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Submitted: July 13, 2016

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Submitted: July 13, 2016





The blue car came came screeching round the bend.

A man said'ring the police'so a boy he did send.

Finishing in a ditch the car upside down.

Police are coming from tother side of town.

The smell of petrol hung in the air.

In the tank a great big tare.

Do'nt go near it went up the shout.

The man struggled out he is small and stout.

He fell to the floor just out of the door.

In a ball of flame thats the end of the game.

As all the petrol ran down the drain.

Is it worth it to go that fast.

Its fun at the minute but it will not last




We had a black cat about ten years ago.

He'd scratch me so i'd tell it no.

Jumping up high on the front room door.

I had an old jumper it started to claw.

Running around like a crazy fool.

When it had done it jumped on the stool.

We all loved that cat with its strange little way.

I'm realy glad it decided to stay.



A pretty girl in the melody,hard to catch but nice to see.

Off to war to kill the hun,not be long be back when its done.

There they go without a care,they know nothing of land warfare.

All in a line they shout and sang,you watch out for those whizz bangs.

Bayonet drill is everyday,it'll be over for christmas they say.

Zeppelins drone overhead,my best mate charlie now hes dead.

Brothers in arms are our family now.sandbags high wipe sweat from the brow.

Seats of clay jut out from the wall,rips at your heart to see camrades fall.

The trenches have corners to stop the blast.

Can't wait till war is a thing of the past.

The bullet will get you if you stand still.

If not then collera and typhus will make you ill.

Helmets on were over the top,i pray i pray i do not drop.



We thought that there would not be another.

Cos the last one killed my brother.

He flew so high in the RAF.

We loved him so his name was Jeff.

What a waste of life my father said.

All those young men now there dead.

To make us free to live this life.

All he wanted was to see his wife.

Arms and legs they came back without.

Not a murmer,not a shout.

They never talk of this horrible war.

I can hear him cry behind closed door.

Peace time has come theres joy in the street.

Shame about Jim he has no feet.

What is war,irealy dont know.

Its beastly horrid and i hate it so.



Running around for an electric key.

A pain in the neck or is it just me.

An 8 digit number you get from b.on.

You can't be serious your having me on.

Plastic key of blue and red.

This ones gone seems quite dead.

Quarterly bills can't afford the price.

Cup of tea nice warm,that would be nice.

Lights back on tv comes to life.

We can all see again,thanks to my wife.



Its hard to push my old wheelchair.

Struggling about they stop and stare.

Hands that rub raw pushing up our street.

I wish it was different with my legs and feet.

Front wheel wobbles goes round with a squeak.

I'm only disabled not everyones freak.

In for 4 ops then i can walk proud.

If i do'nt i'll be in a shroud.



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