Long lost Crush

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This is a narrative piece where author talks about his high school crush who has resurfaced in his life after not being in contact for many years.

Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016



The day was finally here! May 16th. I have been looking forward to this day for over five months. Today my high school crush Charlie was coming back to town. I haven't seen her in almost 10 years, but, I can never forget her untouched beauty. I had secretly loved her through all of our high school years and was really ecstatic that life was giving me another chance to be with her. We had reconnected six months ago via Facebook.
Charlie which was short for Charlotte and she was very, very beautiful. She had long brown hair which was always bouncy and full of volume. She always used to let it down onto her shoulders and it complemented her well chiseled cheekbones and slender neck. Her eyes were bright and green. Her lips were full and pink and her nose: so petite, completed her masterpiece of a face. Charlie's body was also a delight. She was slender, tall and curvaceous. Hey Negro background caused her to be blessed with a not too big, neither too small, but just perfect behind; which stood perfectly in her pencil skirts and pedal-pushers. Hey breast were always ready and upright, never sagging. Her skin was an excellent mixture of chocolate and cream which she got from her Negro and Caucasian parents.
If you think her body was beautiful, then you'd love her personality and character even more. She was divine and very pleasant. She treated everyone equally. She was kind, funny, caring, very intelligent and down to earth. Everyone who came into contact with her loved her. Charlie's beauty, brains and body was what any man would want in a woman. Even a nerd like me. Yes, I was a nerd back in high school and Charlie being so out of my league was still a great friend to me. After she moved across the county we had lost contact.
Six months ago in late November I got a friend request on Facebook from a 'Charlie Daniels'. I quickly accepted it and just like that she came back into my life like a flood. We talked everyday. We spoke about our high school memories, successes and even failures. We both expressed how much we wanted to see each other and hangout just like old times. She mentioned that she was going to under go surgery in December but would come see me as soon as she recovered. After surgery she told me that she'll come see me in May and I was extremely happy to hear that.
The day was finally here. I woke early, made a compact, healthy breakfast; which I rarely do, ran myself a warm bath and put on one of my best suits to go to the train station. I was very confident because I had come a long way from the nerdy boy that I was growing up. I was now a well built, clean, and sophisticated young man who was quite successful. On my way to the train station I stopped and bought some long stem red roses. At the station I sat at the terminal and waited for the train to come in. When it came, I couldn't stay seated anymore. I noticed a woman: tall, slender and brown haired who resembled Charlie coming out of the train, but she was with a man. Why was she with a man? I thought to myself. It's it her boyfriend? Or worse husband!? My heart sank. I remembered however that she had a younger brother. I then looked at the man examined him and saw that he had similar features as Charlie. I was scared, confused and excited at the same time! We hadn't spoken about any significant others. My heart was pounding. I swore everyone at the train station heard it. 
My anxiety was cut short when they both stopped footsteps away from me and the man said to her " It was nice meeting you." "WHEW" I said  while I closed my eyes a took a deep reassuring breath, as I realised that they were just travel bodies. Opening my eyes I saw that the man was walking towards me and Charlie was going in another direction. Before I could go after her, the man was standing in front of me with a shy but bright smile. "Are those for me?" he asked. I was frozen with my lips parted searching for words. He giggled, took the flowers from my powerless hand and hugged me tightly. I was even more confused. Looking at him I recognized those bright green eyes and pink lips. "It couldn't be!" I said to myself.
" Hi it's me Charlie" he said. "But you're a man!" I blurted out. He then went on to explaining what the surgery actually was for. She had transitioned from a woman to a man and wanted to tell me in person. She/He  also expressed his love for me and wanted us to have a future together. I was speechless! I felt as if I was engulfed in a wave of many different emotions of anger, hurt, love and surprisingly fear. How could she have done this to me! Without saying a word to her I just returned around and left the train station and didn't look back. Charlotte was now Charles, and I did not want Charles. I never spoke to Charlie after that day and she never contacted me either. My high school crush had crushed and scarred me for life.

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