Lampposts and Shadows

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Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016



The night is red, its always red, and snowing. The detective with the mask on walks the street every night. Trees surround him as he walks, collecting snow on his round hat and shoulders. Yes, he hides many things in this coat, never enough information. If the man is found dead, at least the clues to the unsolved mysteries of the town will be documented. He does not mind if someone else sees them, they are no secret. Up ahead is the rat, the rat that hangs out under the dry bridge every night. Maybe he knows who killed the little girl, the man and old bouncer who worked at “The Kicks”.

"Hey, rat."

With a swing of his head, the rat looks toward the detective who stands above the small crevice of the ditch.

"You seen anything tonight?"

"Detective, me, no...I would have reported it."

"Of course you would." The shadowed face of the detective looks at the surrounding buildings, beyond the road. Lamp posts are all that light the pavement of the sidewalk. There are a few lights on in the buildings, but not many. He looks back at the rat. "Yeah, just like last time, when the bar tender was found in this field, head...blown to pieces.

The rat looks left to right. "Oh, sorry pal. You know I would of told you if I did not drink so much." Snow falls on his wet pail red nose. His black fur is covered with flakes.

"That's why I am not angry about it." The detective throws him a coin. It falls on the rats lap. He snatches it without thinking. The detective continues walking, entering the other side of the ditch. On the other side of the street someone is seen under the light. Not many elephants are in this town. The light shines on the giant trunk gangster. The detective gets up to the lamppost and looks at the elephant from head to toe. The tall gangster smokes a cigar thick enough to be an exhaust pipe.

Looking down with his eyes only, the elephant stares. "Wha...what do you want." A puff of smoke flows into the detectives face.

"I'm not sure. Why standing under this post? You gloom?"

The large elephant inhales another smoke. "Yeah, maybe," Smoke filters through the mouth, hiding the inside completely. "So what of it. Can't a chap be sad?"

"What are you sad about big fella?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Why not."

"Because, its none of your business." The elephant says in a raspy voice. He looks back into the sky and takes another inhale.

"You know someone was found here a few nights ago. Are you not afraid to be out here alone?"

Licking his teeth under his lips, the elephant holds a bite and looks at the detective. "If you have something to ask me ask me, than ask. But I do not know what happens around here." Another inhale of the cigar. "And of course I know about that dead bartender, everyone in town does."

The detective looks down on the ground and nods his head. "Yes, yes they do." Reaching into his trench coat the elephant twitches. The detective eyes him. "Why so antsy?"

"What are you doing?"

"Getting my notebook, can I?"

The elephant looks back to the sky, smoking. "Why would I stop you?"

The detective shrugs. "I never got your name friend."

"Dan." Dan looks to the sky still. Large cigar between his large fingers holding it to hip level. Smoke whips around coming out of his trunk.

The detective flips through the note book. He points on one of the papers, he looks up at Dan. "There's a, there's a page here with your name written on it."
Dan jerks his head back just a little surprised. His eyes partially close and he leans his head down to look at the page. "So?" With a shrug of his shoulder, he leaves his eyes looking down at the notebook page.

"This was taken from a dead snake, new comer in this cold town." The detective looks down at the page. He looks back up at the elephant. "I think these are new comers in town also, maybe his friends. Your new are you not. I mean, I have never seen you before."

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