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Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016



Sheila didn't talk to Ella
on the way to school

she thinks about John
and seeing him again
despite what
she had promised
her mother and Ella's betrayal
the day before

she waits by the school gates
for John's bus to appear
hoping to see him
and talk with him
before lessons begin

kids pass by
a prefect talks
to a group of boys
kicking a ball at windows

Sheila hopes she can see John
before lessons

she dreamed of him
in the night
and pretended he came
to her room
and entered her bed

a girl comes to her
aren't you coming
into the playground?

no not yet
Sheila says
I'm waiting for some one

the girl goes off
and buses arrive
by the school
and she hopes
his one is there

she watches as kids
descend from the buses
she peers anxiously
looking at kids going by

then she sees him
descend a bus
and her heart thumps
inside her

she blushes and waits
until he is close
he is talking to a boy
by his side

hello John
she says
as he is near her

he stops and looks at her
and the other boy
goes on
hi Sheila
he says
been waiting for me?

she nods
can I see you lunchtime
on the field?

I guess so
he says

she gazes at him
I dreamed
about you last night
she says

he frowns
did you
was I good?

she frowns
can't say here
she says

he smiles
ok see you later

and he walks on
and leaves her
watching him disappear
into the boys' playground
her stomach unsettled
her eyes looking
at he space where he was
and all because
she wants him
and is unsure why
and her feelings darken
like the overhead sky.

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