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a woman is on a island vacation, when she meets a hansom man.

Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016



The boat carried me across the bay to a little island with a hotel on it. As we came into the docs, I disembarked. I was greeted by the hostess of the hotel. She took my bags and escorted me down a hall to my room. I unpacked and went to the courtyard and had a drink. Nearby, two men were playing chess. One  of them cried, “Check mate!” The other moaned loudly, “I don’t understand, how could I lose? Perhaps  I didn't get enough sleep or you cheated.” The winner replied,“Or perhaps it was the color of my shirt.” He got up and glanced at me. A moment later he walked over to me. “Hello Miss. I’m sorry about my friend.” He leaned in close, and oh my! What handsome eyes he had. “My name is Kale. I was wondering if you would care to join me?” My body started to sweat and I could not speak.  So, I nodded and followed him onto a boat. We sped towards an underwater cave where we snorkeled. I saw so many colorful fish and coral. The waves were becoming choppy and large dark clouds rolled in. We braved the waves and rain  back to the hotel. The hostess fixed us some drinks. I had such a good time that I wrote a letter to my cousin sharing my excitement.
The next day, I handed the letter to the hostess to put it in the mail. A moment later Kale walked  toward me. “I am sorry, but I have to deliver this mail”. I looked and saw my letter. “I won’t be back for two weeks”.  Kale then left by boat. “O how stupid. I didn’t know he was the mail man. “O how stupid. I already miss him.” I sat down in a chair. “What if he's gone for weeks. What if he gets hurt. What if he meets a red head named Sheryl?” The next day on the radio an announcer spoke, “A large tropical storm is coming into our area. Be advised that this storm is dangerous and it is imperative that you do not leave your homes for at least  a week”. I grew worried that I may not see Kale ever again. I went to my bedroom sobbing.  It was dark and stormy. I was startled by a bang at the door. I slowly went to the door. I open the door. No one was there. I heard foot steps and I fallowed them. I saw a man dripping wet and pale skinned. He turned to face me. It was Kale. His eyes were sunken. he reach for me with his cold hands. I awoke in my room. It was just a dream. I wondered around in a state of melancholy. I played chess with the man, who lost. I watched the women gardening. I watched a seagull land on a bald man’s head and all I could think of was Kale. Then I heard the boat engine. I ran to the dock. There was Kale with a women. “Hey, I want you to meet Sheryl”. I ran and punched her. We both fell back into the water. Kale jumped in after. “That was my sister.” I rushed at him with a sweet kiss.

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