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Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016




Once a time, there was a very popular activity called ‘Adventure Hunting’. It was once had many supports throughout the world, even until the 21st century, but things could get worse anytime. Here’s a story about the adventures of Adventure Hunters (AH).

But you might want to know what’s AH? AH is a person who travels the world to find treasures and brought them back if they can or prove the evidence of the treasure if they couldn’t obtain it with long speech and ‘un-photoshopped’ real pictures. AH must be really good in one of the following: Speed, Strength, Intelligence, Observation, and Language. Well, some of them is really needed, but though you might want to graduate in the AH University.

Those who had 1 or 2 requirements are low-class AH and often rated with C or D, meaning that they will be really hard to get treasures, or probably will hurt (or die) in adventures. However, those who had 3 or 4 requirements, often rated with A or B, is mid-class AH, and the meaning had already shown it. Most AH have rated with this and get much good treasures than low-class AH. The most powerful AH and yet is the AH who got all requirements, and it’s really rare to have a high-class AH, and it had already shown that this character is quite often OP (overpowered).

You might ask, what AH do when they obtained the treasures? Kind AH would just donate to the national museum, but with greedy ones they just sold it to an international organisation called ‘Treasure Trader’ (TT), where AH could get money from them and being popular at once. Someone heard that TT could up to something no good. So just, ENJOY THE STORY!

EP1: The Desert of Delight (Hot lands with jewellery)

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