The Jars

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Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016



Digging amongst a pile of rubble 

left out in the yard for fifty years

probably more buried beneath dirt along with old rusty metal

I sifted with a rake digging with a shovel clipping ferns and small trees with shears 

tons of broken glass, old shoes, things that should have never buried

Atlas something that wasn't trash

perfect condition inside the dirt with old rusty wires to seal them shut

which broke off with movement 

Jars that seemed like diamonds in the rough

I cleaned and scrubbed putting beans and oatmeal along with the lid 

on the window ledge they rest something that I admire

Kerr, Ideal, EZ, Perfect, Acme some of the ones that are no longer made

along with Jeanette J and J.M.Dybala my favories that are different than the rest

some with blue tints and old bean jars with grid engraved glass

was there sense in throwing them aside?

burying them beneath dirt while breaking the rest

leaving them for ages and someone else to pick up?

remnants from old factory made items proof of our history

industrious people that worked hard to earn a living

left scattered like jars in the dirt covered and left alone




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