two small kids

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might be a truth that some loves never die. some people are deeply indrawn under our skin and they never come out.
This story is based on true life. Every detail is truth.

Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016



Many people say that childhood is the best part of our lifes. Yes, it is. But they don't know one fact: Children have feelings that no one can explain. They understand a lot of things. Even if parents think that their kid doesn't hear fight or gossip or anything that they think it can't affect on him, they're wrong... Kids know how to love, they know how to live and how to bring out the best of people.

This story has  begun 9 years ago, and it's still alive. I was a little girl and he was a little boy. We've lived very close to eachother. It wasn't hard to fall in love. It is enough to have pure soul and love is born. He had that black eyes, dark hue of the skin, black hair, and honestly I liked that kind of boys. Oh! I've forgotten! His name is Alexander.

We were very young, but we had something. I guess, it is some strong relationship with strong emotions. Yes, it is possible to one huge love be in small, thiny bodies. We have never said: ''I love you," to eachother. But it wasn't important. We knew that. Only one look while we played on the playground was enough to tell all. Once he told me: ''Believe me, I will always love you. It's simply, you're the one. When you grow up and have husband ,I'll suffer.''

  But, of course, we started growing up...He's been finally taller than me,and now he's really tall, and I like it. But, he found one new girl, than another, than another again. I was watching everything. Every day, in the school, I was watching  how he's kissing them...It was like a hell. We had never kissed, and it was really hard to watch that.

  Every New Year I needed to tell him how much I love him, and last New Year, he was with another, celebrating together.

  It's Prom. I'm dancing and he's watching me.It's been 2 years that he hadn't looked at me. But now, he's watching me with love. In the backround is a beautiful song. I felt something. The same feeling, the one from childhood. Man, it's been 9 years since I fell in love with him. And I still love him. There's no other guys, just him. And deep inside, I know that he still loves me. All his girlfriends were mask. That dark eyes tell all story.

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