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This is one of my stories that I wrote last year. It was my first, and its not the best. But, I thought I'd put it on here just to see how people like. It's a novella, so it's a little longer than a short story.

This is a story of a girl named Luna. She has a special gift, but, she doesn't know it yet. This gift could help her save the world from complete destruction. She has to learn to use her powers and find out how to save the world, before its too late.

Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016




The Dream

Ruins lay everywhere, thick sheets of smoke layer the sky. The woman's feet  moved slowly, dragging her along. The strong smell of sulfur filled the city, everything seemed black and white, like the movies she had watched as a child. Shrill cries could be heard on every corner. A strange, familiar feeling traced the creases on the woman's face. A mangy dog ran across the non-existing road, carrying a limp bird in its mouth. A small child in rags followed, yelling at the dog. The city lays in a heaping pile of debris and ash. On the ground lay a piece of rare beauty, an amulet with a long silver chain and an amethyst stone in the middle. The woman studied the necklace, flashing back to a cool day in February, her 19th birthday, and smiled crookedly, unanswered questions filed the mind of Esmerelda. Suddenly, everything disappeared piece by piece,  the ground shook and fell beneath her feet, and she sat up quickly, with her hand on her chest holding her amulet and gripping it tightly, knowing that this was the last dream she would be having for a long time. Pictures of her granddaughter flashed through her mind, tears rolled swiftly down her wrinkled cheeks as she imagined the long hours she and her granddaughter would sit and talk. She knew that she was the last hope to stop the disaster that lie ahead.


The bell echoed loudly throughout the empty school halls signaling the end to yet another long and boring day. A little background on Luna Harper, she was a brilliant thirteen year old girl, with curly brown locks of hair and deep green eyes. Something more important though, she had a magical gift, one that she had not yet known. Luna didn’t have any issue with school in general; it was just that the last few days until summer break seemed to drag by painfully slow. Class grades were all in by that time and most of the days were filled with movie watching, end of the year pizza parties and yearbook signing. Luna rushed out of  her 8th grade Algebra class. She walked swiftly down the wide halls trying desperately to avoid the “ after class traffic” as she had come to call it. At her locker she met up with her best friend Halo, who was struggling to grab her books, and together they walked to the bus, gossiping about their day. They walked down the bendy sidewalk leading to the buses, taking in the summer breeze. The thirteen year olds said their goodbyes and Luna stepped onto the noisy, yellow bus. She took her assigned seat and stared out the window, watching the California landscape, waiting until the large bus reached Wave Ln., where her small house stood in Santa Cruz. The perks of living in Santa Cruz, she thought, were that she only lived a few blocks away from the beach and boardwalk, she especially loved the boardwalk at night. The soft breeze filled her lungs with excitement. She loved to see the colorful lights shine in the darkness and smell the greasy foods.


The bus arrived at the Harper house and Luna got off and ran inside. She described her long day as her mother washed the dishes. “The days are so long!” she complained, opening the fridge and searching for a snack. “I know, they are always like that on the last days, but at least you’ll be done.” her mom replied, continuing to wash the dishes. “I’m gonna go get some homework done.” Luna said. “Homework, it’s almost the end of the year?” her mom said surprised. “I know it really sucks.” the girl stated, taking a bite out of her red apple. She grabbed her papers and walked upstairs to her small bedroom. When she reached her room, she ran in and flopped onto her fluffy bed, relieved to be off her aching feet. She always found herself hidden away from the world reading books or watching movies, and sometimes she would just stare at the white walls. The walls were filled with pictures that her aunt Delilah had taken, and posters of great quotes and famous role models. On the wall closest to her bed, was a petite bookshelf filled with books of all sorts, but her favorite were the Harry Potter books. Adventure books had always been her favorites, because they took her with them on the adventure. She loved curling up with a good book and sinking into it. What many people didn't know about Luna was that she also loved writing her own books, but only in her dreams she thought with a deep sigh. “Only in my dreams.” she repeated quietly out loud.


The week dragged on and seemed like the weekend would never come. Until a hot Friday afternoon, when everything changed. It all started with a phone call, Luna was sent to the office. As she walked down the quiet halls her heart thumped in her chest, playing a soft rhythm in her ears, the strong aroma of pizza drifted with her down the halls. She knew that her mom would only call if it was very important. Her mom valued education, she graduated from a college in California after high school, and expected her daughter to do the same. Luna came to the office and braced herself as she slowly opened the heavy wooden door, she peeked inside and saw her mother weeping. She knew something was very wrong. "What's wrong mom?" she asked unsure if she wanted to know the answer, "It's your grandma.. she had a sudden heart attack this morning, and was rushed to the hospital." the woman explained through sobs, "She did not make it, I'm so sorry Luna." she said to her shocked daughter. Luna was always very close to her grandmother Esmerelda, she felt as if they had a connection. They would sit in the old house and talk for hours. Her grandma had told the best stories of enchanted forests and magical creatures, Luna loved Esmerelda and could not face this terrible reality. Her grandma was always there for her, they had a deeper understanding of each other, even more so than she had with her own mother.


   The girl lay lonely on her soft bed and cried. She started to doze off when she heard a knock at the door. Swiftly, she walked down the wooden stairs, and answered the door. It was a short, plump woman with brown hair pulled back into a tight bun, she was wearing a blue blouse and a black skirt. The woman asked authoritatively  "Does Mrs. Dana Harper live here?", "Yes." replied Luna as her mother walked to the door. "Hello I am Betty Freeman and I am Esmerelda Harper's Personal Representative." the small woman explained, "Oh, come in Mrs. Freeman."  Dana replied with sadness in her green eyes. Although she and her mother weren’t extremely close, she still loved her very much, and was devastated. The woman had come to read the last will and testament of Esmerelda Harper. The Will read: To my daughter Dana Harper I leave my entire estate. Esmerelda wanted her home to live on, her father had built the house when she was very young,  and she wanted it to stay in the family. Luna's mother thanked her as the plump woman left the small house. Luna was emotionally exhausted, from the long day of death and sadness, so at 8:00 pm, she went to her bedroom and turned on her favorite movie Singing in the Rain. The sweet melodies seemed to hypnotize her, she fell asleep willingly and began to dream.


The dream was very surreal, it was set in a foggy forest. The aroma of fresh honeysuckle filled the air, wildflowers crowded the forest floor, each had an individual color. The grass was tall and faded into a dirt path, the tall trees bent, forming an arch along the dusty path, coaxing Luna farther into the forest. In the distance, stood a small cottage, on the exterior there was a single yellow door. The entire house was made out of wood. Inside was a single room filled with a small metal stove, a wooden table with two chairs, a small bed, and a wooden desk with paper and pencils.


The girl walked barefoot along the path, taking in the beautiful scenery, she came to a stop at the cottage, reluctantly she twisted the rough door knob and walked inside. The smell of burnt pine filled her senses. A strong feeling swept over her, she looked around to see the desk, this desk is where she would come when she had bad days and needed to clear her mind. She had written many stories here, some adventure, some fantasies, and some about her own life. She ran her hand along the smooth wood, and picked up one of the large stacks of paper with a string bundling them together. Suddenly, a pounding knock frightened her and she stumbled backwards, dropping her papers. She slowly walked towards the cottage door, and cautiously opened it. A beautiful woman stood at the door, she had long red hair, and was dressed in a long, flowing blue dress. The woman had a powerful presence and had a certain glow of confidence, one that compelled anyone in her presence to automatically respect her.


Luna was in shock, but before words could slip out of her mouth the woman barged in and shut the door behind her. "Hello, I am Shania." the woman said, the glow activating, as though it was turned on. "I am a Deva, and I have very important news for you." she said. "What is a Deva?" Luna inquired. "A Deva is the guardian of nature." the mysterious woman explained, " You are probably wondering why you can come to your dreams and then reenter the world as if everything had happened."  "Yes, and I have been here before in another dream." the young girl told the Deva. "That’s because this is not a dream, everything that happens here is real, you could even take those stories back to your room. You are a Dreamchaser, and since your grandma Esmerelda passed away the power extends to you.” Shania explained. Luna stared blankly at her, “Wow a Dreamchaser, me a Dreamchaser!” she exclaimed,  “But wait what is a Dreamchaser?” she asked. “I was getting to that, a Dreamchaser is someone who has almost complete control in their dreams, the dreams are real enough to cause death or illness, and materials can be brought back into the real world.” The magical woman explained. “And I'm here to teach you.” she said.


“Try to make the pencil move to the desk over there.” the enchanting woman told Luna. The girl concentrated hard and the pencil moved to the desk. “Yes, I did it!” she cheered. Power filled her frail body sticking her feet to the ground. She was surprised by herself. “Now it's time to turn it up a notch, change the cottage into a pink bedroom.” Shania challenged. Luna strained and focused with all of her strength, the walls slowly deteriorated, re-painting themselves pink. The woman watched, excitedly knowing that the girl in front of her was fit for the job. But what was the job, truly? she thought. “Great job Luna, you are more advanced than I thought.” she congratulated.  “It's about time for you to wake now, but before I have to leave, you must know something. You have to find your grandma's amulet it is very important. I have to go before you wake up. Goodbye.” She said before she disappeared. The girl was confused, what was the amulet and how would she find it? The questions flashed throughout her brain, but before she could say something, the woman was gone.  Luna blinked, her eyes opened and she smiled widely, thankful to know that finally she had an adventure of her own.




Esmeralda’s funeral was held on a rainy Saturday morning. Luna got dressed in her black dress, fixed her brown curly hair, put on her black converse, and together the saddened mother and daughter left. Luna was glad that her grandmother had a proper burial, she slowly walked over to her freshly dug mound of dirt, and laid a bouquet of lavender's, her grandma's favorite, by the headstone.


The black jeep pulled into the gravel driveway and Mrs. Harper and her daughter got out of the car. They ran inside trying to avoid the rain, Luna walked into the familiar, old house and instantly, the smell of lavender rushed through the air making its way to her nose. Esmerelda always smelled of lavender, she spritzed herself every day, because it reminded her of her childhood. Luna knew that her grandma would leave her a clue on how to find the amulet, so she decided to start looking in the attic. Not sure of what she was looking for, she walked up the rickety steps to the attic. The attic reeked of mildew, and dust covered every corner, the floor was cluttered with wooden boxes. She knew the job wouldn't be easy, but she continued, and began to search. She had investigated just about every box when she came across one that caught her eye, it was dark brown and surprisingly smooth. Luna opened it and inside lay a single piece of paper, it read: Luna, if you are reading this note then you know that you are a Dreamchaser, and that you need to find the amulet. It is true the amulet is very important and I can't tell you what it is needed for. But you need to find it. In your dreams clues will come to you. Be careful Luna, I love you very much. - Grandma  “Luna!, come on it's time to go home.” her mother yelled from downstairs.  “Coming!” She replied. The car ride was long and silent. When Luna got home she re-read the note over and over again. In your dreams clues will come to you? Luna wondered to herself.


That night while dreaming, Luna found herself in a dark cave, the smell was awful, it smelled of swamp water and sewer mixed. She looked around to see a giant sleeping dragon. She screamed silently inside, she was so scared she almost fainted, but despite her urges she managed to maintain her fright. The ugly dragon was red with black spikes poking out of its back, and each time he breathed, little streams of fire came out. How am I going to this she thought, then it came to her, she called the shots, so she simply imagined Shania being there and she appeared. But this was just one of the dreams she would be having, and as she progressed it would not be this easy. “What do you need, Luna?” Shania questioned. “Shhh!” Luna exclaimed pointing to the snoring dragon. “Oh,” the woman laughed. “That's Balvazar we are actually, odd as it may seem,  friends. He's quite polite actually.” explained the woman wisely. Shania clapped her hands twice, letting the giant dragon know it was her, the dragon stood up sleepily. “Hello, my dear friend Shania, and who might this lovely young lady be?”  the dragon greeted politely. “This is Luna, she is Esmerelda's granddaughter, she is here for that bottle you were laying on.” Shania explained calmly. Luna stood behind and watched as the two talked, surprised at the odd pair of friends. “This bottle, well here my dear take it, it’s no use to me.” the dragon said handing the bottle to Luna. “Thank you Balvazar.” Luna replied softly. She reached inside the bottle and read the clue, it said: Be quick and fast, and you will get past the wizard in your path.


The next morning, Luna woke up and got dressed in a t-shirt, threw on a pair of sports shorts, tied her black converse, and went downstairs. She grabbed a banana, and hugged her mom, “Have a good day.” her mom said. The girl grabbed her books and went out the door. She slowly walked down the road, listening to the distant crash of the aquamarine waves on the sandy shore. Letting the sweet smell of summer fill her nose. She peeled the partially bruised banana and started to eat it. She had always loved bananas, and ever since she was little, she and her grandma would put bananas in everything, cereal, ice cream, and even on sandwiches. Her thoughts were cut short  by the loud bus rolling up to the empty bus stop.


The time seemed to slow down in the Language Arts class, Luna hated this subject most, it was too easy for her she needed more of a challenge. Though, she  never complained. Each tick of the small clock on the classroom wall was a reminder of how slow time was going. It didn't help that she had lunch afterwards, the aroma of freshly cooked pepperoni rolls, made her stomach growl. And the more she wanted lunch, the slower the time would pass. It was a never ending cycle.  


At lunch Halo and Luna would sit together at the long brown table. Slowly eating their lunches, and chatting about their days. Luna and Halo had been friends since Kindergarten. They told each other everything, but Luna didn't want to tell Halo her secret because she was afraid that even her best friend, wouldn't understand. She feared she would think she was crazy. She had contemplated this the night before and had made up her mind, to act normal. So, she continued to eat, thinking about her next class.


The evening was humid as Luna and her mother sat in silence eating their dinner, slowly slurping up the hot tomato soup. Her mother was famous for her homemade tomato soup, she used the family recipe. The silence was interrupted by the scooting of  Luna's wooden chair. “So, how was your day, mom.” she asked getting a drink. “Oh, I didn’t do much, I went to work, came home about an hour ago, and did some laundry.” her mom said in between spoonfuls of tomato soup, “So, pretty boring, how about you?” she continued. “I’m really tired, actually, we played games at recess.” she replied, yawning,  “I think I'm gonna lay down now, I'm really tired.” she said. “Already honey, it's still early?” her mom said concerned. “Yeah I'll probably watch a movie or something, Goodnight.” Luna said climbing up the steps.


The girl slept quietly, excited and eager to find the next clue. This time in her dream, she was in a tall castle. It was dark inside except for some light from the torches hanging on the brick wall. In front of  her stood a spiraled staircase that went all the way to the top of the tower. Right away, Luna started climbing the stairs, wasting no time. At the top sweat dribbled down the girl's forehead and ran into her mouth, the strong sensation of salt shocked her taste buds. All of a sudden, a tall man, wearing a green and gold cloak, walked towards her. “What are you doing here, you shouldn't be here!” yelled the long bearded man. “I am here looking for a clue.” responded Luna with slight confidence. “Clue there is no clue here now leave, or I will turn you into something so small, you would need a microscope to see.” he yelled again. Quickly Luna ran around the wizard distracting him for a millisecond. When she had first reached the top of the castle, a gold chest caught her eye. Luna ran towards the box fast, knowing the wizard would soon catch up. Quickly she opened the box, and inside lay a single glass jar, which had not been there before. On top of the lid was a little piece of paper. She read it: Place in me so you can see. She repeated it over and over in her mind. Confused, the girl woke up.




 It was Sunday evening, Luna could feel that she was getting closer to finding the amulet. But, that night her dreams were different. It started out on Wave Ln. she was walking alone down the road. The streets were quiet, every footstep could be heard. Luna was looking for her house, thinking that a clue might be there. When she walked inside, laundry lay spread out across the floor, a chill spread across her body, she knew that something was wrong. Her eyes scanned the room frantically looking for any sign of her mother. The television was the only sound to be heard, it was fading in and out of signal. She noticed that the news channel was on, and listened intently. But what she heard was alarming “Worldwide bomb threats causing locals to evacuate, is this the beginning of  the end?” the anchorman stated, it seemed as though it had been playing for hours. Frantically, Luna looked around, her mom was nowhere to be found. The refrigerator was wide open and half-empty, something had happened, and it was big. Luna sat up sweating, frightened and confused, her heart raced, she felt as though she had just ran a marathon.


Luna found herself thinking obsessively about the dreams and clues, her mother was beginning to worry about her. She knew she needed to take a break from everything and clear her mind. But there was only one place she truly felt peaceful in, a place where her mind could roam free, a place where she could forget about reality if only for a little while, the cottage. She knew that was still in her dreams, but she felt as though it were necessary. Luna walked up the stairs to her quiet room, and laid down. Slowly, she began to drift off waiting for her mind to be free. She found herself walking down the same familiar path. When she reached the cottage, she inhaled deeply and let the fresh pine fill her lungs. She sat down at her wooden desk, and began to write. At last she was free, her mind filled with tales of dragons and fairies, they seemed to dance around the room. Her thoughts were interrupted by a starling knock at the door. Luna walked to the door and saw Shania through the small window. She greeted her welcomingly, “Hello Shania, how are you..”, but Shania’s mouth did not move, and her stern expression did not change. She rushed into the small room, her confidence still showing. “Luna, we have no time you must come with me.” said Shania, and with that she took Luna’s hand and pulled her out of the cottage. Shania hurried Luna to the end of the path, and the ground started to shake, Luna was frightened and didn’t know what to do. The sky faded from a blue to a light gray, the forest floor deteriorated, and the ground was covered with yellow sand. Luna was bewildered, she had no idea what was happening, she called to her guide, “Shania, what’s happening?” but when she turned to look her friend was not at her side.


She searched frantically, but Shania was nowhere to be found, Luna was on a river bank, a place she had never seen. She looked at the beautiful water, rushing over the rocks in front of her, the site was captivating. Luna thought to herself, and rushed toward the river, on the bank lay the jar she had found in the castle, she read it silently “place in me so you can see.” Quickly, she opened the jar and dipped it into the cool water,  a picture began to appear, piece by piece until she could make out what it was. It was the picture of her grandma, a single tear welled up in her eye and rolled softly down her cheek. Suddenly, she awakened on her bed, confused she looked at the dresser beside her, on it, her picture of her grandma, and the glass jar sat on the side table, she repeated out loud, “Place in me so you can see.” Reluctantly, she took her grandma’s picture and dropped it in the jar. The picture started to dissolve into halves and a bigger piece of paper appeared, along with the picture, both unharmed. She pulled the pieces out, shocked by what she saw, she set the picture to the side and unfolded the brown, crinkly piece of paper. Luna realized that it was a map, the map showed the sun, a two trunked tree leading to a bridge over a river, and an abandoned car, at the bottom of the paper, a small inscription read: Follow me, and in the Earth lie the stone of your birth. “A stone of my birth?” Luna repeated. Luna’s birthday was in March, so her birthstone would be an aquamarine stone, she thought about this for a while. Luna picked up the picture of her grandma and began to study it, she was in awe at her grandma’s beauty, but what really caught her eye was the necklace around her neck, it was wonderful. It was a deep purple, that Luna loved, it was an amethyst stone she thought “An amethyst stone.” she said excitedly. Ezmerelda’s birthday had been in February, and her birthstone was an amethyst stone. Luna was beginning to feel like she was figuring it all out, she was piecing the puzzle together, slowly but surely.


Somewhere in California


The young dreamchaser was getting closer every day, and each day she had been more excited yet nervous, to finish the puzzle. She knew it was crucial that she found the answer, because it was her grandma’s last wish. Though she was afraid that she would not want to know the answer, she thought back to her nightmare. She recalled the newscast, her head pounded at each word. Deep inside she knew she needed to go back into the nightmare and find out more, she yearned to know more. Once again she laid on her bed, her head touched her soft pink pillow, and she drifted off.


 Thick dust swirled in circular patterns, the faded road was never ending, Luna looked to her right, nothing, there was nothing for miles. A little way ahead stood a sign that said California in worn out, white letters. The air smelled dry and hot, her skin burned in the scorching sun, each step brought her farther away from her destination, wherever that was. Luna was unsure why, but she kept walking, on and on until a shape came into sight. She ran toward the shape, without awareness as if her feet were in control over her body, as she drew closer her heart thumped. Suddenly, her feet let her stop, and she stared at the rectangular box. On the top of the object, bold red numbers blinked, counting down, she looked closer, it was a timer and it was on five seconds, four, Luna was frantic, her heart pounded, as the timer stroked one, a white noise filled the air. Shrapnel flew from the small box and hit her arm. She held her arm and began to scream, but she couldn’t hear herself, the only part of her that knew it was her throat. She didn’t know what was happening, blackness filled the air, and in an instant she was awake, still screaming, in her room.


Dana was sitting quietly on the living room couch reading her favorite book, when a sharp scream filled the air and polluted her ears. The sound echoed off the walls of the small house. The sound pounded on  her ears, quickly she ran up the steps and into her daughter’s gloomy room. She saw Luna laying down screaming, her jaw wide, and body electrified with fright. Dana yelled the screamer’s name, “Luna!” she yelled over the loud noise, “ Luna, wake up!” she exclaimed, with her arms around her daughter, trying desperately to shake her from the trance.


When Luna came to, she was sobbing and unsure where she was or who had her their arms wrapped tightly around her. The only clear thought in her mind was the new nightmare, it repeated itself over and over in her mind. Her feet pulling her along, face wet with sweat, and a thumping heart. Luckily, the cut on her arm was minor, and was bleeding only a little. The nightmares affected her in a terrible way, and she knew that each time it would be worse, because knowing the future was unnatural, but her body unwillingly, took in the information. When her brain finally realized where it was, Luna looked at her mother, who was holding her, shaking her. “Luna, what happened are you OK?” Dana asked, obliviously. She had no idea of what her daughter was, for her own mother never told her. Her mother, of course, would tell her tales as she did with Luna, but had never told her the tale of her own long life. “I’m fine mom, it was just a nightmare, I’ll be OK, it’s not real.” the girl said, lying through her teeth, knowing perfectly well that it was. “OK, OK, I'm glad that you are ok, I love you.” she said, “Would you like to watch a movie with me so you could calm down?”  her mother asked. “Sure, I would love to.” Luna replied, covering her wound, her eyes still playing the movie over and over.


For the next two hours, Luna and her mother sat, ate popcorn, sipped coffee, and watched P.S. I Love You, one of her mother’s favorites. When it came to watching movies, Luna and her mother were experts. They had watched just about any movie you could think of, The Evening, The Phantom of the Opera, and many more. As she watched the movie, Luna thought about her previous nightmare, she had no idea what they meant, were they puzzle pieces that had to be put together piece by piece, she thought.


The Map


Luna was rarely having dreams anymore and for a while, life was beginning to feel normal again. She was hanging out with Halo more, and came to the conclusion that she would have to tell her about herself at one point. So, on one day when they were walking on the boardwalk, Luna brought up the courage to tell her friend. “Halo, I need to tell you something,” she said, “I have been having dreams, well I mean I am a Dreamchaser.” she said quickly, letting out a sigh of relief. “A what?” Halo said intently, “My grandma was a Dreamchaser too, and when she died, the gift passed to me.” Luna said, “A Dreamchaser is someone who has control over their dreams, and their dreams are very real.” she said, holding her breath, afraid her friend would judge her. “Luna, this is so cool, I can’t believe it, so what have you been dreaming about?” Halo replied, “The dreams are clues, I have to find my grandma’s amulet, but they are also nightmares.” Luna told her friend, as the smell of freshly made funnel cake filled her nostrils. “Nightmares, what are they about?” Halo inquired, afraid of the answer. “I’m beginning to think that they are about the end of the world, Halo and I’m scared.” she answered with true fear in her eyes. Halo’s eyes grew wide, her mind filled with ideas of the end, she didn’t know what to say, so she was silent. Luna knew that this would happen, she knew it was a bad idea to tell her, even though it was her most trusted friend, she knew that she had said too much. “It’s getting dark we should probably walk home before it gets too dark.” said Luna, steering away from the previous subject. “Yeah, we probably should, but this was fun.” Halo said, also wanting get away from the conversation. Together, the girls began to walk home silently. Neither one spoke the entire ten minutes home. The only words spoken were by Halo, “Goodnight Luna.” she said, as her tall friend walked inside the Harper house. Luna decided to go straight to her room, she wanted to be done with the dreams, she hated them and in that moment she felt as though her grandma had passed on a curse rather than a gift. In her room, she lay silently, thinking about her life, all thirteen years of it. She thought about the amulet, and how those years would be forever stuck on thirteen if she could not find it and stop the end from happening.


Luna woke up with the sun in her eyes, a soft summer breeze blew through the tree in front of her. She was laying on the ground, and as she tried to sit up, a crinkly noise startled her, the sound was coming from her hand. The source of the noise was a map, the girl opened the brown paper, and on the paper was a tree leading to a bridge, then to an abandoned car. She looked in front of  her feet, at a tall lanky tree, it was the exact replica of the map’s tree. Quickly, she stood up and started to walk, there was a towering mountain in the distance. The sun was setting on the mountain, and Luna quickened her pace. She stopped only when she came to a  short, tan  bridge, a river seemed to run through it. She glanced at her map, the tree had a crooked arrow leading to the crudely drawn bridge. She crossed the bridge swiftly, as she watched the summer sky turn cotton candy pink. It felt like she had walked for miles when she came to her next destination, it was a rusty red, SUV. She sat on the grass, catching her breath, she peered into the car windows and saw the sun. The sun glimmered as its last light left, it hit the car window, making an arrow shaped ray of light, pointing to a spot on the ground. Luna’s instincts awakened, she crouched down to the spot and started to dig with her hands. Luna didn't know how, but the ground released from the Earth revealing a silver tin. She grabbed the silver tin and forced the lid open, and inside there was a beautiful gem. It was the amethyst stone, but it was not its familiar home, it was by itself. Luna held the stone in her hand, inspecting each line or curve. She looked back in the tin and saw a piece of paper, it said familiar place with yellow door, it was no poem, but the girl understood. What she didn’t know was that finding the stone was a sign, a sign that the end was close, in fact only a few days away.


In the Harper house, everything was running smoothly, Luna and Dana were getting along, and the summer was rolling past. Dana didn’t suspect anything about her daughter, she thought that the “incident” was simply a nightmare. On June 18, the pair were sitting on the couch scrolling down the TV guide, looking for something good to watch, when a news channel caught their attention. The man had perfectly combed hair and a suit on, he was talking about potential bomb threats coming from  formal rivals of the country. Their eyes were glued to the TV, and ears listening closely, “Worldwide bomb threats causing locals to evacuate, is this the beginning of  the end?” the polished man started nervously. Luna gasped for air, her throat was closing, and the room was clammy, she couldn’t breath. Her mother watched worriedly, the girl stood abruptly and rushed to the kitchen sink, trying to unclog her throat of the newscaster’s words. She felt as though she would faint, “Are you alright, Luna?” her mother asked with sincerity. “I’m fine, it just caught me by surprize.” the girl replied through a small space in her tight throat, “I think that I need to lay down, my head is hurting, but I promise I’ll continue our movie with you tomorrow.” she said heading toward the staircase. “Goodnight honey, and don’t worry these things happen, it will be over before you know it.” her mom said, still watching the screen. In her room, Luna’s head began to spin, a bomb, she thought, the rectangular shape was a bomb and she needed to stop it fast. She staggered to her bedside and fainted, falling with a thump on her large bed.


A voice played over and over in her head, it reminded her, familiar place with yellow door. She knew that she needed to be in the cottage, and she knew she needed to be there fast. But when she arrived the scenery surprised her, the flowers were wilted, the sky was grey, the trees drooped instead of arched, the only sign of color was the cottage door. She walked swiftly to the small door, scared of her surroundings, on the door, there were letters carved in the yellow painted wood. They read: Take the time and you will see, she opened the door slowly, a ticking sound invaded her ears, it was coming from the desk inside. She walked to the desk and looked for the annoying sound, it was a watch. She kept the watch there to keep track of time while writing her stories. When she looked at the clock it was frozen, the ticking continued, but the numbers stayed the same, 6:25, what did it mean? she wondered. She assumed that it was a clue, so she put it in the small satchel slung over her shoulder. She had been using this to put all of her clues in, it had a long strap and a small bag connected to it.


Luna sat at her desk for a long time, and thought about everything. The newscast has really gotten to her, she was afraid, afraid that she couldn’t stop the bomb from mass destruction. She knew that the clues were like a big puzzle she just had to piece them together, so she poured the contents of the bag on the desk. She studied the pieces, the jar, the map, the amulet, the watch, trying to put them in any order. She studied the amulet, “How could I stop a bomb with this?” Luna muttered, still studying the small object. Once again she turned her attention to all of the clues, then it came to her, she had already used the jar and the map, so maybe all she needed was the amulet and the watch. She pushed the items to the side, leaving the amulet and watch in front of her, she was stumped, she had no idea what to do. “This is no use!” the girl screamed, “I don’t know what to do!” she stood and kicked her chair, her eyes filling with tears of rage. “I can’t do this, I’m not meant for this, I don’t know how to stop the bomb!” she continued to yell as hot tears ran down her face. At that point, Luna had broken down, she couldn’t take the pressure of it all, she screamed and cried, it had felt good to get it all out. After all, this was the place to clear her mind, and get things off her chest. “Shania!” she yelled at the empty room, “I need you to be here, I need you to help me!” again she screamed to the empty room. The screaming was hushed by a knock at the door, but the girl did not move.


Shania barged into the room, and watched the girl sitting pathetically on the wooden floor. “What are you doing, I could hear you screaming from a mile away.” Shania questioned calmly, “I can’t do this, I don’t know what to do.” the girl said staring blankly at the wall, “Please help me, I need help.” she said, thinking back to the news. “OK, I will help you, everything thing is fine.” the woman said walking towards the desk. Luna shrugged the comment off, knowing that everything was not OK. “I see the clock is stuck, maybe it means something.” Shania said holding the watch, “It could be a time, or maybe a coordinate.” the woman continued. “A coordinate would be helpful, but I don’t think it would be this easy.” Luna said trying to calm herself, “Maybe it’s a date.” the girl offered, “June is the sixth month, and maybe twenty-five is a date.” she shrugged, but then smiled widely, “A date, it has to be a date!” she exclaimed. “If this is so, the 25th is very soon, and that means..” Shania told the girl, as they both looked at each other. Luna spoke, “That means that the bomb is going to go off in seven days.” her eyes welled up with tears for the second time, “I’ll never figure this out in time!” the girl exclaimed. “Luna, you need to get a hold of yourself, and calm down, it’s almost morning and I need to go.” Shania explained. The girl hugged the magical woman, “OK, thank you.” Luna said as she wiped her puffy eyes, stood up, put her clues away and walked out the door.


The Bomb





The days were getting limited, and Luna was becoming anxious. On her laptop she searched bomb threats, and how bombs were set up. If you would look in the  history of her laptop, it might look as though she was planning to bomb the entire United States. She would sit in her room for hours on end trying to find out the answers, she would examine the amulet front and back, up and down. She would search how to disarm bombs, but would never find the answer to question clogging her brain from its normal function. If only I could study the bomb, get a closer look as to what it looks like, she would say, but she knew that it wouldn’t be a possibility.


Dana was now starting to worry about the bomb threats and her daughters obsession over it. She was contemplating evacuating the house and moving to a safer more remote destination, so she decided to ask Luna what she thought. “Luna!” she yelled, “Could you come down I need to talk to you.” “Yeah!” the girl replied staring at her computer screen. Dana sat on the couch waiting for her daughter, “Luna, I’ve been thinking.” she started, “Do you think that it would be good for us to evacuate the area?” she continued. Luna stared, her mind racing, after a few moments of silence, she answered, “We can’t do that mom, I mean it’s like you said the bomb threats aren’t major, it will all be over soon.” the girl stated, “Plus, even if they wanted to place the bombs here, how could they, we’re safe, don’t worry about it.” Luna comforted. Dana pushed a little further, “But you heard them say that it was not safe, and that the bombers could be anyone.” she reminded her, referring to the previous newscast. “We can’t mom, we just can’t, we can’t give up now.” Luna finalized. “OK, if the reports get worse, we are leaving even if I have to drag you out of this house.” Dana said sternly, reminding her daughter who was in charge. “Alright, but I need to get back upstairs and finish more research.” Luna stated, walking up the stairs.


In the dark room, Luna sat on her bed, computer on her lap, and searched. The only noise was the occasional clicking of the computer keys, and the grunts of disapproval, when she couldn’t find her answers. She realized that she wasn’t coming any closer to where she needed to be and fell back on her bed, her hands stretched to her sides, signaling she was ready to give up. Determined, she fell into a half sleep for the hundredth time, and began to descend into a dream.  Luna found herself walking down the same road in the middle of nowhere. Again, the sun burns her tender skin, and she is unknowingly, running toward the same familiar shape. When she reaches the shape, she is petrified, she knows exactly what will happen. But, this time it is different when the timer stroked one, a white noise did not fill the air, but instead time froze and everything stopped. Shattered pieces of metal stopped in mid air, and on the dusty ground, was the amulet. The amulet though, did not have the purple amethyst stone inside, there was nothing but an empty pocket of metal. Quickly, as it came to her, Luna reached inside the small bag of clues, and pulled out the stone. She picked up the amulet, and gently placed the amethyst inside the lonely space. All of a sudden, the amulet opened up slowly, and inside there was a small key. She didn’t know what it was for, but she knew it was important, so she stuck the amulet into the bag. Out of  the corner of her eye, Luna saw the California sign, the letters were more clear now, she read them Santa Cruz. Sweat started to drip from the girl’s head, her heart beat quickened. The time started, the metal shards flew into the air, and everything turned black. The light reached her eyes as she blinked, waking in her normal departure site. This time, though she was not screaming, instead, she sat staring blankly, her mind swirling with the unanswered.


The next morning, Dana was up and about, she was folding clothes and putting them in suitcases. She packed all the essentials, preparing to leave. Luna, got out of bed and stretched her arms wide and looked at her alarm clock. It was June 22, and  the time was running out. She walked downstairs to see her mother packing like crazy. “What are you doing mom?” she asked nervously, “I’m packing, Luna it’s getting serious and I don’t like the chances of us getting hurt in the process of this madness.” her mom explained, continuing to fold and store. “But, we can’t do this mom, I have to stop this!” she yelled, and covered her mouth, “Stop this, are you mad, you can’t do anything about this.” Dana replied, now staring her daughter up and down. “I have to, I have to, we can’t leave.” Luna stated, as tears tugged at her eyes. “We are leaving, and there is nothing you can say to stop me, this is my house and I want to keep you safe!” Dana yelled, dropping her laundry. “I know, but you don’t understand, I have to stay here!” Luna shot back. She ran up the stairs and sat on her bed, with her head in her hands. “I have to, I have to stop it!” she repeated through sobs. The girl had reached her limit, she could not take this pressure for another second, so she layed on her bed and cried herself to sleep.


Luna walked, she was devastated, she looked at the crumbled city she had once called home. The streets were covered with a blanket of grey ash, as she walked it covered her shoes. Debri and ash filled her lungs with a thick coat of blackness.  A shrill scream polluted her ears, she turned her head sharply to see a mother holding a child in her arms. There were many survivors, but the city was in total destruction. Luna continued on, watching the horrors around her, the school was still partially attached to the ground. Its sturdy brick walls stood strong, though half of its body was missing. She was walking in no particular direction, even though all of her instincts were telling her to turn around. But she continued on, and when she reached her street, she fell to her knees. Everything was gone, her home was demolished, the bomb destroyed everything. The bomb was planted on the boardwalk, it was not meant to destroy anything in particular, just to terrorize the people around. Her nightmare had just represented that it was near her home, but it didn’t show where it really was. Her knees were sore, but she didn’t care, her home was gone, she let out a blood-curdling scream. The world swirled all around her, sirens filled the air, ambulances covered every street. Luna stood, but her legs couldn’t hold and she fell back onto the pavement, “Why is this happening to me!” her words were indistinct, her sobs jumbled them into nonsense. “Someone please, anyone, I need help!” she screamed, and like an answer to her prayer a familiar voice appeared in front of her. “It’s OK Luna, it’s just a nightmare.” the voice conforted. The voice traveled to her ears, and she knew exactly who it was, the only person it could be, her grandma. “Grandma, is that you!” her voice was eager, but broken. She jerked her head upwards, and instantly stood. She studied the fraile woman in her path, she traced her wrinkles with her eyes. “Luna, it’s me, this is a nightmare, the last nightmare.” Esmerelda explained. Luna ran at her and embraced her, “Oh grandma it is you, I love you, please help me.” she mumbled into her grandma’s shirt. “Luna, this is a nightmare, this is what will happen if you cannot stop the bomb.” she explained with sorrow in her voice, “The key, you have to use the key, to stop this.” Esmerelda told her granddaughter as she peeled her off of her thin body. She started to descend backwards, “Where are you going, please don’t leave me!” the girl screamed, “The key, my girl, the key!” the woman yelled back as she continued to descend into the destruction. “No, please!” the girl screeched with thick desperation filling her words. Tears poured down her face, leaving it wet and salty. Her sense came back to her like a slap in the face, “I will stop this bomb, I won’t let this take my family.” her voice was packed full of determination. Luna woke, her face still wet with salty tears, and eyes puffy and pink. She knew exactly what she had to do.

She ran to her bookshelf and grabbed her bag of clues, she reached inside and grabbed the amulet. She held the delicate necklace in her hands, and let the chain form around her collarbone, she walked down the steps with complete resoluteness. “Where are you going Luna, I was just about to come and get you, the cab is here to take us to the airport.” the worried mother explained. But the girl’s pace didn’t decelerate, she continued to walk and headed straight out of the Harper house. The day of June, 24 was sunny, and fluffy clouds spotted the sky like splattered paint. There was a cool breeze blowing, and the sound of waves crashing down soothed Luna’s ears. She continued on and on until she reached the boardwalk, she didn’t know where the bomb was but considering the amount of damage done to the surrounding neighborhood, she guessed it must be there. Even if it wasn’t, she would search everywhere until she found what she was looking for. When she reached the boardwalk, the smell of funnel cake drifted into her nose, it made her stomach growl. She proceeded onward, there were hundreds of people all around, towering roller coasters covered the boardwalk. Where could it be, she thought, it would be nearly impossible to find something so small in such a large place. Suddenly, a pang of pain took over her head, it thumped, boom, boom, boom. She fell to the ground, boom, boom, boom, tick, tick, tick, she stood with all of her strength and followed the piercing noise. It ticked and boomed, and then all of a sudden the noise stopped. She was in a building, from what she saw it looked like an ice cream shop, there were long, swirled lines of people waiting for the ice cream. Boom, Boom, Boom, Tick, Tick, the obnoxious sound resumed. Once again, she followed the sound, it lead her outside of the building and to a booth for tickets. The booth was vacant, and the ticking stopped, she searched the booth thoroughly, but there was nothing to be found. For the third time the ticking and booming continued, this time louder and louder as she followed, until it was almost unbearable. This time, Luna found herself inside a restaurant that was packed full. It was a seafood restaurant, the smell of fish permeated the room. The smell made her stomach curl, and she ran to the bathroom. Her stomach knotted, and her head pounded, boom, tick, tick, she had to stop this once and for all, so she went where the noise lead her. She found herself in a kitchen, full of busy chefs taking the orders, and cooking them. She searched, a glimmer of metal peeked out from its hiding place in the back of the room, it was covered by a white sheet. The girl rushed toward the back, and ripped the sheet off in one quick movement. There it was, finally, it was here, and she could stop it. She grabbed the amulet and pulled it off, she held it in her hands and studied it for a moment. Her whole life depended on this little object, she opened the jewelry slowly and delicately, the key was laying there, small and innocent. She took the key out of its home and searched the bomb. When she found the place to insert the key, tears of joy rolled in groups down her cheeks. She placed the key inside the bomb and turned it left, there was a small screen on the bomb that notified her that the bomb was disarmed. She had done it she had saved the city! “I did it!” she yelled, the excitement boiled inside her until she could barely hold it in. She ran out of the building, with the amulet around her neck, and skipped and cheered, and cried sweet tears of joy, her heart was full of triumph. The city was saved, the young Dreamchaser ran home, and life in Santa Cruz went on as if nothing had happened.




















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