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Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016



Naaman showed Shoshana
the butterfly he mentioned
in the butterfly and moths book

he brought to school
at lunch recess
sitting on the sport field

both sitting next to each other
he opened the book
at the right page

she looked at the butterfly
its colour
the patterns

the brief words about it
and as she read
she sensed him near her

his words talking
she wanted to turn
and kiss him

but there were too many
other kids around watching
and she was too shy

to do so
but it was there
in her mind

and her hand touched his
as he turned the page
and he looked at her

and said
it's probably the most beautiful
of butterflies

and held her hand
briefly in his
and that sent vibrations

through her
and she wondered if
any were watching

and in a sense
she couldn't care less
just to feel him touch

then he released her hand
and turned the page again
and pointed to another butterfly

and said the name
but her senses were on fire
and she could hardly

focus on his words
her breathing was tight
and her eyes scanned

his finger moving
and wished it would
touch her and finger feel

but it didn't
he placed his hand
on his knee

having the book
spread out
she looked at him

but he was focusing
on the page
and the script

and she wondered if
he'd still read
the page

if she stripped.

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