Missing You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'
Athena misses Eliiot. Elliot doesn't miss her back.

Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016



- I’m still missing you -

18th May 2016

It’s just a day after we broke up. I thought that I could talk us out of this situation. I waited outside the school parking lot today. I was leaning on my car, and every now and then I would glance around, looking for him.


It’s always about him, isn’t it?


From the distance, I spot him walking towards the parking lot. I smiled, but it quickly dropped when I noticed that his arms were around another girl.


“Hey, El…I need to talk to you”

That’s all I asked of you, Elliot. That’s all. I want to try and talk us out of this mess.


He looked at me, the coldness piercing trough my soul. I tried not to flinch. The girl looked confused; I could tell she hates me already.


“Who’s this?”

She asked. I remembered.


He smiled at her; the kind of smile he used to gave me. It was the same smile that made my knees all weak.

“No one, babe. Just another girl”


The girl glared at me.
“I don’t like her…”


He smirked coldly at me before he grabbed her hand and started to walk away, leaving me alone like he once did.

“I don’t like her too”



- It hurts me every time I see you -

20th May 2016

He laughed. He laughed loudly and happily from the other side of the cafeteria, surrounded by his friends and his new lover that’s right beside him. That should be me. That could’ve been me…or maybe not.

Maybe he was never meant to be mine after all. Maybe that’s why the bridges are burned. Maybe that’s why everything is crumbling to pieces. Maybe that’s why my heart is shattered to a million pieces.


His laugh use to make the butterflies in my stomach go crazy; it was a warm, carefree laugh, but now it hurts me. It sounds like nail on a chalkboard…. actually, scratch that; it sounds like something worse.


“I don’t love you anymore”


That’s what it sounds like.

Or maybe it’s worse than that?


“I never loved you”


Yeah…it’s definitely worse than I thought….



- Why does it hurt me more than it hurts you? -

2nd June 2016

A little birdy told me that you took her to Stow Lake; I can’t believe you took her there. That was where we met, wasn’t it?

I remembered that day like it was yesterday.


My friends ditched me and I was about to stroll around alone, but then you showed up. You asked me, “Why is a gorgeous girl like you alone on a beautiful Sunday morning?”


You told me you just moved to San Francisco because your father got a better job here. Your smile makes my tummy flutters, and the way you rolled your eyes at my silly comments always makes me giggles.


I remembered the way you took my hand; how you told me that everything was going to be okay. You helped me get off my fear of drowning; better yet, you conquered it; no, we conquered it…together.


I remembered how you laughed when I thought our boat was going to tip over. I also remembered how you shot me that charming smile of yours and asked for my number. We went to the beach for our second date, because you said that you want to celebrate me, getting over one of my biggest fears.


I went to Stow Lake a few weeks ago. I thought it would make me feel better; turns out it didn’t; it made me feel worse. I cried. Some people asked what’s wrong with me, but I ignored them.


You know what’s funny though, Elliot?

What you posted on your Instagram earlier.

I remembered the smiles plastered on you and that girl’s face. Hell, I remembered the caption you put.


“In a beautiful place with a beautiful girl”


Is that how you see that place? Beautiful?

Cause for me, it’s not. I don’t see it as a beautiful lake anymore; I see it as heartbreak.


That’s how I see you too, Elliot…heartbreak.



- I’m trying -

5th June 2016

Mom said I’m getting too sad about our break up; it’s been weeks and I can’t just let it go, but I just can’t. I can’t let you go the way you let me go, Elliot. It’s painful for me.

Mom set me up on a blind date last night. The guy’s name was Luke. He’s really cute. He is a very kind person too. In my opinion, he’s very dorky and adorable. He was so passionate about science; he’s a genius. I believe that one day, he can change the world of science. He has so many fascinating ideas.


He also told me that he loves music. Apart from his talent in science and math, he’s also amazing in music. Can you believe that, Elliot?

He’s like, the perfect guy.


His voice was incredible. He sang to me, and I couldn’t help but blush. He also told me that he loves Green Day. You know what I said?


“Elliot loves Green Day too”



- Too much -

10th June 2016

I can’t handle this, Elliot. I really can’t.


I don’t know why I thought writing about my feelings would make me feel better, cause it certainly don’t. No one would ever read this…but notice the spots on the paper?


Those are tears and blood, Elliot. You mean so much to me. I love you so much.


Too much.


I would do anything for us to be together again. I miss you.



- I moved on -

20th June 2016

Simple as that.



- I LIED -

21st June 2016

Get the fuck out of my head; you’re killing me.



- Please -

25th June 2016

YoU aRe LiTeRaLlY kIlLiNg Me



- Bye, Elliot -

30th June 2016

Happy failed anniversary. I hope you’re happy.



30TH JUNE 2016

11.55 P.M



10TH JANUARY 1998-30TH JUNE 2016

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