has-, noticing my hoarse voice. I though of all the fizzy drinks I liked in my head, Sprite, 7UP, Coke, Fanta etc. 

“Yes, please. Could I have a Coke, please?” 

“Of course!” She went and two minutes later she came back with a cool Coke in her hand. I took a sip and made a loud Aaaahhh sound after I finished.

“Katrina Collins! You are 16 years old yet you still do a childish thing like that!” She barked at me

“Sorry,” I muttered turning back to the cold Coke in my hands. She just rolled her eyes and opened her TV and looked at which channels they had until a voice from a speaker next to us boomed, “Ladies and gentleman, this is Colin Davis- your pilot- again and can everyone please strap themselves in, close all electronics, close the lunch trays and close the TV’s please? In a few minutes, we will depart.” Me and my mum sighed in relief simultaneously and then burst into laughing fits.

“Now who’s the childish one?” I muttered in between a giggle and a hysterical fit.

Then the roar of the engine coming to life quietened the whole plane and the plane departed. When it was in the sky I opened my headphones and put Party In The U.S.A by Miley Cyrus on even though it was an old song, I thought is was appropriate as I was going to the U.S.A for the first time- I’d never moved there before.

“Mum, thank you.” I said, before realising what I just said. She gave me an odd look as if I just announced that I was a penguin in my previous life- not that I believed in that.

“Ok…?” She dragged the ’K’ to make emphasis which was annoying, “What for?”

“Well, for not abandoning me somewhere and leaving whoever he is to kill me?” I stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “Ow!” 

“Ok…? Well, you’re welcome and what’s wrong, are you ok?” She asked first with pride that I thanked her then concern.

“Ears…Just…Popped,” I winced, mum just started laughing.

“Ah, you crack me up you do, look at my big girl. 16 in two weeks. I’ve got us a nice house in the Richey Rich area of Arizona. If you make some nice friends you can have a party and I’ll go to a pub somewhere and stay at an Inn or a hotel if you want. Any questions?”

“A few…” I paused, “We’re moving to ARIZONA?” I shouted Arizona out to show how excited I was. Mum jut nodded with a big smile plastered onto her lips, “How big is our house going to be? Will we have a pool? With deckchairs and a big kitchen? Is it 3-storeys high?”

“Well, we have a 3-story house. All the rooms are massive- we’ll have 3 guest rooms and an attic. You can have the 2nd biggest room,” She gave me a wink and carried on, “You can friends for a Girls Night In, I won’t bother you too much. We do have a pool, with deckchairs and a massive kitchen and a massive lounge and if we stay for a long time, if he doesn’t find us, I’ll buy us a summer house and some of your friends can come, too. Ok?” 

I closed my eyes and imagined it all folding itself into place- in every school I’ve been to so far- and that’s a lot of them- I was always a popular one. Will the same thing happen this time? I nodded and opened my eyes.

“I cant wait now.” I smiled.

*6 hours later*

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman,” Pilot Colin Davis’ voice came from the speaker for the 6th time, “We have got 8 hours left until we reach the Arizona Airport. We will now be coming with food and drinks.” The sound of heavy breathing came on as the Pilot forgot to flick the switch. I giggled quietly, “Oh!” He remembered the switch and flicked it off. The same cheesy woman who gave me the Coke came round with a trolley.

“Good afternoon, ladies. Would you like chicken with rice and a chocolate mousse or steak with some lettuce and a small strawberry velvet cake?” Then she gave me what I was dreading; the cheesy smile.

“I would like the steak, please. My daughter here will be having-” I interrupted my mum.

“The  chicken please.” I finished off mums sentence. She gave us our food. I pressed the ‘PLAY’ button on the TV and carried on watching How I Met Your Mother. I tucked in and was soon full.

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