Will She Ever Know?

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Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016



It’s a beautiful sunny day in July and Erin is on holiday with her childhood sweetheart, Louie. It has been a magical holiday so far as at sunset last night, Louie got down on one knee and asked Erin that one question she’d been waiting for since she was a little girl. She’s dreamt of her wedding ever since she met Louie, when they were just seventeen years old. In their cottage, she has a shelf full of scrapbooks and one of them is full of her wedding ideas. She closes her eyes and begins to imagine their perfect day. An archaic manor house, situated in the countryside; her bridesmaids by her side, wearing pastel coloured dresses; the flowers being picked to match perfectly and all of her loved ones there to see her marry Louie. It all seemed perfect until suddenly that thought crossed her mind. Louie sees sheer panic in her face. ‘’Are you ok, sweetheart?’’ he asks. She couldn’t answer his question yesterday because truthfully, she wasn’t ok. It hadn’t been ok for a while. Well, throughout her whole childhood in fact. She’s never known the truth. Why is it such a big secret?

So as the plans for their wedding began to come together but there was that one thing playing on her little mind.

One day, she let herself into her mother’s house. The house that was once their family home and is enriched with memories. She made her way up the wooden stairs and into her mother’s bedroom. She opened up the wardrobe and noticed the folder that holds important documents. Frantically, she pulled out every single piece of paper. But there was no sign of it. It wasn’t folded into any corners; it wasn’t stuck to anything else. Suddenly, at the back of the wardrobe she noticed an envelope...sealed. She opened it and there it was. Her birth certificate. ‘’Hello, is that you up there Erin?’’ asked her mum.

'’Yes mum, I was just looking to see if you had a lip gloss I could borrow; I’m coming now’’.

She replied, desperately trying to sound casual. Erin managed to slip the birth certificate into her bag so she could take it home and have a look in peace.

When she got home, she sat down with Louie and began to open the certificate out. Her eyes were blurred and a tear rolled down her cheek. She froze. ‘’She lied!’’ Erin screeched as she broke down in tears right in front of her husband-to-be. ‘’Richard, the man who was with me throughout my whole childhood but died last year, isn’t my dad’’ she continued, without taking a single breath. ‘’I need to find my biological Dad. He needs to give me away on my wedding day. That’s what Dad’s do’’.

Louie was just as shocked as Erin. The only advice he had was that she needed to speak to her mum. But Erin was worried, worried that her Mum would be angry with her for snooping. She never liked to talk about Erin’s childhood or her birth. It was all making sense to Erin now. Her mum said she’d lost the birth certificate years ago. Erin needs to find out more about her real Dad. She wondered if he even knew she existed. She wondered if he loves her and if he’d want to be by her side on her wedding day.

She doesn’t want to feel rejected, or be lied to. Ever again.

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