Carmen Kwasny fascination to be Indian police chief

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native american association of germany Carmen Kwasny has a fascination being the police chief on north american indian tribes. Carmen Kwasny a white woman is trying tell the lakota and cherokee how they have do there
Native American Spirituality and Ceremonies.Carmen Kwasny is not a american indian but she took it upon herself to police the native american tribes in there Spirituality and Ceremonies .

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native american police chief Carmen Kwasny

Submitted: July 11, 2016

native american police chief Carmen Kwasny
Native American Association of Germany
one tribe or a few native tribes in north american never set the rules or policys for all the native people. this is not based on any fact.
Native American Spirituality and Ceremonies belong to each native american own people
they do not control each other Spirituality and Ceremonies there is no boss and there no main leader. Read Chapter