The generic Creepypasta

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A casual late night stroll through the park becomes a living nightmare

Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016



Let me set the mood for you, it is 3 am in the morning it is a hot and humid summer night and I can feel the imminence of a storm. Admittedly I am a little drunk, but it is justified, as my best friend just turned 27. So now I make the drunk decision to race the thunderstorm to my home, which is about half an hour away, by taking a shortcut over the park.

I begin strolling home in a reasonable pace, when the sky is suddenly brightened by lightning for a split second, immediately followed by the deafening growling of the thunder. Urged by the vivid ligthning dancing all over the dark sky and the wind violently whistling through the trees I hasten toward the entrance of the park, surrounded by seemingly ancient oaks, silently guarding the gate.


There is something creepy about this park, I cannot really describe it. When the sun is up, it is filled with the cheers of countless children climbing on the oaks, or using the playground. Yet every time I set a foot onto this park, even in broad daylight I shudder. It feels like an unkwown entity has taken over the vast green squares and is slowly poisoning them.


So naturally, I put much effort into avoiding this possessed place, but for now the alcohol has numbed my fears and concerns, so I wander into the park. Although the beverages at my friends house had done their very best to kill my anxiety, I stiffened up a little bit as soon as I made it past the entrance.


Usually, crossing the park takes about 15 minutes, but according to my not so sober calculations I could make it in less than ten minutes. After a while of jogging under the trees I was pleased to see that, I already made it to the playground, where the wind caused the rusty swings to weep terribly.


“Now this is a setting for a horror story if I know one”, I chuckled to myself and proceeded to head down the deserted path, while the oaks where diligently watching every step I made. At this moment I started to become cocky. I stopped paying even the least ammount of attention to my surroundings and started to whistle a little tune. The combination of the darkness of the parkway and my dizzy mind caused me to trip and at this very moment, the light, caused by another bolt in the sky unveiled a shadow about ten metres away from me. At first I stared at it in disbelief and was about to get up, when all of the sudden, the wind settled down and I was able to hear, what I perceived as steps, being dulled by grass.


After the the lightning had gone away I was left again in almost complete darkness, I started to panic, goosebumps everywhere and I started to rapidly shake, my breath was irregular and too short lived to deliver enough oxygen to my racing mind. I started to sweat, cold rivers of fear were flowing down my back and a high pitched whimper escaped my mouth. I reached for my phone with the intention to shine my flashlight on the horrors of this godforsaken park. Struggling to unlock it, shaking more and more, the closer the steps came, death was coming. Finally I unlocked my phone and was fumbling for the flashlight, when a twig crackled right in front of me. Finally I shined my flashlight on… nothing. For a minute I just sat there, too exhausted to do anything, until the rain pouring down on me woke me from my hypnosis. I got up and ran like I never ran before, the light emitted by my phone bouncing up and down.


After what felt like a lifetime of dread, I finally arrived at my doorstep and was struggling again, this time to unlock my door. As soon as I opened my door I rushed to my bed, not without turning on every source of light. As I layed there, soaked in rain and sweat I fell asleep immediately.


After some time has passed I woke up, as realised, that the swings in the park were oiled, just two days ago. This was my last thought before something started pulling me down from my bed, I started to scream, but I lost my voice, when I was laying on the floor. Face to face with the shadow from the park. It opened its mouth and started to weep again, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth in the process. The park had followed me home..


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