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Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016




Looking into the reflection of time.

Life is now no reason or rhyme.

Bending the light through the winndow of love.

Dark heart  turns to pure white dove.

Flying up through the sky of blue.

Revealing a love that is oh so true.

Deep in the soil no chance of reprieve.

Heavenly body thats right to receive.

What can i do to speak that fear.

Or how to shed that final tear.




How green is the grass on the other side.

Is it thin or is it wide.

Soft to the touch like feathers and doune.

Feeling good so change that frown.

Troubled thoughts are all thats rude.

Thats how it is now you poor old prude.

Far from the turn of ankle or flesh.

True love is eternel so finaly they mesh.

Resulting in offspring to young to deal.

Missing the life you know how they feel.

Getting out thier freedom is lost.

A small mistake now at what cost.




He was an active man doing what he can.

It was'nt easy in them days no time nothing pays.

He worked till his hands bled.

Comfortable when your wed.

They worked like an oiled machine.

To find the path to live the dream.

Day to day horse drawn carts.

Kids have spirit they melt our hearts.

Winters were cruel and cold.

Pushing forward you had to be bold.

Summers are fine.

So learn to unwinde.

Country tunes run round your mind.

Another babe is on the way.

We'd like to but just cant stay.

We are chased like thieves in the night.

Come all at once we know how to fight.

Name callers,moaners ,scared land owners.

Genuine folk to us are a bonus.




From smooth skin to wrinkles leather look.

From athletic to arthritic to stiff to --ck.

I need some new stuff,came the cry from the young.

Get somat done 40 and highly strung.

Wish you were buff and realy well hung.

Old woman ways are allways correct.

Young blokes available ready to inspect.

Teach me the ways of womanly power.

Get a flamin move on i charge by the hour.

Birth to death all under the sheets.

Hidden fatness please be discreat.

Be quiet when you go through the door.

Watch the dog dish don'nt slip on the floor.

Realy pissed with this stunning piece.

Stripped off now and down to the crease.

Panting fast hope the passion can last.

Up to the mark,leave small deposit.

Hope for my sake dont come out a hobbit.




Kill the chill

Lets hit the road.

Everyone equal

Or so i'vebeen told

We like a fair fight

Our brian and me

If i come round

Thats 2 you see

He allways 

with advice to me

Stereo headphones

Will make him see

I am the gaffer in my little crew

Brians my brother

But i hate him to.

Brian were are you

Have you gone for good

I wish i could help you

I would if i could.




Knife in the foot crack in the head.

To messed up going to bed,coz its red.

Hair all about blood on the shoe.

Sticky and conjealed its true coz its blue.

Washing the paint scraping the stain.

What can you do with a dart in the brain.

Knocked down tide in a chair.

Hit me again if you dare why not share.

I'm alive not a puppet so stop hittting me muppet.

There's something on your face dear

Its only my foot don't shed a tear.

Your a waste of time you stupid knob.

Piss off out and shut thee gob.

Dicky boy youve done it now.

Se'll tell your mam stupid cow.

Get ready to receive the fists on its way.

Black and blue thier here today.

Do'nt worry lad one day they'll pay.

Do you think so,well thats ok.




Growing up fast to be the man,slowing it down as much as i can.

Reaching the peak at an early age,these are years that would set the stage.

My head is filling right to the top,ropes to short can't take the drop.

People do'nt listen to how i feel,life is running you know the deal.

Imagination is a certain treat,to much get off your feet.

Gliding floating to the heavens above,do'nt forget to give me a shove.

Wallpaper movements that go to the floor,lights out where is the door.

Chemical love is what i needed,i just do'nt want to be defeated.





People change to suit the times,just forget thier secret crimes.

Tidying up is a skill thats lost,keeping things clean at what cost.

A life is down no way up or out,,what is needed is a rate gud clout.

Knock the senses back to true,beat senseless till shits on the shoe.

Hurt the sinner the unclean wallop,harlots future becomes a trollop.

It is not to judge for you and me,just open your eyes and you will see.

My love is true and straight from the heart,i loved this lady fromm the very start.

I knew  that this love protected the way if she left i'd beg her to stay.

Truth and lies are told in my past,all i want is my mind to last.

Memories get vague through the mists of time.

But the values erode so whats mine is mine.




Counting the bricks in my little cell.

Bunk beds make you scratch like hell.

Crab mats sweat and start to stick.

Que at the docs i'm feeling sick.

Giving you pills to calm the rage..

Dirty book stuck on one page.

What are you doing my wife girl spouse.

Keep away from that dirty louse.

I do'nt want to find out youve done a turn.

Coz i'm here you still have to learn.

Lights out its ten o'clock.

Sleep now no playing with cock.

Killing time for your own crime.

Getting out is nearly there.

Gate arrest its just not fair.

Back again doing the rounds.

With the new evidence they have found.




Today its wednesday middle of the week.

I do'nt feel strong in fact quite meek.

Doing the tour my career to advance.

If i was'nt a cripple i'd get up and dance.

Painting and decor is a task i do'nt like.

If able to get on a bike.

To the edge of the world to things anew.

I need a tandem cos my wifes coming to.

You do'nt need much money enough to try.

Half way there we would sit and cry.

Got no food no drink no fags

Everything stolen out of our bags.

England my england where are you now.

A gentleman helped us so please take a bow.

Were back in our own that green green land.

It was very nice just to much sand.




Need a flu jab then a repeat script.

Need some jeans mine are all ripped.

So much to buy with little to spend.

Do'nt borrow money at all my friend.


The doctors a card he makes me laugh.

To see the nurse her name is kath.

Listening to all the troubles and woes.

My legs are aching from hips to toes.


Waiting room packed 20 or more.

Test results back what is the score.

Good news or bad waiting to learn.

Can'nt go on sick my living to earn.


Scratch card that may make a win.

Absolute rubbish just chuck it in bin.

No luck at all not one little bit.

I'm fed up of it i realy should split.




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