snow day

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this paragraph is about how kids feel when its a snowday.

Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016



Snow day

I awoke from my slumber still in a hazy daze. As I began to slowly open my leaden eyelids, a shimmer of light was trying to makes its way out of the crack between two limp curtains. While gazing at the ray of grey light, my mind slowly slipped away, like a leaf gracefully falling silently onto the ground on a warm autumn afternoon. Suddenly, panic gripped me like the icy hand of winter as my mind went straight to the idea of me being late for school. I instantly leaped out of my cosy nest of blankets like a frightened frog leaping off his sunny lily pad. As I ran downstairs to get ready for school, I spotted my mother in the kitchen and skidded to a stop just before I crashed into her.

“What’s for breakfast? Quick! I’m going to be late! I shouted.

With a calm and amused grin my mom responded, “Today is a snow day so there is no school you silly buffoon.”

As soon as she uttered those glorious words, I sprinted down the hall to the window because I knew that it must be snowing heavily. At the window, I got a glimpse of the fresh, powdery layer of snow that no kid had laid their footprints on yet. The window was cool to the touch with an assortment of tiny shapes and sizes of snowflakes clinging to the glass. Each fragile flake glistened beautifully in the early morning light. More delicate snowflakes were descending silently from the heavens like miniature angels, joining with the others to form a thick blanket of white on every surface. They were just waiting to be rolled up tightly by some child so they could come to life as a friendly snowman. Meanwhile, two excited squirrels were giddily chasing each other around a colossal tree. When I tapped on the window, they both stopped for a moment and looked at me as if they were inviting me to come out and play. Without delay, I scrambled to put on my snow clothes. As I swung the door open, a loud swoosh could be heard as a gust of wind blew a drift of snow into the front hallway. I gazed out onto the silent street and stood in awe of the magnificent transformation that had made such an ordinary place into a majestic winter wonderland.

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